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Original Thread: Is that mountain undulating? Let's Play Axelay! [VLP]



Brady, Mith, and Rik are back with another SNES classic!


Axelay (アクスレイ, Akusurei) is a 1992 scrolling shooter video game developed and published by Konami of Japan for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released on September 11, 1992 in Japan, later in that month in North America, and the following year in Europe. The game was re-released on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console service in Australia and North America in 2007 and in Japan in 2008.

Axelay is a sci-fi scrolling-shooter in the same vein as other Konami titles such as Life Force (Salamander) and Gradius. The game features both horizontal and vertically scrolling levels, and allows the player to choose three different weapon-types, which increase in number as he or she progresses through the game.

The game was programmed by Hideo Ueda. Kazuhiko Ishida, credited with "support program" on Axelay, later left Konami to help found Treasure Co. Ltd. Taro Kudo primarily composed the game's soundtrack.

Axelay takes place in the fictional planetary system known as Illis. Once a peaceful system, it was invaded by an alien empire known as the Armada of Annihilation, taking over the planets of the Illis system, including the Earth-like Corliss (known in the Japanese version as "Mother"). As a last resort against the alien forces, the D117B Axelay fighter is sent out to recover its lost weaponry and put a stop to the invasion.


As usual for us, videos will go up at 6pm Pacific every weekday.

Episode 1 - Meanwhile, in the Illis System

Erik, joined by Mith and Brady, sets off to save the Illis System in the classic Konami shoot-em-up Axelay. Dunno if the first level takes place on Corliss or the much more cleverly named Cumuluses, but basically all of it gets shot to bits.

Episode 2 - Robot spelled backwards

Aliens use the facilities of the Space Colony Traleib, with minimal slowdown. Rap battles may be involved.

Episode 3 - Crisis among Crisees

Planet Urbanite's F-Zero track was in the way. It had to be corrected.

Episode 4 - Wait for it...

Obligatory Cavern / bio-level time. No body horror though, but that's ok. Also, in reference to really good shoot-em-up players, go check this guy out (it's batshit insane)

Episode 5 - All the tropes

Not-a-sun fire planet? Check. Intruders? Many. Solar flares? Got em. Massive lava monster? Why not. Sector 3 Lava Planet is pretty predictable. But damn if the music isn't great.

Episode FINAL - Talk amongst yourselves

In the rockiest of all finales, the Armada of Annihilation kills Axelay a lot, but we come out on top like we always do!

Note for all you superfans; the Wind Laser should have 4 prongs, but because of our capture framerate two of them seem to be consistently missing. Sorry for making it look way less impressive.

The music used for the annotations section is Colony_A from the Axelay OST.

And as always, you can also find the videos on our website
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