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Azure Dreams

by Krysmphoenix

Part 20: Ostritch-Horse-Kangaroo-Thing in the Hat.

Post-LP Notes: My quest for redemption ended in tragedy.

Krysmphoenix posted:

Alright. Which one of you guys cursed me? I pulled out Nethack again today just for the hell of it.
Started a samurai. Found an unknown amulet on floor 1. Found a neutral alter on floor 2 (which I was going to convert shortly). Bought a wand of polymorph from a shopkeeper on floor 3. Killed by a Giant Bat on the first floor of the Gnome-side dungeon. The amulet was an amulet of life saving. I wasn't wearing it because I BUC tested it, and forgot to put it on.

Materant posted:

Pretty sure it was Mr. Locke, but I could be wrong. For all I know, the curses in this game leaked out to you since they couldn't hit Mamoru.

Kgummy posted:

Let's identify that curse for you:
Curse of Dumb Luck
+100 luck
-5 intelligence

Maybe you just need to put on something that boosts int?

Krysmphoenix posted:

Sounds about right.

Alright, since last update I have trained myself in humility. And by that, I mean playing Nethack and dying a lot. Everyone in a while, I will get a rush of power after doing something completely awesome in a video game, and nothing destroys that better than getting killed by kitten while helpless. Over the years I have lost hundreds of Wizards, Samurai and Valkyries to Nethack. And every time I finish a round, I thank video game developers for making their games easy and beatable. Defeating Nethack is on my bucket list. I'm not sure I'll live long enough to do it.

Behold, my save file. The number means how many times we have gone into the Tower, and Building means how many buildings across town we have bought, upgraded or donated to. I believe our Monster Hut is included in the math, but I'm not 100% sure, I haven't been keeping track. If you'll notice, there are eight diamonds with question marks in them. Seven of them belong to each of the girlfriends we find. The eighth one supposedly belonged to Ghosh, but it doesn't apply to him in the US verison. Instead the Eighth diamond is unlocked when you reach the top of the tower.

He starts playing a nice little variation of the main theme of Azure Dreams on the cello. I think it actually sounds pretty nice, although because we're so close to the fountain, the fountain takes up most of the sound. However, after a short amount of time, we hear Ghosh's theme interrupt, as he walks up with Nico.

: You grubby bum, polluting Nico's park.
-Angry: Stop it, Ghosh! This park isn't just mine, it's for everyone.
: No, I donated my money for you to build this park. Get out, you bum. "
: I'll help you. || Go on.
Mamoru steps up in front of Ghosh, defending Chero.
: What? It's you again, Mamoru! Is this a deal between bums or what ?! What's wrong with chasing out bums from a beautiful park.
: I lost my temper now. || The music was beautiful.
: The music was beautiful... Yes, it was beautiful. I want to hera more. Even a cat wants to listen too. Why can't Ghosh understand something that even a cat appreciates?
: Ghosh!
: Grr... Fools!
He storms off. As he steps in front of Chero's cat, it swipes at him. Rather amusing, actually. Serves the bastard right.
Thank you so much. I was so glad that you rescued me, but I was even happier when you said my music was beautiful.
He starts playing again. Is there a trope for the music getting soft and orchestra for romantic moments?
: Mamoru. Sorry. I might have been cruel to you lately. I just didn't want to see your face. Are you upset? You must be. Give me a punch, if you like.
: Dad told me. || I'll punch you once.

Back from the very first update, if you don't know what they are talking about.
: Aha, the only think Mamoru was taught from his father. Women! Who me? Did you just say I'm a woman? …....! Ok! From now on, Mamoru and I are back to where we were before, alright? Bye, Mamoru!
She runs off. Well, time to do a typical rounds. Let's get Selfi out of the way.

: Hi there, Puffy lips! All my brother talks about at home is Mamoru. I know so much about you. I heard your brain weighs as much as a frog's.
I deleted all the screenshots for this conversation on accident, but after I transcribed them so it's no worry.
: No, that's not true! || Yes, that's right.
: Mamoru is such a mystery.
Alright, metaphysical brownie points to whoever compares the weight of a frog's brain to a human's. Once again, I need to go somewhere to make myself smart.

Sorry, I know it's rude to laugh at the mentally challenged. I'm trying to restrain myself, honest. He marches on forward, and knocks down the unknown girl with crepy glasses.
: Ahh!
: Oh, I didn't see you. You've got to make yourself more visible. I'm on the side of all women worldwide, but only those women who are [beautiful[ are able to receive my love. Haw, haw, haw... get outta my way.
Wow...and I thought this guy was a douchebag before.
: My glasses...where are my glasses...
Of course, Mamoru is not a complete bastard, so he gets her glasses.

Okay...I have to be honest, she actually looks kinda cute without those glasses on.

And once they go on, she gets creepy.
: I can't stand people like that. Next time we meet, I'm going to put tacks in his shoes. Or maybe hide his shoes. Or even better, I'll call in 50 orders of deluxe sushi to be paid and delivered under his name...
(Cue lots of mumbling again...)
: Oh, I'm sorry. I just got so carried away. I just said some pretty scale things, didn't I?
: Yeah, it was kind of scary. || I wasn't listening.
: Oh no, what should I do. That was a big mistake.
And then she runs off again. I don't think it's a mistake. I think she should go for the tack in the shoe. Anyway, off to the bar, gotta check on the bar lady again, make sure she isn't drinking herself crazy.

As we walk in, there is Vivian again, dancing on stage. Well, dancing = spinning in circles and running to a new corner to spin...hey, blame the technology.
: Phew! Great timing. I was just about to take a break. How was my dancing.
: You were pretty lively. || I don't understand dancing.
: You've got great sense when it comes to dancing. You know, when I get up on that stage, my body feels lighter. I'm like a bid escaping from its cage. Mamoru, have you ever felt like a gorilla escaping from its cage?
: You calling me a gorilla? || Yes I have,
: Was it that obvious? Sorry.

Anyway, it's been a while since we last talked to the guys here, their advice changes as you advance in the tower. Here's what they got now.
#1 What is it kid? I hear you've made it to the fifth level. So you've got some abilities. By the way... Have you heard? This is well known amonst us hunters, but apparently there is an [Ultimate Egg] on the top level! I wonder what monster's going to hatch out of that thing!? Well, it would be a dream of a dream for you to ever get that far. (Forgive their idiocy, it's assumed you come here quite often. If you don't talk to them, their dialog freezes until you do.)
#2 Yo! I hear you've finally made it up a few levels. I gotta hand it to ya, still a kid and all, to make it that far. I'll give you this piece of advice as a gift. Bomb traps will destroy all items in its vicinity, but rest assured that items cannot be destroyed by magic. (...I know this already. It's has been made painfully obvious.)
#3 Howdy! You fighting more like a man now? Well then, I'll tell you something that you'd be wise to remember. You can strengthen your sword by using items, but it will have no effect on any mixture magic. On the other hand, although the cane cannot be strengthened, it can increase the power of mixture magic, as well as often having its own special powers. ...well, keep trying. (Does this guy know that I've already lost a Trained wand, and had another one in reserve? I've already got some of you goons out for my blood just for finding the first one, I wonder how this guy would react?)
Anyway, with that rather dull and uninformative advice out of the way, it's sushi time!

Oops, sorry, wrong game.

The Blue Sushi is also $500.
: When vinegar is added to the rice of Monsbaiya, the rice will change to any of seven colors, depending on the proportion of vinegar used. This restaurant prepares four different batches of vinegared rice, each used for a different selection of sushi ingredients. The vinegared rice here is slightly blue. It matches perfectly with any fish with a shiny outer skin. There are people that dislike this type of fish, but I recommend that you try it once with this vinegared rice.
...dammit, next time I go to a Japanese steakhouse, I'm going to have to stop at the Sushi Bar and ask about this stuff. Anyway, it's time to check on Cherrl again, and see how the operation went.

: Listen, the doctor says my illness can be cured. If I stay here in the hospital for a while, and practice daily to move my body, I can soon run around again just like you Mamoru. I'll do my best. If you have time, come again.
: I'll come again. || I can't promise that.
: Good.
She doesn't go through the "Phew, I think I'm getting tired" thing again. Already she is much better.

Alright Blue October. It's been great working with you, but your spirit will have to move on to a new body. Then, your power can truly blossom.

Floor 1

Behold, the new Seuss! All of Blue October's magic has carried on into this new body which can constantly regenerate large amounts of MP with even the smallest herb. Also, it's immune to poison, but this is actually useless. Why? Because only one monster knows the Poison spell: Barongs. And it's hidden on them, so the ones in the Tower won't cast it because it has to be made visible through fusion first. The only way they can get poisoned is through poison traps. And I'm more likely to step on them anyway.

Ouch. Noises aren't really known for being strong, but the fact that they can do more damage than my shield can prevent means I really need to be on guard until I can get a ton of Blue sands into this shield.

I also find this seed. I decide to hold on to it and feed it to Suess right before I use a wind crystal to get out, this way he can get as many levels as possible. I also find another Mirror shield. I hope it's cursed, they sell really well if cursed.

Floor 2

Still doing this, I see...great.
: Well, I thought I did...
: Mamoru is such a mystery.
...what? I didn't even get a chance to say anything. What the hell is wrong with this girl?

Floor 3

Good. Now I can fuse my next familiars together.

Darn. I was secretly hoping this was blessed, but I didn't want to put it on in case it was cursed. Truth glasses are more common than eggs in this game (which only make sense in the context of this LP) so it was worth doing.

Floor 4

Alright, you see that orb hovering over Mamoru's head? This happens every time when a spell gets reflected from a Mirror shield. Luckily, one Sled is not enough to kill a Flame, so this one didn't steal my kill by killing itself. However, a couple did end up stealing my kills. Also, the reflection only happens about 1/3 to 1/2 of the time, so it's not perfect, but it is helpful.

Floor 5

I bring out Suess, and a lot of the monsters here get one-shotted because they are Fire-genus. The only ones that don't are the Cyclone and the Manoeva, and they get destroyed shortly after.

However, I notice something unusual this run. Blizzard Sword is really weak, probably because of Mamoru's weak power. But Snow Shoot is just as powerful as ever, if not more so. Especially against Fire-genus monsters, which Blizzard Sword is more powerful, but not two to three times as powerful as Snow Shoot gets.
It think this is because Blizzard Sword is only partially Water-elemental, and partially Physical from Mamoru's weapon, so it doesn't get as much of a boost. Snow Shoot on the other hand, is 100% Water-elemental, and will absolutely murder Fire-genus monsters. Also, because it is not linked to Mamoru's weapon (other than the bonus for using a wand), it is already very powerful because all the spell levels from Blue October transferred over.

This is awesome. Because Seuss is a support monster, he'll almost always be at full HP. Medicinal herbs now increase the max HP, and increase the MP by 50 simply because its an herb as well. Nyuel's are awesome!

Floor 6

And here is our first egg. I'm actually concerned I might only find one egg this trip, because I don't know how long I can go before monsters start to chew me up. Blumes are doing 5 damage with a height disadvantage. Their naturally high HP also means they don't fall to one Blizzard Sword either.

This also happens a few times, but never succeeds, to my luck. Like I've said before, a well placed brainwash can murder you early on.

Floor 7

And a two. Perfect. Now I can do both fusions next time. Eh, probably not, I'll only do one next time.

Floor 8

In other news, U-Boats are about, and hitting me for nine damage through the shield. Its times like these that really make me glad I had that +20-ish Diamond Shield...and really sad I was stupid enough to lose it...

Floor 9

Hey, guess what. Seeds also restore the MP of a Nyuel.

The Mirror Shield can also reflect DeHeal back to Seuss. Unfortunately I learn the hard casting it three times in a row and having it reflect every single time. Not like it is a problem, I can just give it more MP easily.

Floor 10

You know, I actually wasn't paying attention because I've been keeping my HP high enough that it isn't a problem, but this is the first Wind Crystal I found this trip. Which is good, things are starting to get dangerous again and I don't want to lose my second Trained wand.

With the knowledge that seeds will boost Seuss' MP, I really like Hazak seeds now.

Floor 11

Hmm...these things can survive Blizzard Swords to the face. This makes me concerned. I don't think I should go much further.

But I'm glad I stopped to loot the floor first.

Time to go. And yes, I fed Seuss the Mazaar seed before warping out.


: 18 Pulunpas, 8 Noises, 23 Trolls (Hammer), 13 Flames, 12 Cyclones, 4 Baloons, 27 Blumes, 1 U-Boats, 2 Clowns, 5 Dreamins, 3 Volcanoes. 116 KILLS TOTAL
11 Traps Discovered.

: 2 Dreamins. 2 KILLS TOTAL
Blizzard Sword assists: 5 Flames, 4 Cyclones, 14 Baloons, 19 Manoevas, 13 Blumes, 22 U-Boats, 6 Clowns, 8 Dreamin, 6 Trolls (Bow), 3 Volcanoes, 1 Griffon. 101 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL.
Snow Shoot assists: 4 Flames. 1 Cyclone. 5 Baloons, 2 Manoevas, 6 Blumes, 3 Clowns, 3 Dreamin, 1 Troll (Bow), 2 Volcanoes, 1 Griffon. 28 KILL-ASSIST TOTAL.

Odd, since I just cleared Fur, I was expecting her to wake Mamoru up this morning, but instead we get Nico.
: Ha, ha. You were pretty cool.
: Oh, right || What are you talking about
: You helped me play the cello at the park. (WHAT? NO! Chero was playing the cello, you just watched. Stupid bad translation...) That was pretty music... Beautiful. I knew from then. That to be cultured is not to obtain things or skills, but it comes from the heart. The heart to try and make it better. The heart to understand the beauty in something that is beautiful. Things and sources originating from such hearts are what culture is all about.
: ????? || What you're talking about!?
: Well, that doesn't matter since I do understand it. That's why I wanted to be honest with my heart and feelings. You've got to keep shooting for the step above, today above yesterday, and tomorrow above today! Well, from a cultural point of view. There's no sense being along feeling sorry for yourself.
She begins to walk away, but turns around.
: Mamoru, since when were you and Selfi so close to each other?

: Thank you! Mamoru.
: Thank you for what? || You're welcome.
: Ha, ha. Mamoru is very cultured.
I checked the save file, and this didn't finish our romance with Nico yet, but we are very close now.

The first egg was a clown egg. Sweet. This gives me LoDown which mixes to Thunder Wave. I'm fusing this over to Calvin. Still, give it a name.

Eh...I already said I didn't like Dreamin. The stats are weak and it's just not very good. It has the Sleep-proof Trait, but that's it. LoSleep is hidden on it. Give it a name anyway, it'll probably just sit in the hut for the rest of its life.

This is what Fur's picture changes to when she falls in love with Mamoru. ...from that smile, I can't help but look at her as anything but a gopher. I'm not joking. It looks weird. Why can't she keep the sparkling eye thing? Anyway, nothing new. We sell our loot (I kept the extra mirror shield, sold pretty much everything else) for $11525. Not bad for only reaching Floor 11. With all the money on the ground, we're now at $62060. Still 40k off from getting the Mega-Church-Casino.

So, vote for the names of our new monsters as per usual. No update on Tuesday, I've got a test and a project due. But I'll have a "Fall Break" for Thursday and Friday, so you might get an extra update during that time. No promises.