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Part 25: Sky colored dreams.

Post-LP Note: The ending of the RNG fanart.

LordSloth posted:

I'm still working on the "smiley" though my current version is a bit too large for that. GIMP has been unusually slow to load on this machine, so I usually move on to other things. I'm stating that I'll have the second version of it out for you today so I have one less reason to procrastinate. Eventually I'd like to have a smiley-small version out, but that isn't where this current branch of thought is heading. I wasn't quite satisfied with the idea of a d20 pulling out a handgun, so I've got to get this other version out of my system first.

Edit: Here we go, albeit without any care to timing at all. I'll fix that in a bit (once I remember how) but as a preview...

Edit: Here we go, the final (for now) version. I could add more frames and do other various tweaks, now that I've got the rust off, but next I'll try the commisar handgun variant. Feedback welcome.

Alpha Kenny Juan posted:

*sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, squish*
He actually didn't come back to finish it (I did have some serious procastination problems by this point in the LP) but it's still amusing. Thanks LordSloth.

Alright, names are set. I believe someone mentioned that if I get repeat eggs of monsters I already have, I should just sell them. Normally, I would disagree, but I've been saving up for the Megachurchcasino, so I'll start selling eggs until then. Unfortunately, these guys were hatched already when I saved, so it's a little too late to sell them for as much money. You can sell living monsters, but the price really drops.

Even though Nico's officially our girlfriend now, I'm still paying her a visit in case any interesting conversations pop up.
: What are you talking about? || About how handsome I am?
-Love: You're outta your mind! Who ever gave you the idea that you're handsome!? Yeah, but you are pretty neat. I know Mamoru, all you can think of right now is that tower. I'm rooting for you. Good luck.
Nico definitely is a pretty good person when she doesn't beat you awake every morning. Now Selfi on the other hand...

: rescue someone like Mamoru? Isn't this the biggest mystery of the century? Why is that, I wonder.
: You love me, Don't you? || I have no idea.
Since this conversation repeated, clearly I need to say the other option to move on.
: Mamoru doesn't understand my feelings. I wonder why. I feel sad. More mystery here.
So by ignoring her feelings, she develops things, but acknowledging them is the wrong choice. It makes no sense...anyway, on to the other stalker girl...

: I think I've found something I like better than books. Do you know what that is, Mamoru?
She gets creepier by the second. Well, now that I think about it, none of these girls are particularly subtle, Mamoru must just be really blind to love. Still, that look on her face cannot mean anything good. Like usual, we retreat to the restaurant.

Like usual, she asks if we want to eat something. And again Ghosh interrupts with his being stupid.
: Yes! The food prepared by Patty is the best!
: Actually, the food is prepared by my father...
: Oh, well your love for me is absorbed by the food when you bring it to me. This great taste is the taste of your love, and therefore is the same as if you had prepared it yourself.
#Paty: R..Really? I know! Mamoru, do you mind if I prepared your order?
: I'd love that! || Leave me with my meal.
: Oh great! It may not be as tasty as what my father makes, but I'll do my best. So what do you want?
It's the same three choices as before when she made for us, but this time prices are attached. Of course I get her specialty, the pr0ns prawns.
: One order Fried Shining Prawn, coming up. Just a moment. My specialty, Deep Fried Prawns, right?
She runs off to go cook.
: Hmmm. I'm not feeling well! I'm leaving.
Then she comes back with the food and drops it infront of Mamoru like usual.
: Huh? Where'd Ghosh go?
: He left. || He's escaped from reality.
: Oh no! He hasn't paid yet! Man! And I was in such a good mood!
: Oh well. Here's your food.
: Looks good. || I'll give it a try.
: Thanks. Mamoru, you really eat your food with enjoyment. It feels good just watching you eat.
: Really? || Would you leave me?
The way she said that was a little creepy (especially since I just ran away from Stalker Girl), but I can't risk upsetting Patty.
: There's no rush, take your time eating.
She then goes back to her place at the center of the restaurant. We pay our bill and head to the Theater.

Once again Vivian is on stage dancing, but she messes up again and falls behind on some of the moves, getting worse as the dance progresses. Once again we're there as she and the rest of the dancers go to the dressing room.
You turned in the opposite direction again, didn't you!
Wake up, would you?
We wouldn't want the whole show to look bad just because of you, right?
Once again blue-skirt yells at us to get out of her way.
: Oh Mamoru. Did you see me on stage?
: You did great. || I didn't see you.
: Thank you. I'm not that good yet. But I'm sure I'll show you better dancing next time.
: I look forward to it. || You are a great dancer!
Once again, trying a new choice.
: What do you mean I'm a great dancer? Mamoru, you've got no idea what dancing is, do you? Or are you just making fun of me?
It seems she can't take a compliment right after a moment of failure. I don't really blame her though, I am the same way. After a bad performance, that's all on your mind and it's sometimes hard to accept the fact that what you did was pretty good in the eyes of someone in the audience.
And once again, we visit Cherrl at the hospital

: Hey, Mamoru. Sometimes I think of the irony. Until not too long ago, I would spend every day looking out the window and gazing at the blue sky. Right now, I'm in that dream outside of that window. Yes, life can be so unpredictable. If I wasn't so weak, I might have been able to have many other wonderful days in the past. But on the other hand, I might not have met you, Mamoru. Even when I was ill, if I hadn't thrown that stuffed doll out the window, I might never have met you. Every time you meet someone, every time you make a choice, life itself changes, right? I had hated my life so much in the past, but now I've realized that my life is the same color as this sky. The color of the sky has always been the color I adored the most. It's the color that symbolizes the world outside the window, and also...

This was the title drop! How on earth could they mistranslate this! She isn't supposed to say "sky colored dream", it's an AZURE DREAM. This is another reason why I want this game to get remade so badly, because the gameplay is fun but the translation is crap. Anyway...Cherrl isn't done talking to us.
: But if I do marry that person, he's likely going to make me worry, which might make me sick again. Even so, I'd probably be the happiest woman around.
Reading this actually made me wonder about Wreath again, and just how much she might have worried every time Guy went into the tower, fearing he would never come back. And then on the dark and stormy night where he didn't come back, how much agony she must have been in. That's a rather large part of her character we really don't see much. In fact, the constant worrying of the families of each Monster Tamer who enters the Tower isn't something that is really covered, with the occasional comment from one of Mamoru's girlfriends. (I think Nico mentions this the most, although she's very subtle about it most of the time.)

You guys voted to move up with the Holy Sword to see what the heck this "blue-light" thing is about. I thought about the rust traps, and then I remembered that I'm able to safely reach Barongs now. Last time I was being pretty risky and stupid, and I still reached them with minimal loss of items and monsters. This time I'm going to grind a bit more and try to go as far as I can this time.

Floor 1

I'm way overdue for this, but this is FINALLY my hundredth kill against Noises. The reason why this took so long is that these guys are even rarer than Trolls on the first floor, and they ONLY appear on the first floor. You will never find them anywhere else.

Floor 2

We get a Medicinal Herb. Now that we're pretty much done with Selfi, we're pretty much going to see Ghosh from now on.

Floor 3

Remember when I was excited about finding eggs and claimed they were rare? You know, about 19 updates ago? Yeah...those were good days.

And my escape plan is ready. Time to push this Tower to the limits.

Floor 4

With this Mirror Shield and the more powerful Holy Sword, I'm now doing enough damage for attack flames once, and then have their Sled deal the finishing blow, keeping me away from a few precious EXP.

Floor 5

Good. I really need to boost this shield so I can climb ever higher in the Tower.

Floor 6

Unfortunately when I spend my time grinding, my focus tends to get distracted and I usually don't take screenshots, so the 6th floor doesn't have any screenshots.

Floor 7

Is it kinda sad that the moment I start wanting a lot of Red sand, I find a lot of Blue sand instead? Not that I'm complaining.

Floor 8

A little humorous. I go into a room with two sleeping enemies, trigger this, and we all wake up at the same time.

That's one. Nineteen more to go.

Floor 9

And another rare egg.

I finally delevel my first Clown by reflecting its spell. The EXP doesn't change when they decrease in level, so my fears were unfounded. But the EXP increases when you use the Malicious Bell to increase their level.

Zero down, twenty more to go.

Floor 10

Lots of sand is good. Too bad the rest of the items in this room isn't even worth picking up.

Floor 11

Before now, I've been grinding every single floor without skipping because I haven't been bringing out familiars to support me. Unfortunately, Griffons are still hitting really hard so I need to rely on Seuss to back me up. Fortunately, because Seuss can regenerate MP so easily, I'm can wait for earthquakes with him around.
That, and it always feels good reflecting a powerful spell like Rise.

Floor 12

I could put a screenshot here, but I don't want to use too many. One floor cost Seuss 40 of his 80 MP. That's pretty good, because I usually find one herb each floor. The only problem is that it makes you realize just how much time you spend on each floor, and makes it hard to carry monsters with you. If you pull out the monsters, you pretty much have to rush ahead.

Floor 13

One down, nineteen to go. Oh, I've been using a Seal wand I found with Seuss, and switched weapons to enchant. I'm not letting Rust traps take this away from me.

Floor 14

What, Seuss is evolving?!

Monster Book posted:

No. 21 BATTNEL Habitat: Plain
A BATTNEL is a NYUEL raised for battles. Since a NYUEL has suprerior adaptability, it will transform into this figure as long as it keeps fighting. However, as its natrual fighting power is poor, it is difficult to raise one without it being killed in battle.

Seuss is an evolving monster, so he moves up at level 20. I have to say I think the Batlnel still looks pretty weird, but then again Nyuels look weird from the beginning. But, I REALLY like this little aura thing they get whenever you use them to cast a spell or Mixture-attack. It looks really really cool.

Floor 15

Once again, not much happens. Seuss keeps me going just fine.

Floor 16

While waiting for the Barongs, I find another Blue Sand.

But I never found one.

Floor 17

I switch out Seuss for Joe to help with the Picket infestation. I actually found a couple Pita Fruits along the way, so I wasn't concerned about MP. By this point, I start using elevators as well.

Floor 18


I actually switch to Calvin because the Arachnes were doing too much damage, and I needed to one-shot them. But don't worry, I get the sword back too. I mercilessly hunt down every picket that steals my loot.

And manage to get some Blue Sand while I'm at it. This thing got really powerful this trip.

Floor 19

Because neither one is really doing enough to solve the PIiket and Arachne problem, I bring out both. And of course, I'm still buffing the shield.

My inventory is full of some pretty decent sellable loot, bot I wait before using the elevator to finally use the water crystal I've been carrying in my hand half the floor.

Floor 20

Whenever you reflect a spell, first it has to be cast on you, and then it moves back and has to be cast on the enemy again. For spells with long casting animations like LoBlind, it can be rather annoying.

Floor 21

This was +3 at the beginning, right? That's SEVEN Blue sands, and two Red sands as well. I am pleased.

What? Calvin is evolving?

Monster Book posted:

No. 17 SABER Habitat: Snowy Mountain
A grown up SNOWMAN is called a SABER. Its name comes from its long sword-like canines. The teeth, however, don't seem to give such edge in hunting prey, and SABERS mostly use their strength for hunting.

I gotta say, for how cute the Snowman looked, the Saber looks pretty scary.

What? Joe is evolving? No he isn't. Joe doesn't evolve.

Floor 22

This really scared me, but then I found my monsters shortly afterward. Didn't run into any enemy monsters. Actually, I take that back, I think I did once, but I used orbs to take it out. By this point I had a pretty decent Blaze orb.

Floor 23

I panicked when Joe hit a Confusion trap, but I pick up Joe and everything is fine. I forgot you can pick up your monsters without penalty, and the confusion will go away after a few turns, on the ground or in your hand.

While LoBlind has an animation that takes forever, LoBind happens so fast I barely have time for my brain to register that the Block chanted a spell before it reflects. Unfortunately it misses the Block.

Floor 24

I did not know this. The Zu's roar will paralyze Mamoru, but when it uses it on a Familiar, instead the AI changes. I had my familiars set to using Melee attacks freely (and standing by my side, so most of the time I would have one attack and manually tell the other for Mixture). This sets the monster from Melee attacks to automatically use Mixture Magic. I can switch it right away, and when I'm paralyzed, monsters set to Mixture Magic will be smart enough to use melee attacks to defeat monsters attacking me. So really, the Zu's roar is wasted on familiars either way.

Joe falls to a Block, but I need to keep pushing forward. Out comes Calvin.

Floor 25

Seuss falls to Blocks as well, to my sorrow. I'm left with Calvin, and all my healing potential is gone. I'm really scared, but I have to keep pushing onward. I need to know if I'm going to find the White Picket again.

There you are! A few Thunder Waves lets me attack it from all the way down the hallway, which is good because when a Picket has a stolen item, it never attacks you and runs away.

Well, time to go. I take out a Wind Crystal and put it in my hand. Then I put the W. Medal at my feet in the bag, and use the Crystal to leave the tower with all twenty inventory slots filled.


: 20 Pulunpas, 5 Noises, 23 Trolls (Hammer), 21 Flames, 14 Cyclones, 19 Baloons, 29 Manoevas, 7 Manoeva Clones, 32 Blumes, 19 U-Boats, 19 Clowns, 10 Dreamins, 7 Trolls (Bow), 6 Volcanoes, 1 Griffon. 241 KILLS TOTAL

: 1 Pickets, 2 Blocks. 3 KILLS TOTAL
Heat Wave assists: No kill-assists.
Flame Sword assists: 2 Trolls (Bow), 1 Troll (Sword), 6 Pickets, 5 Weadogs, 9 Vipers, 1 Block. 26 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Defeated by a Block.

: 2 Vipers, 3 Blocks, 2 Zus, 3 Stealths. 10 KILLS TOTAL
Thunder Blade assists: 1 Picket. 1 KILL-ASSIST TOTAL
Thunder Wave assists: 4 Pickets, 7 Arachnes, 1 Weadog, 2 Unicorns, 11 Vipers, 2 Blocks, 2 Zus, 2 Stealths. 31 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL

: 1 Troll (Bow). 1 KILL TOTAL.
Blizzard Sword assists: 14 Dreamins, 7 Trolls (Bow), 22 Volcanoes, 19 Griffons, 18 Krakens, 21 Nyuels, 20 Trolls (Sword), 16 Garudas, 17 Manoevas (v2), 1 Picket, 1 Block, 1 Zum 2 Stealths. 159 KILL ASISSTS TOTAL
Snow Shoot assists: 1 Manoeva Clone, 3 Volcanoes, 3 Griffons, 2 Nyuels, 2 Trolls (Sword), 2 Garudas, 1 Manoeva (v2), 3 Blocks, 1 Stealth. 159 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Defeated by a Block.


Nico wakes us up again...which is odd, I was expecting Cherrl again. Or Fur, since Nico says the same things this time around.

Man, I'm so glad I picked up that Money wand. They normally sell for a thousand, this is selling for 4.5 times that, holy shit. The Vital Sword is also selling for a ton more. Not shown is a +1 Troll Sword ($1100), and the three eggs I found in the tower. They were a Volcano ($1600), Nyuel ($1800) and a ($800) Manoeva. I have all three already, so I sell them. Total selling price from the items came to $16730, and the loose change in the Tower was $5180.

And guess who barely has enough money for this now?

The lot across the street was a little bit further away than I remember, so I put it between the Church and Pool. This is as close as I can get it to the Church.

And with the failed Title Drop, we now claim Cherrl's heart and add it to our collection.