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Part 26: For the swimsuits.

Okay...I owe you guys an apology for getting behind on updates. You can blame a few minor real life issues, but for the most part you can blame my friends for all using laptops and relying on me to create and maintain a Minecraft server for them, and them complaining that Multiplayer doesn't quite work right and then they expect me to be able to fix everything. The Halloween update didn't help either.
Anyway, back to Azure Dreams. Last update ended with finding three eggs in the tower, but all were repeats so I figured it would be better to sell thing. Doing so pushed me just past $100,000 and thus allowing me to buy the Megachurchcasino. Of course, we still have to go into the tower to see it, so the Megachurchcasino isn't quite ready just yet.

Like before, I'll still talk to Nico until I start getting repeat conversations. Same applies to all the girls.
: I like 'em both. || I love 'em both.
: Just as I thought. I know Mamoru, all you can think of right now is that tower. I'm rooting for you. Good luck.
The good luck part comes as we leave her house. Anyway, on to Selfi...

: rescue someone like Mamoru? Isn't this the biggest mystery of the century? Why is that, I wonder.
What? This conversation AGAIN? I already picked the other am I waiting for now? I looked up a guide for this, but it was pretty vague...
: You love me, Don't you? || I have no idea.
: Mamoru doesn't understand my feelings. I wonder why. I feel sad. More mystery here.
Well, for now, here's hoping this solves itself. I'll look into it before the next update.

I decide to stop by the Pool to drop off the Water Medal for Wotta. You can actually sell it for about $2000 if I remember correctly, but it's not worth it. If you do, Wotta gets angry because then he has to buy it after you sold it, and will charge you a lot of money the next few times you use the pool. After you enter a few times, he'll reduce the price to a smaller amount like $10 every time. Or you can just give it to him and get free access to the pool from then off.
: Be thankful. || Not yet.
Th-This is the...! It's the Water Medal! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Thank you my friend.

Wotta tosses the medal in the pool and it changes colors rapidly for a while, before eventually settling on a pleasant clean blue. Better than that disgusting yellow-green they were using before.
Mamoru! You are free to come and go as you wish! Bring a girlfriend, bring your whole family, come alone, I don't care! It's the least I can do! Okay, could you step outside, I've got to prepare to reopen. Bye for now! I can't wait to get things going again. Yeah! Yahoo! Wookie Wooki! Yes!
Well, by step outside you can actually just walk right back in and...

Hey! Mamoru! Please, have a whale of a time. Well, I've got to go. The task of managing this pool is calling me! Farewell! Off to work! Work, work, work! Wookie Wookie!
I'm always amazed by the amount of personality this character gets, despite not being unique. Just reading his lines, you can feel how much energy he has and how much he loves his job.

Ow. My eyes. They burn. Is...Ghosh wearing a speedo? That's...ugh...that star isn't even subtle either. I can see it through his name box... This is almost as bad as watching the Labyrynth.
: Otherwise the city probably would not acknowledge this as a building for the city. I would think the least you could do is thank me for coming here.
: Which girl do you like? || I am honored to have you come.
Bah, we know why this guy is really here.
: Let's see. I'd say the one that girl's wearing over... wait a minute! How shameless. Are you implying I came here just to gaze at the girl's swimsuits? How rude. I never came here for... Umm... Good bye!
Good riddance. Let's see who else is here.

Once you have someone as your girlfriend, you can run into them here (it's random which one you'll find).. So naturally here is Fur.
: That's right. || Nope.
: No need to hesitate. For $100, stare at me as long as you wish.
: That's reasonable. || Why should I pay!
: You're not only a pervert, you're also stingy!
And you're very greedy. If you actually say "That's reasonable," she will take $100 from you.

And we also find Cherrl swimming, I'm surprised she got time off from working at the Hospital.
: I still can't believe it. Look, look at me! What do you think of this swimsuit? Does it suit me? It's the first time in my life I've worn a swimsuit. I've still a ways to go on my swimming though, right...? Actually... Don't look at me... I'm getting embarrassed...
Come to think of it, this is probably the first time she's ever gone to a pool considering how she passed out the one time Mamoru took her out of the house back before finding the Healing Herb. Fortunately for her, the pool is shallow enough that everyone can just stand in it just fine.

And here is Nico with her hair down...kinda. Definitely better than those Odango-style hair...things she had before.
: Thanks to the pool, we no longer have to swim in the lake. We don't have to be afraid of being attacked by monsters. We can relax while we're swimming. I guess you could say that the pool is also very cultural.
I think she's referring to either the lake that's directly south of the city (you can really only see it in cutscenes) or the pond that was in the middle of the city and got replaced by the fountain.

: I went to the pool, but... I've got to take my glasses off, and... I'm afriad to go anyplace where there are a lot of people. Could you come to the pool with me right now?
: I'd be delighted to. || No way.
This event is a bit unusual. I seem to recall it not being necessary to get Mia as a girlfriend, but a lot of guides mention this event as being necessary. Either way, in order to see Mia at the pool, you have to invite her first. Cue going to the pool...
Wow! You've brough ta girl today. Way to go, Mamoru. Gotta keep a close eye on you. Enjoy your precious time with her.
#Mia: Um, I'm going to go and get changed.
She walks into the girls changing room at the pool, and then shortly comes out.

: It's cute. || You've got a poor figure.
As much as Mia creeps me out sometimes, I think it's mostly because of the glasses overly enhancing her stalking habits. Take those away and she's not really that bad.
: I'm so happy. It's the first time ever. Or, should I say, I've always disliked any man saying those kinds of things to me, but with you it's different, Mamoru. I'm so excited.
Then Ghosh's theme starts playing as he walks up.
: Hey! Mamoru! Who's that cute girl you're with. If I don't know her, does that mean she just moved to this city recently? I'll tell you something, Miss, that man you are with is the most disliked man of this city. Hanging out with guys like that is like walking the backstreets of life. Why not come with me to discuss love!
: Even if Mamoru is the most disliked man of the city, he is the person I like the most in this world! And the person I dislike the most in this city is you!
: You dislike me? The one and only Mr. Ghosh Road, (I thought it was Rode?) ally of all beautiful women. Ha, ha. I don't believe you! Why this is the first time we've ever met.
: No, I met you at the library!
: At the library? The only woman I met at the library.. ...was that gloomy girl wearing glasses. !!! Come to think of it, you're hairstyle and facial expression look familiar... No! You've got to be kidding! You're that girl with glasses? You never told me you were so cute with your glasses! Oh no, what have I done!
And then the jerk runs off and leaves.
: This was supposed to be a wonderful moment with you, Mamoru. But now I'm feeling terrible. I'm going home. Could you come with me again please?
She then quickly changes and runs away. Well, after a long day of swimming, it's time to go check on Patty.

We enter on Ghosh arguing with Patty over something. It sounds like he's more begging.
: It's not the money. My cooking is still not the level where I can serve it to customers.
: But the other day you prepared food for Mamoru.
: Mamoru is different. I asked my father to make an exception in Mamoru's case.
: Can't you make an exception for me?
: Why?
Ghosh then turns around and see's Mamoru standing there. He knows there is no chance. In hell she'll cook for him.
: Hmmmmm. I'm leaving.

: I'd like something to eat. || No.
: Sure, please be seated right there. Mamoru... You seem tougher and stronger compared to before you went to the tower. Although from the outside, you havn't changed much... Eat lots today now.
Of course I order the Shining Prawns again.
: One order of Fried Shining Prawn, coming up. Just a moment. You know, Deep Fried Prawns is my specialty. Here you are. I've added wieners to your order. Look, they're cut in the shape of an octopus.

I've come across this a couple times in the various anime and manga I've come across, although back as a child when I was playing this game I never understood how you could cut hot dogs the shape of an octopus.
: I just love to watch you eat, Mamoru. The bill comes to $150.
: I'm paying. || I don't have that much. || I'm running away.

I'm mostly sure that Patty's dialog never changes again. And besides, I couldn't help but run away one last time. Honestly, this never gets old to me.

Anyway, silly me, I didn't realize this until I went back and looked at my screenshots after playing, but I never visited Vivian this run. Sometimes you can push the game ahead by entering the building multiple times in one day and getting several events in a row, so I'll see if I can do that later on to make up for this.

We can still visit Cherrl in the hospital, but she'll just giggle when she sees us now. No dialog, no nothing.

I was wondering whether or not I should include this image, since it's always the same, but I'd like to mention the Mirror Shield's power. It's base is 3 and it now gives a +10 bonus. I have really gotten a lot of Blue sands recently, and each one helps me out a ton. Really, the only reason to have quality equipment is to determine what floors Mamoru doesn't need monster backup. This lets you pull out your monsters later on and let you climb even higher. Having powerful monsters helps too, of course. And since the mirror shield can reflect spells, it still serves some purpose even when the monsters are powerful enough to two-shot me as they wish.

Floor 1

Nope...nothing noteworthy this time.

Floor 2

Just a Medicinal Herb, like usual. Although every time I fight Ghosh, I'm honeslty impressed by how powerful he is. His attack strength was high enough to do more than 1 damage through the shield. This puts him around a tower Blume in relation to ATK values. (Actually, Blumes almost always do 1 damage to me now, but by then I've gained a few levels and my DEF is higher through those.

Floor 3

This was funny enough to show. The warp trap is actually one square above the Troll. I was warped to the right of the Troll. I have had a few wrap traps screw up like that before, but not to this degree.
Also, I found a Blue Sand (Mirror +11).

Floor 4

At this rate, I don't think I'm ever going to get that +20 Holy Sword. If I fall back down to losing all bonuses on this sword, I'm just enter the tower with a wand and store all red sands for future use.
Also, I found a Wind Crystal. I'm starting to find tons of them now. Maybe because I have so many in the safe back home? Once again, I'm really only looting floors and not grinding. So far I only grinded on Floor 1 and 3.

Floor 5 & 6 & 7 & 8

Mostly items, not really worth showing screenshots for these. I found a Hazak seed, but with no monster to feed it too, I hold onto it. Another Wind Crystal, can't remember if I picked it up or not. Then I find a Blinder orb which I keep because Blinding is always good for a cheap kill against an annoying enemy. Lastly, I find a Diamond Shield, and I really hope it's cursed. I'm down to a round $1000 now and I'm starting to feel poor again. Because my Mirror Shield is so powerful (another Blue Sand, Mirror +12), I'm able to resist the urge to try it on.

Floor 9

Alright, now I'm back to +1. Let's hope it''s only nineteen more to go.

Floor 10

Earlier I mentioned I found a Hazak seed. Somewhere in the tower (didn't take a screenshot) I actually found another and this is my THIRD Hazak seed. I pull out each monster one by one and feed one to each. They all get a free ATK point.

Four damage really isn't a lot most of the time, but when you don't have familiars and suddenly everything is doing more than 1 damage to you, it can make you concerned at times. I kinda regret not grinding the entire time on the way here, so I spend this floor grinding to catch up a few levels.

Floor 11

Yawn. Another egg.

This however, makes the Mirror shield definitely worth it. Rise is probably almost always going to do more than one damage to me, and this would have done around fifteen at my current stats. You'll notice that Seuss is out. Griffons have been kicking my ass, so I needed some back up and healing support. Seuss doesn't mind, I keep a spare herb for him at all times.
And another Blue Sand. (Mirror +13)

Floor 12

I find another room full of loot. This time I swing before each step, and find this Go Up trap. Sadly, there really isn't any good loot in this room, although I do find another Diamond shield on this floor.

Floor 13
Pretty boring actually. Forgot to take any screenshots for this one.

Floor 14

I'm very sure these are supposed to be very very rare items, but this is like my fourth so far this entire LP. Yes, that's more than the number of Trained wands I found, but still, it's a lot for an item that is supposed to be very rare.

Floor 15

Once again, not much happens. I have only one screenshot of this floor, using the elevator up to know that I didn't waste time grinding here.

Floor 16

Although Seuss really isn't that powerful compraed to Joe or Calvin in terms of ATK, Seuss still has a decent amount and is a valid concern while confused.

I did find a Barong, but didn't get any good loot from it. Found this egg though. Here's hoping a Barong is in it.

Floor 17

A few problems with Pickets, they kept stealing my Pita fruits and the Paralyze Wand I have been switching too when I need to use a mixture magic.

Floor 18

I find two pairs of Truth glasses and use it on the orbs. The Pillar orb I found recently has eight charges, and then I quickly find a White sand and use it because Pillar orbs have the highest bonus per charge in terms of loot. The Blinder orb has six charges, which is good to know.

A monster hit the far right Go Up Trap, but didn't trigger it, and Calvin hit the left one but Familiars never trigger Go Up traps. Still, this was a close one for me.

Floor 19

Now this really scares me. Calvin has the highest ATK of the three monsters, but Calvin wanders north and the walks in circles. I stand a short distance away and watch with amusement.

While on the floor, I heard a strange explosion sound though I didn't see anything. What happened was a Picket hit a bomb trap, killing it (because Bomb traps are Fire-elemental apparently, Calvin triggered one a while back and took some serious damage). How do I know it was a Picket? Because there's my Paralyze Wand sitting next to the Bomb Trap, which would have been destroyed if it was sitting there in the first place, but because the Picket died, it dropped harmlessly to the floor after the explosion.

Floor 20

I run into a few Weadogs, but have trouble taking them down because Calvin is Wind-genus and Calvin starts to take some serious damage. I would switch to Seuss to take them out, but then that leaves Unicorns to beat Seuss up, and there are Vipers that would hurt Joe. Floors like these give no real clear indication of what monster I should use, and it frustrates me often

Floor 21

Case in point, this Unicorn defeats Calvin after a run in with a few Weadogs that wouldn't stay Paralyzed.

It's no big deal, I already looted the floor pretty much.

Floor 22

I bring out both monsters (and give Joe some Max HP and restore a bit of MP at the same time) because I don't want to lose them both. Maybe I really should have been grinding a whole lot more, but I'm already spending several hours just playing the game per update. So it is a balance of whether or not I want to go far in the tower, or if I want to get an update out quick and vaguely on time.

Floor 23

A viper took down Joe, but I"m showing this screenshot because of the weird message that came with it. Normally it would say Joe instead of VOLCANO. It appears the message about reduced attack power happens on some delay. Well, at least I can trust Seuss to watch my back.

Floor 24

Not much happened, although I'm struggling with Seuss because these floors have Blocks, Zus and Stealths. This is one of the few floors where it's clearly dominated by monsters of one Genus, but I'm stuck with a monster that is weak to them all. I start pulling out the orbs. I found a Flame orb a few floors back, which saves my ass, but eventually I use up all the charges in the Pillar orb too. There are a lot of Wind monsters.

Floor 25

It takes three Snow Shoots to take them down. And just in time because they were surrounding Seuss on the last one.

Floor 26

And now Seuss falls too. Seuss chased the Zu out of the room, and I wasn't close enough to tell Seuss to run away. Poor thing didn't stand a chance.

Lucky for me, I find a Restore scroll and bring Joe back.

Thats right, this is a Barong floor.. I only find a new Red Sand, the rest was trash and went right back to the Barong.

Unfortunately, these monsters block me and Joe, and since they are both Water, I don't want to rely on Sled taking one of them down. This time I am smart enough to leave, rather than take them head on.


: 21 Pulunpas, 4 Noises, 29 Trolls (Hammer), 6 Flames, 12 Cyclones, 7 Baloons, 8 Manoevas, 3 Manoeva Clones, 9 Blumes, 2 U-Boats, 11 Clowns, 22 Dreamins, 16 Trolls (Bow), 13 Volcanoes, 10 Griffon, 3 Krakens, 1 Nyuel, 2 Trolls (Sword), 4 Garudas, 1 Manoeva (v2), 1 Barong, 1 Picket, 1 Arachne, 9 Weadogs, 2 Unicorns, 2 Vipers, 4 Blocks, 4 Zus, 2 Stealths. 210 KILLS TOTAL

: 1 Manoeva Clone, 5 Dreamin, 2 Trolls (Bow), 6 Volcanoes, 12 Griffons, 5 Krakens, 3 Nyuels, 4 Trolls (Sword), 7 Garudas, 2 Manoevas (v2), 1 Unicorn, 1 Zu. 50 KILLS TOTAL
Blizzard Sword assists: 1 Viper, 2 Blocks. 3 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Snow Shoot assists: 1 Dreamin, 1 Griffon, 1 Kraken, 1 Troll (Sword), 3 Zus. 7 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Defeated by a Zu.

: 1 Troll (Bow), 3 Trolls (Sword), 3 Garudas, 2 Manoevas (v2), 2 Pickets, 1 Arachne. 12 KILLS TOTAL.
Heat Wave assists: No kill-assists.
Flame Sword assists: 1 Barong, 1 Unicorn, 1 Vipers, 1 Block, 1 Zu. 5 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Defeated by a Viper.

: 2 Garudas, 2 Pickets, 3 Arachnes, 3 Unicorns. 10 KILLS TOTAL
Thunder Blade assists: 1 Picket. 1 KILL-ASSIST TOTAL
Thunder Wave assists: 1 Weadog. 1 KILL-ASSIST TOTAL
Defeated by a Unicorn.


Patty wakes Mamoru up this morning, which proves that we are done with her path.
: Get up, get up! It is the start of today, yet another important day! Don't let this great day pass with you sleeping in. Yes, as always, you look well!
Wow, I really didn't get that much of an energetic vibe from her before. She must really be excited.

Another Volcano. Give it a name.

I've been waiting for this. I forgot that Arachne's start with DeMirror, since they never use it, but look at that ATK stat. If you'll notice, the base is at 6 but the max is at 12. That's a weird thing about the Double-stat gain monsters like Arachnes and Blocks. The Max stat increases by twice the amount, but the base one only increases by the standard amount for that monster. Either way, Arachnes start with an unusually high base ATK as well, higher than the Volcanos 4. This means their stat gains in ATK are going to be higher as well.
I did a test fusion outside this savefile, and when I fused Joe to the Arachne, we lost our super-powered Sled, and got left with DeMirror and LeaDown. But for the sake of a super high-ATK monster, I think this is a sacrifice we need to make. However, which one do we want to be the surviving monster? The Arachne will get very high ATK gains, but we'll have another lv. 1 monster to baby sit for a few runs. On the other hand, if Joe survives, we'll get less ATK, but Joe's already good 42 ATK will skyrocket to 84!..but we also can't shove a second Trait on the monster.

Patty waits for us at the door, talking to us when we leave the bedroom.
: To tell you the truth, I want to be here to wake you up every day, but my Dad's store is so busy. I'll find time to come again, okay? So I want you to visit our store too, Mamoru!
She doesn't give us a kiss goodbye, unlike the other girlfriends. I'm also amused by the fact that the game remembers if you have paid or not when you go into the restaurant, but it doesn't apply when Patty wakes you up. She knows where I live, and she knows I'm making enough money to pay for the Prawns...but she never mentions it when she wakes Mamoru up. One of the reasons why I love running away from the restaurant.

Dammit, none of the three diamond shields I found were cursed. Sell them all. Loot comes to $8930, bringing us to $15903 total. The next house Expansion is $60k, the Bowling Alley is $40k, the next hut is $60k, and I believe the Race Track is $30k. Or we can splurge on house decorations again. Up to you guys.

So vote on the new names as per usual, and decide what we should go for next as far as buildings go.