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Part 24: A Little Progress.

Don't really have much to say this time as a prelude. Judy seems to have won the naming vote pretty unanimously, although to be honest I'm not sure I get the reference.
Post-LP Note: Thanks Drox.

Drox posted:

Judy Blume is a prolific author of children's books. That's all.

This is actually all she says to us when we visit her. Just this. Actually, she says a little bit when you leave too.
: Good luck.
I wonder when the next event to get her to be Mamoru's girlfriend is. Anyway, on to Selfi. Remember, last time she one-shotted a U-Boat.

: rescue someone like Mamoru? Isn't this the biggest mystery of the century? Why is that, I wonder?
: You love me. Don't you? || I have no idea.
The correct answer is "because I saved your life," but that's not an option. I go with the closest, as much as it pains me to use it.
: Ha ha ha ha. You must be kidding. Who me? Ha ha ha ha. I knew I shouldn't have asked you.
Darn. I was hoping this would finally finish up with Selfi, but it looks like we have more to do. On to Mia...

: Recently, even when I read my favorite books, I'm just not satisfied... Do you know why, Mamoru?
Is that what they're---no. NO. Not going there. Moving on to Patty...

: Mamoru, don't tell anybody about the other day.
: What, what's that? Patty, it would be bad luck to share a secret with this guy. You can concentrate on how you can show your love to me.
: Huh...
: !!! That's right! Mamoru, you and I have a secret that only we know about. That means we've got a secret relationship, what shall we do?
: What do you mean? || Let's take good care of it!
: This is exciting. Well, what would you like to eat today?
To be honest, I'm not fully sure how to take Patty's lines there. It's hard to tell if she's being semi-sarcastic to make fun of Ghosh, or if she really is excited to have a "secret relationship" with Mamoru. She seemed pretty scared of people (or probably her dad) finding out a few seconds ago, and spouting out "we've got a secret relationship" doesn't exactly help her case.
Anyway, we get the full menu again, but I order the Fried Prawns again.

: One order of Fried Shining Prawn, coming up. Just a moment. My specialty, Deep fried Prawns, right?
Precisely for this reason...although I'm pretty sure it's just a really bad translation on this line, calling the prawns two different things in the same paragraph. Whenever you order a dish again, you don't get the lovely food porn, sadly. That's something you can only enjoy once a game. (Or start a new game to read all of them when you want.)
: What you're having suits you better.
: You only consider the price? || Did you ever taste it?
: Well, it's got this nice gentle taste that... No, no, no. I've never had such thing in my life.
That's right, he just called Patty's cooking bad. Now, on to Vivian.

Vivian is at the Theater this time, with a bunch of other dancers, as you can obviously tell by wearing the same skirts as Vivian, just in different colors. However, I selected this one screenshot because if you notice, Vivian isn't doing the same thing. She starts off with them, but as the dance goes on, she messes up or falls behind on some of the moves. After the dance, all five of them walk off stage and the two yellow-skirts go to the dressing room. Green and Blue stay behind with Vivian.

I'm pretty sure that's Blue talking.
(Green) Be more careful, will you?
(Blue) I don't want people thinking we are all bad because of your mistakes. (She turns and see's Mamoru standing in her way.) Would you get out of the way, already!?
The two girls go into the dressing room once Mamoru steps back. Now we can talk to Vivian.
: Oh Mamoru. Did you see me on stage?
: You did great. || I didn't see you.
: Thank you. I'm not that good yet. But I'm sure I'll show you better dancing next time.
: I look forward to it. || You are a great dancer!
: Thanks.
This is pretty much how you procede with Vivian: watching her dance a lot. Anyway, on to Cherrl.

The moment you walk in, Mamoru moves straight for Hush and talks to him. Cherrl isn't in the room.
Cherrl has gone to do some shopping for me. By the way, I hear you've already gone to level 29 of the tower. (Don't remind me ) You're amazing. Your father was also very strong. Like father, like son. It must run in the family. The day you brought the Healing Herb confirmed that fact in my mind.
The mention of it running in the family gave me a rather hilarious image of Weedy growing up to become a badass monster tamer. Anyway, there is a sound of a door shutting, and Cherrl walks up.

: I figured that the reason I was able to recover so quickly was because of the Healing Herb. And that you, Mamoru, were the one who brought them here... Why didn't you tell me?
He insisted on keeping it a secret, so that you would make an effort to fully recover on your own. It wouldn't help you if you r recover was solely due to other people.
: Of course I'm going to make an effort myself. Why shouldn't I. Mamoru, a very important person to me, risked his life to get the Healing Herb for me. There's no way I'm going to put that effort to waste.
: Sorry. || Sorry. || Curry.
Yes, Curry is a choice there. It doesn't change anything in the long run though.
: ?????? Give me a chance to express my appreciation. Thank you. Not only for bringing the Healing Herb for me, but for everything, ever since we first met. I'm glad it was you, Mamoru, that brought Chuppy to me. Giggle... so there you have it. Huh... That's a load off my chest. I just wanted to tell you how I felt. It's the first time ever that I've used up so much courage...thanks to you for that too, Mamoru. Thank you.
All together now. Awwwwwwww.
Anyway, last time I said I'd figure out what this thing about the "I'm injured" option was about, and now it's time.

It's only a scratch. Cherrl, would you look after Mamoru for me?
: Right away. This is going to hurt a little, stay still for a moment.
: I don't feel good. || Don't treat me like a baby.
I totally got an image of Cherrl pulling out a comically large fucking syringe. I fucking hate needles.
: The male patients like it when I say that. Do you not like the way I said that?
: It doesn't really matter. || I don't mind it.
: (I'm not transcribing this part, but there's a line of only ellipses, followed by two lines of ellipses ending with a giggle each.) There, I'm done. Even a scratch can lead to major infectoions of diseases. Be careful, Mamoru!

And with that out of the way, here's what I'm bringing into the tower. Pretty much the same as last time.

Floor 1

This is the only picture I'll show for this floor, mostly because this one room had everything I wanted. A red sand to put on my Gold Sword. Another Wind Crystal to get out. And another Gold Sword sitting in the corner just begging for me to sell to Fur. (On a side note, when am I going to start seeing Diamond Shields again? I need the megachuchcasino!)

Floor 2

Oh hell yes.

Revenge is so sweet. We are now at 5 wins. He tosses us the standard Medicinal Herb.

Floor 3

This excites me, I found this egg on a floor with Cyclones on it, meaning there is a decent chance a Cyclone might be inside!

Floor 4

Not much happened. Found a scarlet wand and a white sand, the rest isn't worth mentioning.

Floor 5

Blaze orbs have never let me down, they are usually pretty good and have a nice amount of charges in them. I also find another useless binding orb.

I'm a low life because of a recent Poison Trap (I'm finding more and more of those) and tried to lure the cyclone on the right to elevated terrain for me. Then I run into the second one. At my level, these guys do enough damage that I pull out Joe for a brief second to help me take them out. Also really helps that for some reason the AI prefers monsters to Mamoru.

Floor 6

Run into this the moment I'm done looting the floor. A Gulf wand was worth mentioning. This seems vaguely familiar.

Floor 7

I don't pick this one up. I have a good feeling about this run and the loot I've found so far would sell better. One extra wind crystal is enough for me.

I start pulling out my monsters for occasional battles a little more often now. This unenchanted mirror shield is just really causing me a lot of pain.

Floor 8

I pull out Seuss to heal me after an annoying Bomb trap that nearly killed me. As much as I love dodging the occasional Sled, this doesn't seem to be helping much when DeHeal reflects too.

Goodie. Two.

I pull out Calvin for the rest of this floor, the damage is just too high with Clowns being as powerful as U-Boats for melee damage. Sadly, I don't need the Life Wand, because the paralysis stops them from hitting me in the first place. If not, I can pull out Seuss for cheap healing.

Like I said, I have a good feeling about this run. I move up with Calvin, even though grinding probably would have been smarter.

Floor 9

Thank goodness.

Sweeet. Now I can fully restore the MP of two of my monsters at once. To make room for this, I feed Calvin the Medicinal Herb. Once again, I use the elevator.

Floor 10

I take Calvin out and bring out Seuss. Before I just ignored elemental seeds, but since each monster doesn't always have full MP, I can start feeding them to the monster of the same element for a cheap 3 (or 50) MP heal and it won't screw up my build.

Floor 11

Three Hammer Trolls (with the stats of Bow Trolls, and they'll be listed in the kills count as such), Two Volcanoes, Two Griffons, and Two Dreamins. The Dreamins survived the first Snow Shoot, they didn't survive the second. Note how all the EXP things just blurred together. That always happens when you defeat multiple enemies in one move. It does the same for Acid Rain. (Fun fact: When you kill Baloons, they enter their special death animation without waiting for the attack to finish, so you can sometimes get EXP in the middle of a long attack. You won't level-up mid attack though.)
Either way, THIS is how you handle a Monster Den!

A treat to Seuss for a job well done.

Floor 12

I use the Life Wand with Seuss, because I won't get the elemental bonus from the other wands, and the Gold Sword would shock me back. But FUCK these guys still hit for a ton of damage. I need Blue Sand, pronto!

Floor 13

Seuss one-shots each of these guys with a Snow Shoot, and levels up afterward.

Meh...this still isn't letting me one-shot Krakens, which is what I need. I should switch to Calvin, but the Volcanoes and Griffons make me nervous. On a side note, I am now carrying all three elemental wands.

Tumna Fruits turn the eater into frogs. Still gives Suess 50 MP back, making it a viable long as I don't run into anything. (Suess turns back to normal right as a Griffon waltzs up.)

Floor 14

I literally have one screenshot of this floor. Me using the elevator to get past it.

Floor 15

Something odd happens again. I started in a room with lots of monsters, so I Snow Shoot them away. This time I see it hit Seuss, although I was aiming for a square next to him. Snow Shoot hits Seuss, but this time Suess survives and heals afterwards. Oh, that sand is a Red sand. (Gold Sword +4).

I pull out Calvin for the rest of the floor, although in hindsight it would have been better to use Joe. I'm not sure why I pulled out Calvin in the first place.

Floor 16

I decide in advance that if I go too much father, I won't last long because of my crappy shield, so I pull out Joe to get a few levels in for him as well. They make a nice time. Calvin paralyzes everything, and Joe finishes them off with a deadly Flame Sword. Unless it's a Manoeva, then Thunder Wave.
This was a kinda cool moment. I have Joe use Sled to murder the Garuda at the same time Calvin helps me paralyze the Troll. There was no micro-managing on this, besides telling Joe to use Sled, things just worked out perfectly for it to happen. By the way, I count Direct casting spells as kills for the monster, same as if they used melee attacks.

I find two Barongs on this trip. Total I get two blue Sands from it. (Mirror Shield+3)

And then I find this. Holy swords are a mysterious enigma among the game. No one was sure what the "divine protection" meant, but as it turns out if you get one to a +20 bonus, there is apparently some "blue light" effect when you attack with it. Other than that, it's a standard 7 ATK sword that rusts.

A Garuda takes Calvin away. Poor thing doesn't didn't stand a chance. (I also forgot to set it to stop backing up with Mixture-magic so it would fight back.)

Out comes Seuss and Joe gets taken away too, but we get kicked to the next floor before Joe falls in battle. I used a wind crystal right away on floor 17, so it's not worth showing. I didn't want to deal with Pickets.


: 20 Pulunpas, 3 Noises, 30 Trolls (Hammer), 23 Flames, 17 Cyclones, 12 Baloons, 16 Manoevas, 7 Manoeva Clones, 9 Blumes, 3 U-Boats, 1 Clown. 141 KILLS TOTAL

: 1 Cyclone, 1 Garuda. 2 KILLS TOTAL
Heat Wave assists: No kill-assists.
Flame Sword assists: 1 Manoeva Clone, 6 Trolls (Sword), 10 Garudas, 1 Manoeva (v2), 1 Barong. 29 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL

: No Direct Kills.
Thunder Blade assists: No kill-assists.
Thunder Wave assists: 2 Manoevas, 1 Manoeva Clone, 10 Blumes, 11 U-Boats, 12 Clowns, 1 Dreamin, 1 Nyuel, 1 Troll (Sword), 4 Garudas, 6 Manoevas (v2). 49 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Defeated by a Garuda.

: 1 Dreamin, 1 KILL TOTAL.
Blizzard Sword assists: 1 Clown, 5 Dreamins, 6 Trolls (Bow), 4 Volcanoes, 1 Griffons, 4 Krakens, 4 Nyuels. 25 KILL ASISSTS TOTAL
Snow Shoot assists: 4 Dreamin, 4 Trolls (Bow), 8 Volcanoes, 9 Griffons, 7 Nyuels, 4 Trolls (Sword), 2 Garudas. 38 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL


Nico wakes us up this time. Unlike last time with Cherrl, I really have no idea why she decides to wake us up.
: Get up. What's keeping you in bed for so long. That's no good. You sleeeeeepy head! Good Morning, Mamoru.
: You asked you to bother me. || You look cool as always.
: Don't be shy, I know you're glad to see me. Can't you be a bit more positive?

Damn, another Baloon. This is what, three? Give it a name as per usual.

ANOTHER Blume? Gah...A little more variety would be nice.

You can barely see from this angle, but Weedy isn't in her normal spot, and she's...I'm assuming talking, to Nico.
: Yes, I'm going. || I'm not going.
: Is that so, well, be careful.
Oh please, it's not like we can actually die in the Tower. Anyway, I talk to Wreath to put the stuff in the safe, and I get this message.
: Nico is a tremendous help to the house.
Huh...I got a similar message with Fur, does this mean that we finally finished with Nico?
: Ah, Mamoru, are you leaving now!? Take good care of yourself, and be careful. Kiss, kiss.
The kiss confirms it. That's odd...I thought there was one more heartwarming revelation of love for Nico...I guess this was kinda it...

I actually didn't get that good of loot this time, our total is now at $79406. I kept the Holy Sword instead of selling it because I too am genuinely curious to see what's so special about it. 20 Red Sands will take a while, but it will give us a short-term power boost (although the fact it can rust now concerns me) and I've heard that when you get the "blue light effect" it also gives a wand bonus. That one sounds like bogus to me, but I feel it's at least worth exploring, kinda like the Safe exploit. I'll leave it up to you guys. Vote on using the Holy Sword or not, and give names to our two new monsters.

Oh, and just confirming we have Nico cleared.