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Part 22: Cute adorable snowmen of doom.

Post-LP Note: What spawned the RNG fanart.

Sum Mors posted:

I like how the d20 kind of looks like the . it's the hat

Kgummy posted:

Someone should replace the commissar with a d20. Maybe call it :20ssar:?

Materant posted:

This. This must be done. It would be the best thing ever for this thread. Also, is it a bad thing if I was laughing evilly the whole way through the update? The RNG inspires that kinda stuff, after all, especially when its fury isn't directed at you.

...God, my games are going to have a hell of a welcome for me tomorrow, aren't they? PRAISE BE THE RANDOM NUMBER GOD! I don't want it to smite me, after all...

Krysmphoenix posted:

I'm rather amused by your reactions to the RNG. I kinda tossed it in as a last minute idea thinking "Hey, this would be kinda funny." Now you're trying to make a smilie for it? Clearly I have done something right.

Kgummy posted:

Well, it's to sacrifice 's for the RNG god.

...either to help you, or make it so you can never finish the LP.

LordSloth posted:

This is just a crappy mockup, I'd redo (with animation and better quality) once I worked out a concept.

Is this what you were suggesting? I'm not quite feeling it with the hat, here... but that might just be me distaste for the low quality of the rough draft seeping through.

Or should I lose the hat? Should I lose the pistol as well and just have the d20 squash the poor bastard?

veekie posted:

Should be rolling a 1.

Alpha Kenny Juan posted:

Excellent, I see my threat about making a crap-tacular gif attempt paid off and someone else is doing it.

My idea was 'randomizing' the die, having it land on 1 and
or having it land on a 20 and or even

because I feel like RNG tells me to fuck off while i'm playing my game.
More on this later.

Gah! No! Bad Krysmphoenix, bad! You're not allowed to get distracted with other things. You have an LP to do! If you don't the RNG is going to murder you and take all your luck away! You don't want that to happen, right?

So yeah, sorry for the delay. Let's get back to work, shall we? Since I died in the tower last time, I don't have any monsters to name, sadly. So this morning begins with our typical rounds of going around and checking on all of our lovely ladies. First is Nico.

Hmm, she seems to have slipped back into her normal picture, instead of the one she was using before.
: Glad to see ya, er, ah... I'm delighted to see you.. You'd rather me speak in a delicate womanly manner, wouldn't you?
: Doesn't sound natrual.... || I like it that way.
Nico is a tomboy, it's weird to see her acting like a girl for once.
: Yeah, I guess. I'm not speaking naturally, am I? You know, I was brought up by my father alone. So before you know it, I was speaking exactly like him. Besides, as a kid, the other kids in the neighborhood were all rowdy rascals like yourself, Mamoru... I guess you can't change old habits overnight.
Actually, yes you can, apparently. You just need to become the main character of a video game, and let people from another dimension take over your body and mind. You lose all ability to say or do what you want, and are forced to follow the will of the those controlling you from another dimension. Just hope they are friendly and don't want to murder you.
Speaking of not friendly and people we may want to murder, on to Selfi!

: I know so much about you. I hear you have scales on your back.
: No, that's not true! || Yes, that's right.
: Mamoru is such a mystery.
...these are just getting ridiculous. Either Selfi is making completely random stuff up, or Ghosh is fuming at how he can't get a girl because he's a jerkass and takes revenge by spreading obviously false rumors about Mamoru. Kinda creepy, would think he would have better things to do. Like climbing the Tower. And speaking of creepy people, let's go check on Mia.

: I'm not forcing you to speak. || You're unusually talkative.
: Ask me anything about novels, cartoons, or animation. Even topics on pictures and eavesdropping.
: Animation? Eavesdropping? || Talk what you want to.
Wait a second, what was that last one?
: All right. Regularly, I rely on demons and fairies to eavesdrop on someone, but aside from that, the magic store in the town of Haruka, (You know, I'm hearing about this Haruka place more and more recently...) they have this awesome miniature tapping device. You see, there are these bugs, found in the village of Dokoko, that can communicate with each other from a distance. The tapping device uses these bugs. Actually, I'm already using one on you, Mamoru.

WHAT? She's already entered and gone past the creepy stalker point. How the hell did she get these bugs on me? And when?
: Why did I say that, the words just slipped out of my mouth. I'm so embarassed...
She then runs out the building before Mamoru can get up. Well, now that she's gone, it's time for some Sushi to calm us down.

The very last item is Green Sushi, and is $500. After this, we are now very very close to getting Patty as a girlfriend too.
: When vinegar is added to the rice of Monsbaiya, the rice will change to any of seven colors, depending on the proportion of vinegar used. This restaurant prepares four different batches of vinegared rice, each used for a different selection of sushi ingredients. The vinegared rice here is slightly green. In the language of the gods, fish caught in the nearby sea is referred to as "Edomae." Koppe says all the fish he uses are Edomae. How in the world does he bring these kinds of fresh ingredients to this city, in the middle of the desert? ...actually, the truth may be frightening, it would probably be better just not thinking about it...
Actually, there is a giant lake or oasis thingie directly south of Monsbaiya. It's almost as big as the city. He can't get the fish there? Anyway, time to check out the bar next door and see how Vivian is doing.

Well, I've gotta get moving.
Yeah, time to go do your horribly lame "comedy" show...I haven't set foot in the theater since doing that last time. And I have no intention to return.
: Mamoru! Listen! A person from the Theater asked me if I'd like to dance! I can now dance on that enormous stage!
: That's great. || Oh.
: Yes! This city has a theater. My dream is... to dance on an enormous stage. Until now, I've been to several cities, but not one of them had a decent theater. Rumors had it that the city of Haruka had one, but it was gone... I'm glad I came to this city. My dream is going to come true.
There it is, that Haruka place again. Why does it get mentioned so much? Anyway, you can clearly tell Vivian is excited about this. This is a good thing. It means there is something else to do in the Theater now.

: I'll do my best. So come again.
That's odd...I'm getting this conversation again. To make sure I'm not missing anything, I talk to the doctor and Cherrl's mom, but neither one has anything really interesting to say. They just say that Cherrl is at the hospital and she will get better soon...

I cannot believe these words are coming out of my mouth hands and keyboard, but now because I'm out of Trained wands, I'm forced to resort to using my pre-enchanted +2 Gold Sword. Also, note the Wind crystal: I'm not letting the RNG fuck me over like that again.
: Puny human, you amuse me.

Floor 1

I'll also mention this, Calvin has a special ability. "Break obstacles." It's not very good, because it'll only get rid of obstacles like the stuff released from the Ice Rock orb or whatever the heck Volcanoes poop out. Most of the time I want that stuff there to distract my enemies, although now I suppose I could use it to seal off a one-tile thick hallway, and use the ability to go back through it later.

Notice that Calvin isn't out yet. Once again, I'm keeping this little guy until I can power level him. I figure Floor 6 should be fine. I can probably reach there on my own and the Blumes, Manoevas and later U-Boats will be good experience.
Either way, now that I have a monster that can paralyze any adjacent enemy for less than 1 MP, binding orbs are practically useless now. I suppose I could use them at a range...

Floor 2

Huh...there's no one here this time. But the game took over and automatically made me walk to the center of the room (it does this every time).

AH! Scared me there, you were hiding behind that pillar. Darn, I was hoping for something more entertaining.
: I thought I knew so much about you. (HA!) But there is still a lot I don't know yet. Listen! I will uncover the mystery surrounding you.
: I don't have any mystery. || That's impossible.
: No need to hide! You are my main interest right now.
Great...not one, but TWO stalkers? Oh someone shoot me now?
: Oh?
Not you.
: You forget, you don't have a choice in that matter.

Floor 3

Another one? Seriously? Come on, I don't need these anymore!

Floor 4

Huh. Another gold sword. Might as well hold on to it, it'll sell pretty well.

I should be upset, but I'm actually really happy. Even though I'm already carrying a Wind Crystal, having another around is pretty nice, because I can put it in the safe and use it for later. So far I have another one stockpiled in the safe already, but there will be trips where I don't find one, and the more the merrier. Just as long as I don't get swarmed with as many Wind Crystals as I do eggs.

Floor 5

Out of boredom because I found a pair of Truth glasses, I use it on an orb like I usually do. Six charges is pretty sweet. But because I have a semi-decent sword and shield here, and I'm grinding the entire time, I'm not really too concerned about using orbs.

Mostly because they won't save me most of the time. I normally don't worry about Poison traps, because most of the time I'm at full HP, but I happened to run into this one when I only had about 20 HP left. Poison traps will deal damage based on your Max HP and will deal about 2/5 of your Max HP over time. So when you are at less, it's pretty much a death sentence. Having a Baloon suddenly enter the room doesn't help. I don't have a Medicinal herb or antidote herb to save me. Calvin can't restore HP. Paralysis will stop the Baloon, not my poison.

My only option is to run. I realize with some sorrow that I found no eggs on this trip.


: 15 Pulunpas, 4 Noises, 25 Trolls (Hammer), 13 Flames, 17 Cyclones, 5 Baloons, 2 Manoevas, 3 Manoeva Clones. 84 KILLS TOTAL

: No Direct Kills.
Thunder Blade assists: No Kill-assists.
Thunder Wave assists: No Kill-assists.
Never left the bag, except for fusion.

: Hey! Mamoru! Get up or your brain's going to start melting! You're pretty dull as it is, do you want to get worse?
: Who are you calling dumb!? || Okay, okay, I'll get up.
: You realize you've got a cutie like me closing shop and coming here to wake you up, and still you continue to sleep!
Another thing, each girlfriend you get will give you one chance to reply with one of two options. This is our other response for Fur.

Sweet. That second gold sword I found was a +2 as well. It's going in the safe instead of being sold.

Oh yeah, Wreath also makes comments on your girlfriends each morning. I missed this last time, so here it is. I suppose keeping a store clean also helps keeping a house clean. Which is odd, because I honestly always kinda imagined the general store as being overly cluttered with random loot from the tower. Specifically my loot and full of random curses. As we leave, Fur gives Mamoru a kiss, and then runs off back to the store...the store we go straight to anyway.

: trouble to get the windmill fixed. Riche people with a poor past have a tendancy of being greedy with their money and time, but you're really warm hearted Mamoru. why are you here today?
This is a follow-up to feeding her Octopus Dumplings the previous day. Anyway, because I got kicked out of the Tower rather early, don't make much money. The loot sells for $2435, and I only found $382 in the Tower, putting us at $63877 total. Man, I'm really hoping to get that Megachurchcasino sometime soon...but it's not looking like that's going to happen.
Anyway, sorry for the short update. Just part of the way the game is. Sometimes you just can't do anythinga bout your luck...and I think my luck ran out a few updates ago. THIS is how Azure Dreams really is.