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Original Thread: You killed my father, prepare to die. Let's Play [Azure Dreams]!



Alright, what kind of LP is this and what on earth is this game?
Azure Dreams is a JRPG Roguelike made by Konami. I'll be doing an SSLP since there really is no big benefit to a video on this game. This will also be my first LP. Azure Dreams was released in 1998 for the PSX and to this day still remains my favorite video game that never really got noticed. (Also, there was a request for it, and I didn't see one in the Master List.)

And just why is that?
Azure Dreams manages to strike a balance between the painfully hard "traditional" roguelikes and the much easier and more modern "Mystery Dungeon' roguelikes. It manages to do this by giving you painful deaths costing you everything and raising monsters on the side that don't lose a thing when you or they die. They'll just pop right back in your monster hut.
In short: It's a roguelike with mons.

Alright, enough about the gameplay, what about the plot?
As far as the main storyline goes, there isn't a whole lot to it. But there are various girls in the town that you can flirt and eventually win over. And once you start bringing back massive amounts of loot, you can improve the town to be an even better place. I'll be doing this on the side as well. I'll try to get all the girlfriends before I reach the top of the tower and finish the game. If not, I'll show off the rest of the stuff anyway, including the crappy minigames and the comedy show.
However, I would like no one to spoil what is on the top floor of the tower. That's something for when we actually get there. So don't talk about it, not even in spoilers.

Hey...what about the Game Boy Color version?
I never played it. I saw it once in a store but I was told it was a dumbed down version. As it turns out, I was horribly wrong. The GBC version of the game actually has more than the PSX version. But that's a different game needing a different LP.

Sweet, do we get to do anything?
Well, for starters we need to name our Hero and our Starting Monster. Later on I'll take a vote which parts of town we should explore and improve first and which girlfriends we should try to get. Also you guys can name any monsters we hatch from an egg.

Anything else?
Yeah, I got these two videos I can't decide where to put in the LP, right here sounds good for now. - This one appears before you choose between "Continue" and "New Game." It basically sums up the plot and the city. - This one appears right before your first day as a Monster Tamer. It has a little gameplay footage but mostly looks cool and has some interesting music. The style reminds me of India.

Table of Contents

Fan Art

Our hero Mamoru being assaulted by the absurd amount of eggs discovered in the tower. (Made by a non-goon friend of mine.)

LordSloth shows the danger of invoking the warth of the Random Number God (RNG).

That Pulunpa felt sorry for her and wanted to give her a hug. That's it. JUST A HUG!

When the LP was finished, I decided it was time to buy an avatar for the forums. Someone suggested using Orphan and...well, now I'm enjoying this as my avatar. The actual image was made by Starkclamp.

Yet more other stuff!
I can't find a good place to put these, so I'll put them here. Both of them are youtube videos related to to Azure Dreams, neither I nor anyone following the LP made them, just random people on youtube. These are best watched after the LP.

First, is someone making the Random Number God his whiny little bitch in a tool-assisted speedrun of Azure Dreams (includes the ending), so spoilers ahoy.

Second, the Super-Battnel trick, or how to get a monxter with maxed out stats without using a gameshark or grinding to lv. 99. You just have to grind to lv. 1!
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