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Part 10: Two kinds of Medcinal Herbs in this world.

Having recovered from last updates disaster of a tower-run, I decide to boot up the game and pray the RNG will be nicer to me this time around. But first, we upgraded the Temple last time, so let's pay it a visit.

This place is huge now. There are a few people wandering around, half of them wonder who would be nice enough to rebuild this temple, the other half thank Mamoru for rebuilding the temple. Finally some respect!

: I owe this all to you. Your father in heaven would be mighty proud of you.
: I'm doing this for the city. || I'm regretting it, though.
: That's great! That's wonderful!! What happened to you!? As a kid you were always up to no good.
They say people who go in the Tower are changed forever. While most become ruder and more "savage" as Fur puts it, Mamoru is one of the rare few who turned nicer. Being possessed by people from another world playing what they call a "video game" doesn't hurt either.

: You're jealous of my brother Ghosh, and you're harassing him again, aren't you? Enough is enough.
: Ghosh being jealous. || Is that right?
Wait, what? Me harassing Ghosh? He started it!
: Why would my brother be jealous of you? My brother has everything you don't have, and you have nothing.
At least I don't have a bitchy sister with a brother complex. Man, I hate this woman. Screw her, I'm going talk to Dr. Hal again and see if he found that book.

Before I knew it, my books have taken over my home. If this city had a Library, I would then have a place to donate all these books. That way I would be able to find the books I wanted, and it would enhance the education level of the people. Don't you think that's a great idea? Oh, today, the Record of the Ishtaria War hits the bookstore and I've got to get a copy...
I went to the carpenter's place to check how much it would be for the Library, but it wasn't listed there, so I'm assuming we have to pay Dr. Hal directly like we did for the Temple and Hopsital, but that also means we need to climb so many floors first. I'll check on this guy later.

Next stop, the Restaurant, as per usual. Next on the list is Crystal Curry ($80). Only nine more items to go after this one!
: The crystallization of the spices pop up here and there like crystal balls. The curry made here is not aiming to be the high class curry at your common Indian restaurant, but more something you would enjoy at home, bringing out that homely flavor. It's a taste that does not discriminate, that is fit for everyone. Having said that, though, it's not something you could make ta home. The smoothness and depth in it's taste is something only a professional chef could possibly make.
I honestly don't like curry, but dammit this is making my mouth drool. The descriptions for the food are really good and well translated.
Post-LP Note:...

Materant posted:

Dammit, I've never even had curry before, and that description still made my mouth water.

We've already seen this scene, Nico is here taking donations, we give her $1000, Ghosh comes up and like the asshole he is, donates $1001. At least we're putting his stupidity to good use. But this time, after we donate Nico says something a bit different.
: Ghosh seems to be so cultured.
: That confused guy? || I think he's just stingy.
: A barbarian like Mamoru wouldn't understand it.
Humph. I forgot she's completely rude too. Screw you Nico, I'm going to another girl who actually treats me with respect!

: I'm probably quite boring to you, but I'll give you anything you want in this room.
: I'm already your friend. || Did I give you anything? || I want you. (Probably because I actually like Cherrl, I find this choice to be incredibly creepy and )
: Oh! You're right. Friendship is not something you buy with things. I'm sorry, I'll ask again. Please be my friend.
: I want to be your friend too. || I don't like you. (Wait, thought I already said I was her friend?)
: Oh great! Shake hands? Giggle. Shake, shake.
Yeah...this game doesn't handle actions very well, and just writes them out like this. It's a little confusing at first and mostly just seems really silly.
: Phew...I think I"m getting tired.
: Get some sleep. || All right, see you later.
: Okay. See you again, Mamoru.
And with the only girl in this city who treats me with any degree of respect tucked in for the night, it's time to head off into the Tower.

I don't bring along a Wand this time because the Vital sword is pretty powerful, and I'll probably find one just lying on the ground. Instead, I want to bring my last blue sand to powerup my shield even more, and I bring along a Medicinal herb for a trick I can show you guys.

Floor 1 fails. This wasn't supposed to happen. When you feed a Medicinal Herb to a monster that is already at max HP, it boosts it's Max HP by one. However, instead when I did this, nothing happened. (And I forgot to screenshot the nothing happened message.) I guess the game really does think of the town Medicinal herbs as being separate than ones found in the tower, precisely to avoid abusing this.
However, this still applies to Pita fruits and MP. I've kept a few in my safe back home, but from now on if I had an empty inventory slot, I'm going to start increasing Blue Octobers max MP so it can survive longer. For now, Blue October goes back in the bag until I'm a higher level. Since I only get a limited amount of time to use it, I'm going to use it later on and power-level it.

Can't forget the blue sand.

Wind Crystal on the first floor. This must be a good omen. Of course, any Nethack veteran will say how terrified they are of getting a good item early on, because it means the RNG is going to screw them over later. I prefer to be optimistic about things.

Floor 2

: You seem so busy treasure-hunting, unlike me, a daughter of the noble Rode family. Ha ha ha ha.
Hello to you too Selfi. You're still a bitch I see.

Floor 3 it bad that I'm getting apathetic about finding eggs now? Unfortunately, because I found this on a low floor, it's probably not going to be a very good monster.

Normally I don't include pictures of my battles, but this one is worth mentioning. This would look like a bad situation, if I wasn't wielding a +2 Vital Sword with ATK of 7 total, and a +3 Diamond Shield. Good equipment can really make these low levels easy.

Floor 4

Alright, I found another Medicinal herb, and this time it worked like it should. I guess this means tower and town herbs really are different. Bugger, this makes it harder. I think I'm just going to feed Blue October all my new Medicinal Herbs now, instead of saving them in case I actually them later on. Half the time I don't use them, or use them only to run away shortly after.

I encountered a few of these before, but this was the first time it did something. This was a Bump Trap, which wakes up all sleeping monsters in the room. I think this is the first time I've had it actually do something.

Floor 5

My shield grows even more powerful.

Now, if you'll notice, DeHeal actually leveled up twice. This is because it's at a level less than Blue October, so it gets two level ups to help catch up.
And by showing you this, it also means that I finally brought Blue October out of the bag.

Oh hell yes. You remember how powerful Mic was with a Scarlet Wand? This is just as powerful, if not more because of Snow Shoot. Although I try to micro and make Blue October use Blizzard Sword instead. Much cheaper and more powerful for one enemy.

Floor 6

Now this is awesome. I was in a room with a Manoeva in the corner, so I used Snow Shoot to hit it while I beat up another monster. That Manoeva spawned a clone, and then Snow Shoot went and killed the clone in the same attack.

Huh, another Wind Crystal already.

Noise that's pretty...mediocre, although I got it on the third floor so what can you expect? Noises have a trait where they are immune to magic, and have an ability where they can seal an enemies magic. Monsters don't use magic very often in the Tower, so it's not worth it.

Hammer Time!

Floor 7

I havn't been showing it very much, but I find an awful lot of leather and wood shields and copper swords. So I toss them at enemies and pick up valuable items like this Paralyze wand instead. I'm probably not going to use it, but it'll sell well.

Add another to my collection...just need to find another freaking Gold Sword.

I noticed something odd here. DeHeal didn't level up as much as it could. It's always going to be a level behind DeRock. Probably has something to do with the level difference between DeHeal and Blue October when I first put the spell on. Surprisingly, this doesn't concern me very much. Blizzard sword is still doing wonderful amounts of damage despite the lesser level.

Floor 8

And this is why I have DeRock. Cue a few Snow Shoots to wipe them all out.
Actually, I havn't showed damage yet, but 1 Snow Shoot does about 2/5 the damage a Blizzard Sword can do. Of course, Snow Shoot hits a very wide area, so that makes up for it. They are both very situational.

I actually save-stated before this, because I wanted to see what Fire Shoot looked like, since it features a phoenix. My appreciation for phoenixes should be self explanatory.

I'm pretty sure that it hits all enemies in a straight line. And although it's kinda hard to tell because the GIF animates so fast (because I can't make screenshots fast enough...) a little submarine pops out of Blue October's mouth, flies above it, and then transforms into the phoenix used for the Mixture Magic. This is how U-Boats cast magic...they spit out mini versions of themselves.
Oh, and you may notice a graphical glitch blurring the picture. That's because of the Fire Shoot, it was happening in-game as well.

Floor 9

I seem to be finding an usually high number of orbs this runthrough. This will make kiling Krakens easier when I have to send Blue October back in the bag because of MP problems. (I actually used a Pita fruit I found on this floor on it already.)

Cool. Like the hammer this sells pretty well. I recall someone mentioning that the sword bypassed the DEF stat. I don't know if that's true, but I don't have a Troll to test it on. Either way, the Troll Sword is going to be sold for lots of money.

Fun fact: If your monster is confused (or brainwashed, can't remember) when you use a Malicious bell, it'll level that monster up too. But for the most part this makes all enemies harder, thus giving more EXP. Only applies for the floor though. It's still worth the 3-5 extra EXP per kill.

Floor 10

I found a Trap Loupe, and guess what was in the room at the same time? It felt so good deactivating this trap. You know, instead of falling for it like I usually do.

This one-shotted the Volcano. Holy shit Blue October is awesome.

Yet another Orb. I'm grateful for these.

Floor 11

Because Blue October's MP is getting really low, I toss it back in the bag and try to solo for a little while. It doesn't end very well, but here's a new item to show off. Binding Ball. Auto-paralysis, but it only lasts for about 3-5 turns, meaning some enemies will get back up and attack me.

Why am I not surprised?

But I came prepared. Griffons and Volcanoes do slightly less damage with the -1 Ice Shield on, so I start switching equipment on the fly. I've already been doing that for the Stream Wand and Vital Sword +2.

Had to show this off. It's a bit costly though. 5 MP, and at lv. 11, it cured only 20 HP. Not worth it quite yet. By the end of the floor, though, I had to send Blue October back in the bag due to MP reasons.

Floor 12

I pull out Blue October again so I can use this. The Mazarr seed not only increases its level, but because it's a food item, it gained back a little MP.

And I only use that MP against Krakens. I sit in a corner and only pull out Blue October when a Kraken comes around.

Unfortunately I have no control over where monsters appear when pulled out of the bag. This time Blue October got too close to a Kraken, and you can see what happened.

Fortunatley, I have my own methods of taking down enemies still. The insane amount of Orbs I've gathered come in handy.

Floor 13

Nice. This will sell for tons. I hope it's cursed too.

Time to use a Fire Crystal for the first time. This summons SALAMAN (stupid letter limit) a very fast and powerful fire-based monster. It seems to be on its own layer, because it attacks by entering the squares of other monsters, and then attacking them. I'm assuming it's naturally fast because it gets two moves for each of mine. After defeating those two Griffons, it runs away, and dies quickly.
Oh, and I get no EXP for using it.

Oh...I didn't know Nyuels appeared this early. I didn't get a good picture of one, seeing as I killed it on sight because it was the next enemy in line and I'm really low on HP. Also, killing it with an orb wasn't enough to trigger it's entry in the Mosnter Book, so no fancy comment from that yet.

It's worth noting that for this picture, I actually had an Acid Rain ball, but I used it once already and I had no idea how many charges were left. If it had no charges, I would have lost my awesome Diamond Shield and some pretty good loot, so I decided against it, and just went back home.

: 22 Pulunpas, 7 Noises, 22 Trolls (Hammer), 13 Flames, 17 Cyclones, 2 Baloons, 1 Manoeva Clone, 4 Blumes, 6 Clowns, 12 Dreamins, 15 Volcanoes, 7 Griffons, 7 Krakens, 2 Nyuels. 137 KILLS TOTAL
3 Traps Discovered.

: 3 Dreamins, 1 Troll (Bow). 4 KILLS TOTAL.
Snow Shoot Assists: 5 Baloons, 10 Manoevas, 3 Manoeva Clones, 6 Blumes, 2 U-Boats, 1 Clown, 1 Dreamin, 1 Troll (Bow), 3 Volcanoes. 32 SNOW SHOOT KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Blizzard Sword Assists: 2 Cyclones, 11 Baloons, 21 Manoevas, 15 Blumes, 23 U-Boats, 7 Clowns, 4 Dreamin, 14 Trolls (Bow), 5 Volcanoes, 2 Griffons, 1 Kraken. 105 BLIZZARD SWORD KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL


: Business, of course. || Yes, I've come to see you.
: ….... Wh- What are you saying? … and what do you want to do today?
Ha! Got her! I've turned this game around on her.

This is all the loot I'm selling, the extra Wind Crystal went inside the safe along with the equipment I was going to keep.
Wow, that Troll Sword was expensive. Normally they cost just as much as a Hammer, but cursed... I'm also lucky the diamond shield I picked up was also cursed for even more money. But I think the best of all of that is the Acid Rain ball. Had 0 uses left. I made the right choice.

: You're looking sharper as of late. Getting some dough, are you?
Holy shit...We've got $31366 now. We need to spend this on something soon.
The next house upgrade is $60000, but I don't want that for a while. I'd like to get at least two girlfriends before that. The Race Track is $30000, and the Alley is $40000. On the other hand, the Theater is only $8000 and the next hut is $6000. Or we can do a shopping spree at Fur's place and get some furnature.
This is the site I've been using for personal reference. It also shows pictures of all the stuff you can buy for the house. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else on the site if you don't want spoilers because the spoilers are everywhere and unmarked, SO THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING. Fortunately, there are very minor spoilers on this one page alone  (description of restaurant food) , so don't go anywhere and you should be fine.

Oh, and here is that Noise. Lets get a name for him too. So vote what to buy with our sudden income and a new name for this guy.