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Part 6: Update 4.5: Fusion 101

Alright, since last update we got the Blue Collar, fusion is now possible. And today is Labor Day so I have a nice free open day so I figured why not do a little bonus update eat up a lot of this free time.

First thing, I have limited control over which monster survives the fusion. I think this is the priority.

0) Kewne/Mic will always survive a fusion. No matter what. He is storyline important.
1) If one of the monsters were fed a Leva Fruit recently, they will survive the fusion.
2) The higher level monster will survive the fusion.
3) A monster that has been fused more times will survive the fusion.
4) The monster wearing the Red Collar will survive the fusion.

So, quick example here. I'm going to show off what would happen if we fused Puddin and Squirtle together.

The first picture had Squirtle wearing the Red Collar, so Squirtle survived that one. The second one had Puddin wearing the Red Collar, so Puddin survived.
Also, I may have been incorrect when I mentioned how the elements transfer over in fusion. I previously said the lost monster transfers it's element to the surviving monster, but it appears as if the dominating element (Water beats Fire, so Water dominates here) gets transferred over.
Note the strange name for NeaSled after the fusion. It is still Sled, just now it is Water-elemental. Each spell has two other-elemental counterparts. Sled has NeaSled and NoaSled (Wind). NeaSled and NoaSled will not level up, only Sled will. The spells a monster has will always match the monsters element, so if I fed this fused monster a Light seed, NeaSled would turn back to Sled and start leveling up again.

So what happens if you fuse two monsters together without a spell? You get the surviving monster's hidden spell. All monsters know a spell. Very few know the spell natrually, while all the others can learn their spell through fusion with a spell-less monster. Both Puddin and BALOO do not have spells, so they learn their respective hidden spell. BALOO learns Breath (turned into NeaBreath because of the water-Genus) and Puddin learns DeHeal. (Note that Puddin would not have learned DeHeal if we fused it with Squirtle, because Squirtle passed the Sled.)

Now to show off more fusion stuff, I'm going to have Puddin eat BALOO. The fusion animation is pretty nice, I'll have to show it off sometime in the future.

Now we're fusing Squirtle and Puddin again. This time, because Puddin has an extra fusion to its name, Squirtle's going to get absorbed despite wearing the Red Collar. Now because both monsters know a spell, the result monster will know both spells, in this case NeaSled and DeHeal.
This time I actually fuse them.

Now, because Mic already knows a spell, it can only learn one more. In this case, NeaSled moves over because it's higher on the priority list for spells. I don't know the priority list, but I think it goes Fire-spells, water-spells and last is wind-spells. Because NeaSled is a secondary spell of Sled, it counts as a fire spell for fusion and moves intsead of DeHeal.
Either way, Mic can only learn one of the two spells, no monster can know three spells.

Mixture Magic
Last update, I kinda touched on this but I'm going to go over it better because now you've seen elemental variants of spells (like NeaSled). There are five basic categories of Mixture Magic spells.

1) Sword category: These spells produce Flame Sword, Blizzard Sword or Wind Cutter. This mixture costs 0.5 MP and always hits once at melee range.
Spells in this category: Breath, Sled, Brid, Rise, DeHeal and DeForth; and all elemental variants of these spells.

2) Wave category: These spells produce Heat Wave, Snow Wave or Thunder Wave. This mixture costs 0.75 MP and will hit the target twice if they are in melee range, otherwise it will attack in a ranged straight line for one hit.
Spells in this category: Poison, LoDown and LoGrave; and all elemental variants of these spells.

3) Blade category: These spells produce Burning Blade, Aqua Blade or Thunder Blade. This mixture costs 0.5 MP. All of these mixtures hit at melee range. Burning Blade hits once and blinds. Aqua Blade hits twice. Thunder Blade hits once and paralyzes.
Spells in this category: DeWall, DeMirror; and all elemental variants of these spells.

4) AoE category: These spells produce Mt. Burn, Aqua Wheel and Earth Shaker. This mixture costs 4 MP and will hit all targets once. Mt. Burn hits a 7x7 square directly infront of Mamoru (Close Blast 7, if you play D&D 4e). Aqua Wheel and Earth Shaker will hit all enemies in the room.
Spells in this category: LoBlind, LoBind, LoSleep; and all elemental variants of these spells.

5)Summon (Shoot) category: These spells produce Fire Shoot, Snow Shoot, and Gaia Shoot. This mixture costs 2 MP. To be honest, I'm not sure what these produce, having never used them myself, but I know they are very powerful, especially Snow Shoot. I seem to recall Snow Shoot hitting everything in the room.
Spells in the category: DeRock and all elemental variants of this spell.

Note: This update makes perfect sense in my mind. Naturally, you guys do not share my mind. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask and I'll answer them. Although I'm still not 100% sure on the matter of Traits, but we only have access to two Traits anyway.