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Part 19: Side-Note: Egg Toss (post by Jegan).

In that situation, you could have Commanded Kefka to take a step to the right, if only for the possibility of taking a hit, and (Edit: Written under the assumption you were confused. If you weren't, there's really no excuse for this death.) trying to move yourself (2/3 chance of safety). There was another option, bringing us to

Stupid Mechanics #2: The Egg Toss
Not quite as useless as the first, but it sacrifices a long term investment for short term gain.

Koh, not wanting something stolen, decides to just give the Picket an egg.

Whoops, it broke.

In this case it was, but that's probably standard even if the egg was identified.

The Manoeva is none too happy about it's new surroundings, and lashes out.

84 damage, with elemental disadvantage. Some experimentation seems warranted.

It takes all the experience for itself, of course.

And just disappears.

I'm not sure if it would have worked in your situation, but I'll check the next time I have a Manoeva egg on floor 29.