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Part 13: One egg, Two egg, Red egg, Blue egg.

Post-LP note: This is when I asked my friend to draw this for me.

Krysmphoenix posted:

In the meantime, a non-goon friend of mine made some fanart on the absurd amount of eggs I seem to find (with the potential of foreshadowing? We shall see...)

Alpha Kenny Juan posted:

Yeah, that pretty much describes it.

Zebrin posted:

Yeah, that pretty much sums up your version of the game.

EDIT: I must have gone over the Smilies Limit for the post. Just imagine them being there please.

Here are our two new monsters. Soth won for the Flame and Kefka had unanimous support. I'm not too surprised by this name choice.

Back at the fountain, there is this group of three girls here.
Hey, did you know about Mamoru the monster tamer? They say he reached the 20th floor. Wow, I'm so thrilled. (She turns and notices Mamoru standing there) Hey, did you know about Mamoru? He's really young and so cool with a long red pony tail down his back! Red......Ponytail..... !!! Are any chance...? Ahhh!!!!!!!
They then scream like excited fangirls and run off.
Then it dawns on me, I have fangirls now. FUCK! The last thing I need is a bunch of stalkers.

Here it is, the completed Library. When we enter, we actually find Nico inside.

: Howdy, Mamoru. I heard you made this building, but what is it? L-I-B-R-A-R-Y, a library? So they have books and things here?
: Very cultural, isn't it? || You can borrow books here.
: Why? Your father never talked about it.
Darn it, it is going to take more than a library to impress Nico and show her that I really am cultural. But more importantly...

"Azure Dreams Instruction Manual" posted:

Mia Myria
13 years old
: I just feel uncomfortable whenever a man appraoches me like that.
And here is our second to last potential girlfriend. I'll go ahead and spoiler her name as Mia. In case you can tell already, she's the shy and rather loony book girl...who is dressed like a nun? Like most of the girls, to win her over we just have to visit her a lot.

Behold, the completed theater! It looks...exactly the same... Once again, we find Nico inside.
: I hear that Mamoru made this theater. Yup! It certainly has the smell of culture to it. I truly hope this will bring more comfort to the people of this city. Man, Mamoru is really a cultural kind of guy.
So she dislikes the Library, but likes the lame Theater? Oh, what makes it so lame? are about to find out.

Could you help? We've got a problem! My standup partner ran away! So viola! Mamoru! You will be my partner! I'm counting on you, Dodo!
: Who's Dodo!? || Who's Dodo!?
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call "The Illusion of Choice."
It's your stage name, of course! Okay, lets get going! Dodo, there's not much time, so I can't teach you much! Listen well! Okay? There are two ways to respond to my commments. You would either let the comment pass in agreement, or talk back to me! On stage, listen to my lines carefully and respond by agreeing, or talking back! Here's what to watch out for! This rule was written in the Comedy Magazine, which I call the comomag. They're the "Rules of Response"! The rule of agreeing is to... [Press X button at the correct time.] Next! The rule of talking back is to... [Press O button at the correct time.] ...that's it! ???? Wait a minute!? Dodo, did that make sense to you?
: I've got it! || I don't get it at all.
How could you understand that! Are you a genius or something?
I love it how this guy has no faith in me whatsoever.
We've run out of time, we'll just have to take it on stage! Okay!? If you talk back when you shouldn't, make a wrong comment, or take too much time responding, I'll bonk ya on the head! I'm known to have pretty sever "bonks". You'll probably faint after three of my bonks, which would end our performance right on the spot! But listen, Dodo! We've got to be harsh on ourselves on stage. Pant, pant... Dodo... ...don't run away! Anyway, We're on! Let's go!

Here we go. I'll tell you if I agree or talk back, and I'll mostly transcribe this. For the most part it's the two of them standing there. Whenever you talk back correctly, there is a laughing sound effect from the audience.
I'm Fon! And this is the Poet.
: [Talk-back] Hold on! My name's Dodo!
Yes! Well, as you can see, we've been given the opportunity to stand up here to entertain you! Now, do you all know what an entertainer is?
: [Agree] Well, do you know?
Ah, we're the ones behind the meat counter, separating the sirloin from the bone: grinding, cutting, or stuffing sausages to the customer's liking, at your local meat store.
: [Talk-back] No, that would be a Butcher!
We've got the best pepperoni in town! Can I see a show of hands to see how many people want pepperoni?
: [Talk-back] I'm telling ya! That's a Butcher! The subject is Performer! Performer!
Performer? You mean... You and I are people that perform!?
: [Agree] That's right!
Perform, right? It's a good smelling word for the things we do.
: [Talk-back] That's Perfume! We're PERFORMERS, here to PER-FORM!
Fur-Worm? Those are the hairy worms that, ah, eat strawberries right?
: [Talk-back] What in the world are you talking about?
Fur-worm dolls! A tradition of Monsbaiya! Oh, by the way, a few years ago, on my way home from buying a hamburger for a dime, I saw a bunch of furry caterpillars hanging from a tree.
: [Talk-back] What are you talking about! You're going way off the topic! And a burger cost a dime a few years ago? Exactly how long ago?
Calm down. So, now do you understand what it is to be a performer?
: [Talk-back] !! you're the one confusing the audience!
Yes, we're performers! In particular, we're stand up comedians, and we're here to provide you with laughter.
: [Agree] That's right! (Here, the audience laughs.)
!! Don't laugh! You guys looked at us and laughed, didn't you!
: [Talk-back] Hey, hey, come on! What's gotten into you!?
Don't stop me! Doesn't it bother you? These guys are laughing at us!
: [Talk-back] You gotta be kidding!

I messed up, and I get a bonk. I guess you're supposed to agree with him there. It's rather vague, and you just have to guess most of the time.
: [Agree] That's right!

I screwed up again. If you mess up, the dialogue keeps going, and you have no idea what Mamoru was supposed to say. Needless to say, if you mess up once, you're likely to mess up a lot right away. Fortunately, this is the end of the show.
Thank you very much, we love you! (And then we go back to the lobby...) Hey, great show, thanks! You stayed with me right to the end. Your timing in talking back was right on! How did you like the content.
: They were great lines. || They were stale. || Average. No originality.
I gotta be honest, I was laughing at a few parts of that show, so it can't be awful. That said, it's still pretty bad. speak to me like you're the pro. But just you see, Mamoru! By the next time you come to my show, I will have studied extensively to become Fon the Superstar Performer! So make sur eyou catch my next show! Just sit back and enjoy! Thanks a million for today! Come again.
No, the show never changes. Next stop, Selfi!

: Who's the barbarian? || You are so right.
Fon is still messing me up. Why am I agreeing when I should be talking back?
: Ha ha ha. Be careful from now on.
And...what? She's nice? Selfi? NICE? Screw this, I'm hungry.

Fried Shining Prawn ($150) is next. This is her specialty, remember this. And now, cue food porn pr0n.
: The prawns used are the best, and there is great energy used in preparing these dishes. The prawns that can be seen peeking through the batter, seems to shine ever so brightly. They say the brighter the prawns are, the better they taste. Well, this one's very bright and looks very delicious.
Sadly, whenever I hear "The more X they are, the better Y will taste!" the first thing I imagine is "The worst they smell, the better the gysahl pickles wiill taste." I don't know why, but that's probably the one thing about Final Fantasy IX that I will remember to the grave. Anyway, we still have the Blue Cape from before, so it's time to give it to the bar lady.

This cape belongs to him... It belongs to him... I know for sure... This means he was... killed at the tower. Sob. Why did you have to bring this to me!
We talk to the bartender (there isn't anyone else in the bar at this time) and...
I'll do the rest... You can leave now, Mr. Mamoru.
Worst reward for a quest ever. We get nothing from this.

Cherrl, cheer me up!

She's all alone this time too, presumably Nadia already went out, leaving us to baby sit for this girl (who is actually a year older than Mamoru).
: Just for a little bit out in the front. I'll be sure to tell you as soon as I get tired.
: Okay. Deal. || No, I can't allow that
Then she gets up and walks close to Mamoru all the way to the fountain, when she speaks up.

: Maybe... Lovers? || Brother and sister?
I'm pretty sure that Mamoru is infamous enough that they know that he only has one little sister who does absolutely nothing. They'd probably think lovers.
: ..... I'm blushing, how embarassing.... I'm so happy.
We start to walk back when...
: Hey Mamoru. Who's that cute girl beside you? Miss, if yous tand too close to him, you might catch his airhead diseases. I don't know where you're going, but I will escort you to your destination.
: Mamoru is not an airhead. Mamoru's no airhead. Mamoru is, Mamoru is...

Ghosh runs off like the pansy he is. Serves him right, the scumbag. How DARE he hurt Cherrl? Mamoru picks her up (no literally, picks her up and holds her above his head) and carries her to the hospital, back to Doctor Hush.

What is it Mamoru? Don't worry, it's nothing serious. Everything will be okay. You can leave now.
: I'm not leaving. || Okay, I'm going.
I've got to examine her now. I need to loosen her dress.
: Okay. || Are you staying doctor?
This isn't the time to be telling jokes!
I meant that in a more "stay by her side, doctor" way, as opposed to whatever the hell the game thought I was implying. Anyway, after this the scene fades to black and we appear again in Cherrl's house, Nadia is home too and standing by Cherrl's bed.
(Nadia) It is not unusual for Cherrl to faint. Do not feel guilty about it.
So I guess she's pretty cool with us taking her bedsick daughter for a walk behind her back. What the hell kind of mom is she?
: I'm really sorry, Mamoru. I'm always causing trouble for you. But I'm still very happy. ...even if it was for a short while, my dream did come true.[/b]
: Phew...I think I'm getting tired.
That's it. Cherrl will not faint on me again. I am going to find that Healing Herb even if it costs me my very life! :black101:

Oh right, you all voted to give Cherrl the Music Box. In all the commotion I nearly forgot.
: This is for you. || Well.... Nothing.
: For me? I can't take it. I'd feel guilty if I did.
What? She won't take it? Ugh...alright, lets find someone else to give it to. It doesn't have to be a potential girlfriend, I think we can give it away to Weedy or Wreath if we wanted to.

Pretty typical stuff to bring in. I take in the Trained wand, might as well show off what makes it such a game-breaker.

Floor 1

This. Only the Trained wand can grow stronger. I don't know how much it affects Mixture Magic, but I tested against a few Pulunpas using Blizzard Sword. Un-enhanced, it did about 14 damage. Once it was buffed to +2, it did about 17. So I think the bonus modifier carries over on Blizzard Sword at least (with an extra one gained through random variance), but I didn't test Snow Shoot.

Floor 2

This time, we see Selfi getting...what appears to be getting humped by a Pulunpa. Seriously, the first time I saw this I thought she was getting eaten. This time it just looks like she's getting tentacle raped by a Pulunpa, which sounds more ridiculous when you remember that the Pulunpa is the weakest enemy in the game and she could just beat that thing into the dirt without trying. How did she survive the Trolls if she reached floor 2?
: I'm coming! || No way.
Naturally I'm a good guy and help her out. It's an event, so the Pulunpa just disappears after Mamoru whacks it.
: Phew. Thank you for helpin gme. But you killed him like it was a piece of cake pudding. I guess I underestimated you. Umm... Well, it must be an honor for you to rescue me though. Ha ha ha ha.
Stuck up ungrateful little...ugh. Moving on...

Floor 3

Nothing much. Got a Flame orb, kinda cool. Not going to bother using a screenshot for this, trying to cut back for this update.

Floor 4

Again, not much. Gave Blue October another Medicinal Herb increasing its HP even higher, and found another Red Sand so the Training Wand is at +3.

Floor 5

One hundred Baloons have been sent into the abyss of the Monster Tower. In other news, I gave Blue October a Pita Fruit boosting the MP another point. And a Fire orb. I get this feeling I'm going to find lots of orbs this time around.

Floor 6

You want to know what the funny thing is? I already cleared this floor of loot, so I hit this trap right when I decide to huddle in a corner and grind. EXP scales exponentially, so in the long run this floor won't change much.

Floor 7

Nothing significant, but I pause for a moment and look at my inventory. Total, I have two wands, four swords, three shields and five spell orbs (including what I brought into the tower). That's rather unusual. Oh, and I already found a wind crystal. I'm taking this safe glitch seriously now...although it doesn't explain the high amount of orbs. Sometimes I won't find any.

Floor 8

Didn't even take a screenshot on this floor. Very mundane.

Floor 9

A monster stepped on this one for me. This one actually scares me because I went in this room before and got hit by the seal-trap that was right next to it. Then I come back and grind in this room and a monster triggers the Go Up trap I was literally standing next to the entire freaking time.

Floor 10

This picture doesn't do it justice, but I found this trap because I was throwing away an item to make room for higher priced stuff. Instead of landing on this square, it shifted one once it landed. That meant there was already something there. Traps and items are never on the same square. At the same time, sunken U-Boats can step under monsters, but not under items or traps, presumably because they use the same layer. I did not know this until now.
Oh, found a Blue sand and Pita fruit, used them right away. Diamond Shield is at +10 and Blue October got another MP point.

Floor 11

Another inventory check. I traded a sword for another Acid Rain orb. Amazing thing is that I already changed nearly all of the stuff I was holding before for higher-priced loot, and I still keep a similar wand-sword-shield ratio. I'm finding this stuff everywhere. Oh, and I have two wind crystals and a water crystal.

Floor 12

One egg.
Volcanoes are pretty nice. Like U-Boats, they level up pretty well and make decent attacking monsters. I'll do a monster comparison at the end of this update, because like I said, I think we need a monster to be on par with Blue October.
Speaking of which, Blue October comes out to help me take down Krakens. Now, because the Training Wand can be tempered, it gives us shock damage when used against Krakens, even through Blizzard Sword. Fortunately, taking them down in one hit makes up for that, so I won't take very much damage. Oh, and I use another Blue Sand. Diamond Shield at +11.

Floor 13

Well, if you notice by the floor number on the previous picture, I actually IDed the egg on this floor, but I found it last floor. Not that it matters much.

Floor 14

The Garuda's body was found a few minutes later in a pool of blood. Also Blue October's teeth were blood red.
IDed an Acid Rain orb, it has one charge. Diamond Shield is now at +12.
Also, I make a very unusual decision for me. I decide to stop grinding and just push my way up using Elevators. This way I don't feel bad for using Pita Fruits early and I might be able to get that Healing Herb on floor 28, or the Water Medal on floor 25.

Floor 15

Sweet. I went back and talked to Mr. Issac again, this time officially accepting the quest, I was only informed of it last time. This floor is also pretty boring. IDed another Acid Rain orb, it also has one charge. A Shomuro seed boosted Blue October's DEF.
Also, around this time I get curious and see how much damage Blue October does on its own. And pretty darn close to what I was doing with Blizzard Sword. Its attack power has gotten so high that I am now an unnecessary of our killing machine. From this point on, Blue October is also fighting on its own. I still use Blizzard Sword and Snow Shoot if we get seperated and Blue October can't hit a monster but I can, or if I need to hit two or more enemies in one shot.

Floor 16

This was my Floor 16. Because of the horrid design, the game couldn't spawn new monsters because I was always too close to the spawning point. No Barongs. RNG doesn't want to give me too many blessings.

Floor 17

If you notice, I'm not with Blue October. You can use Elevators to go to the next floor and if your monster was lost/abducted, they'll automatically come right back to join you on the next floor.

Floor 18

One egg, Two eggs.
Also found two Medicinal Herbs, boosted Blue Octobers HP even more!

Floor 19

IDed the new egg. It was a Nyuel egg. Also found a red sand. Training Wand is at +4.

Floor 20

Oh yes, this is a natural thing of the Viper. They can weaken your monster's attack power randomly. In order to get it back, you have to eat a Hazak herb or seed. The Herb will restore all lost attack power, and the seed will boost your attack power's max level, and automatically cure lost attack power as well.

This is a Meat item from the Weadogs. Your familiars will chase after it right away. Blue October was confused at the time, but once it was un-confused, it went straight for it. The Meat restored no MP to my knowledge.

These are like normal Pita Fruits, except they heal 100 MP. Unfortunately, they still give your monsters only 1 max MP when used at full MP. I also found a Hazak Seed luckily, so Blue October's attack power increased even higher. As if I needed a stronger killing machine.

Floor 21

Didn't even take a screenshot of the floor. Nothing much happened. Standard wide-spread killing of stuff, and still taking elevators up while I still have Blue October's MP helping me out.

Floor 22

Sweet, I'm hitting Gold Coins now. They give somewhere between $150-200 each time. By this point, a lot of your money in the tower can come from coins, as opposed to selling items.

"Monster Book" posted:

No. 38 BLOCK Habitat: Mine
This monster is a kind of magical one with a body made of metal. Although its movements are slow and heavy, its body is extremely hard and resistant to conventional attack. It is also very friendly to humans, and is indispensable for tasks requiring physical strength such as construction.
Fuck. I'm hitting Blocks already. They are Wind-Genus monsters with insane DEF. They have the Hard trait, which gives them double DEF gains. They also automatically know the LoBind spell, which can paralyze you or a familiar for a few turns. Fortunately this LoBind misses.

Unfortunately, its attacks do not. Seriously, this thing's DEF is insanely high and it's ATK is no laughing matter either. Blocks are deadly enemies to come across.
And it is here that I make probably the stupidest choice I will ever make this entire LP: I carry on. I pull out my fire-elemental orbs to take down every Block I see from now on. I'm going to keep pushing onward. I'm carrying two eggs, but I still have a wind-crystal and I think I can make it pretty far and still live.

Oh, I also meet this version of the Pulunpa. This version is slightly darker, and will not attack you. Seriously, this thing followed me around for a while and did nothing to me. What they WILL do is use Collar Jack on your familiars, putting them back in the bag. Fortunately, with Blue October already gone, I need not fear them. They also give nice EXP. Same with the Manoevas: new monster, new category for the kill count.

Floor 23

Not much happened. Still using my massive number of fire-elemental orbs to take down Blocks. Don't run into too many though, which is great.

Floor 24

One Egg, Two Eggs, Red Egg.
When I enter this room, I see a Viper asleep on top of an egg. When it wakes up, rather than attack me, it side-steps so it's right next to the square with the egg, so it can eat it.
It doesn't get the chance. THE EGG IS MINE! And I'm STILL Carrying on.

"Monster Book" posted:

No. 44 ZU Habitat: Marshy District
This monster is a mix of a lion and bird. It threatens its enemies with a loud barking. Its barking seems to make the air tremble. It usually flies over wetlands like a dragonfly, but will persistently pursue prey, and expose its violent nature.
This Zu was Frog when I found and killed it. Frogs don't fight back, but you still get the same EXP of the monster that it originally was.

It's hard to tell from this screenshot, but a Zu can let out a Roar that will paralyze all enemies in the room. I use an orb on it once I'm free and call it a day.

Floor 25

"Monster Book" posted:

No. 43 STEALTH Habitat: Subterranean
This monster has a hard shell and a powerful pair of scissors. It uses the scissors like a drill and moves by drilling holes in the ground. Since it lives underground, its eyes have atrophied. Its shell acts like the skin of a chameleon, which can protect itself with its changing color.

Meet the Stealth. I don't remember much of these guys, to be honest. What they will do, though, is a bit annoying. Half the time when they notice you, they'll turn invisible right away. If they notice you, they will chase you, even if you run down the hallway they will still chase you and you have no idea where they are. The poisoned Stealth in front of me turned invisible, and there is ANOTHER Stealth right behind me. An Acid Rain fixes both. I'm out of Acid Rains though.
Also, I was supposed to find a White Picket here to steal the Water Medal from. I didn't see it, but I didn't spend much time here. Like the Oil Pot quest, I'll talk to the pool guy again and see if that fixes it.

Floor 26

"Monster Book" posted:

No. 18 SNOWMAN Habitat: Snowy Mountain
This monster lives in the coldest and snowiest of mountains. Its body is covered with hair, protecting it from the cold. The monster is easily tamed, but has a tough life force that allows it to survive in severe weather condition, as well as the power of a wild monster.
Owch. I don't know much of what Snowmans do, since my memory is really vague in this part of the tower onward, but I do know they are powerful.

Time to go. I'm out of damaging orbs to use.

: 13 Pulunpas, 9 Noises, 24 Trolls (Hammer), 19 Flames, 20 Cyclones, 13 Baloons, 22 Manoevas, 11 Manoeva Clones, 33 Blumes, 12 U-Boats, 18 Clowns, 31 Dreamins, 15 Trolls (Bow), 18 Volcanoes, 9 Griffons, 2 Krakens, 2 Nyuels, 1 Troll (Sword), 1 Garuda, 2 Manoeva (v2), 1 Picket, 5 Weadogs, 4 Unicorns, 7 Vipers, 2 Pulunpas (v2), 3 Blocks, 5 Zus, 4 Stealths. 306 KILLS TOTAL
1 Traps Discovered.
Reached 100 kills for: Baloons

: 1 Pulunpa, 1 Troll (Hammer), 2 Manoeva Clones, 1 Troll (Bow), 1 Kraken, 1 Nyuel, 3 Trolls (Sword), 4 Garudas, 6 Manoevas (v2), 9 Pickets, 4 Arachnes, 8 Weadogs, 4 Unicorns, 3 Vipers, 1 Pulunpa (v2). 49 KILL TOTAL.
Snow Shoot Assists: 2 Manoeva Clones, 2 Krakens, 2 Nyuels, 1 Troll (Sword), 1 Garuda, 4 Manoevas (v2). 12 SNOW SHOOT KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Blizzard Sword Assists: 2 Pulunpas, 4 Volcanoes, 12 Griffons, 4 Krakens, 11 Nyuels, 4 Trolls (Sword), 1 Garuda. 38 BLIZZARD SWORD KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL


Typical morning. Nico beats me awake, I drop off the loot I want to keep with Wreath and stroll on over to Fur's store to sell stuff. But, as I pass by the Fountain, I notice Selfi just standing there waiting for Mamoru.

: Every life is valuable. || Be grateful.

One Egg, Two Eggs, Red Egg, Blue Egg. We have a title!
: This is for saving me in the tower. Now we are even.
Then suddenly, Ghosh comes up with Nico at his side. Those two have been awfully close ever since the fountain was built...
: Mamoru! What are you doing?
: I received an egg. || It's a secret.
: I just gave him an egg.
Dammit, Selfi!
: The egg Selfi cherished so much?!
: Grr...Come back in a million years if you want to seduce my sister. Selfi, get away from that dirty thing!
: Yes, Brother.
: We're going home.
The two of them go back home, leaving me alone with Nico.

Holy cow, that face looks a lot like :smith:
: Is that right? || Maybe it's because of me.
: I always thought she's a girl who wouldn't do anything if she couldn't get something in return. She does make a cute face in front of the boys. But she always looks down on Mamoru.
This event here is interesting, because it is necessary for both Nico and Selfi, whereas the other girls never even see each other, let alone talk or know about each other. Oh, and it gives you an egg outside the tower.
Anyway, on to Fur...

Dammit, he's fast!
: Chuckle...You're such a kidder, Mr Ghosh. Three Cream, that will be $1000.
: Only...only $1000. Ha, ha, ha. That's play money to me. I will pay billions of $s to see your beautiful smile.
: My, what should I do. Even if it's a lie, I'm thrilled to hear those words from someone as charming as you. Chuckle. I'm in receipt of $1000. Thank you very much. Anything else?
: ....... Ah, no... I'll come again.
Haha, nice. I love it when Ghosh gets scolded.
: Oh, Mamoru. I didn't notice you. You should not be in Ms. Fur's store. It'll bring down the class of the store.
: What about you? || He's blocking business, Fur.
: Ah... no... no I've got no intention of doing that. I'm leaving.
Take that! Now we can finally talk to Fur.
: Welcome.
: Were you honest? || Did you lie?
: When I don't like a customer, I often charge more.
: That means you like me. || You mean you like me?
: Ah...yeah, I guess so. ...before I can ever dislike you, Mamoru, you're miserable, so I feel sorry for you. You're ugly, short, look poor, and your father was found lying dead somewhere, and...oh...
: Hey that's too much! || You're absolutely right.
I think we're done here.
: ...w-what, what are you getting all excited about, Mamoru. Chuckle, who do you think you are talking back to me like that, anyway.
: Forget it. || Apologize.
: Is there something you want to say?
Yeah. You can make fun of me all you want, but never, NEVER insult Guy.
Screw Fur, I'm selling my stuff at the weapon store. The eggs and used-up orbs prevented me from getting a lot of loot, but I still got a pretty good amount. $7800 from items alone, and $5284 from coins in the tower, bringing me to a total of $35317.

One egg...

Two egg...

Red egg...

Blue egg...
Yeah, Selfi's "cherished" egg is a common Pulunpa egg.

Had to show off what the hut looks like with all of the monsters placed. We have twelve monsters right now, thanks to this run's addition of FOUR eggs. (I swear eggs aren't this common!)

Now for the giant voting section. There is a lot we can do and this will drastically change the way this LP works out. First off, is the Training Wand. Right now it's alright, but later on it can become a massive game breaker if I'm willing to push it that far. If you guys really don't want me to use it, I won't. Default option is I'm going to just keep using it.

Second, is that Blue October is not fairing well against Wind monsters, as expected. Garudas still hit pretty hard, although it can tear them to shreds. Blocks however will be my next barrier if I can't do something about them. So we need either a Fire or Wind genus monster to cover for that. Default option is whatever the hell I come up with.

Third, is we have enough money to build a racetrack. If we build it, I'll do one race an update and try to get some extra money for that casino. Or we can just try to go for the Casino as is.

Fourth, is who to give the Music Box to...again.

And Fifth through Eighth is of course names for our new monsters.