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Part 32: One bad step.

Sorry for the long hiatus guys, but now I should be free to do this LP as much as I want now. And things are starting to look pretty good for possibly getting this LP done soon. The weapon and shield I have is pretty good, and the monsters are getting more and more powerful each day. Who knows how long it will be before we finish this LP?\

Monster Book posted:

No. 32 Mushrom Habitat: Woodlands.
A stationary monster clinging onto a decayed tree trunk with radiating foot-shaped roots. It does not harm people, or harbor any malicious intent. Still, it is hated as it glares at anything that comes close to them. It is used as pins in bowling alleys.

Monster Book posted:

No. 47 Mailing Habitat: Monsbaiya
A quiet monster which likes to change into a ball and roll around. Since it cannot roll by itself once it is in the ball shape, it is often spotted at the top of a hill waiting for a wind to blow. As it generates electricity inside its body from rolling, it is also used as a generator.
These two monsters are in the monster book for their involvement with the Bowling Alley. There are a few monsters like these that you find only in the city and not in the tower. We'll see some more later on.

Oh right, we still have Stalker Girl here...
: Well the blood rushed to my head, and my mind just went blank. I'm very sorry.
And as we try to leave...
: Uh, ah Mr. Mamoru. Are you on your way out? ...go and do your best! Kiss, kiss. Eeeeeek. My heart's pounding like a stopwatch!
And the typical dogpile of all the girls on Mamoru ensues. Sometimes I wonder of Mamoru should be considered lucky or unlucky. At the very least none of the girls seem to mind each other. That makes him lucky...for now.

More money!

: I think I've found something I like better than books. Do you know what it is, Mamoru?
And her dialog doesn't even change to reflect the fact that she's our "girlfriend" now. It would be nice to see some character development after we get them as our girlfriend, kinda like how Fur had that thing with the Octopus Dumplings, but I think she's unique in that respect.

I stop by the Carpenters with all this new money to get the last Hut upgrade. We pretty much have the town fully built by this point. Just two things are missing.

Vivian dances again, and seems to have gotten a promotion since last time. It looks better this way with the two yellow dancers on the side. Once again, her dancing is perfectly on time with the others.
You know, you're pretty good.
I'd have to agree.
I mean, I had to keep up with you.
And then she rudely yells at Mamoru to get out of the way, as per usual.
: Oh, Mamoru. I'm so happy you came. Did you see me on stage?
: You did great. || I didn't see you.
: If I knew you were coming ahead of time, Mamoru, I could have danced better. That's too bad. [????]
The question marks return...they are always up with Vivian's picture and name, so I'm assuming it's her going but I can't tell for sure.

The race track completely replaces old man Silver's house. I wonder where he lives now?

Check out the interior of the Race Track, not bad. Also, we run into the "goddess of luck" once more. Oh please don't tell me she's the RNG in disguise...
: Nah, you're good there. She's my christ. You're my antichrist.
Ah, okay. That makes things so much better.

When you talk to Silver again, he'll let you participate in a race as one of the jockeys. You always ride the first horse Nyuel. I actually like this minigame, it's rather fun.

To run you have to mash the O button, and you go backwards (in case you hit a wall) by mashing the X button. The Triangle button lets you jump to get over a few of the hurdles in your way (didn't get a screen capture of those.) Winning the race is actually a little difficult, but I remember doing so before. It takes some effort, but you can pull it off. It also keeps track of your fastest time, which is kinda nice.

You can also bet on the race as well. You have to predict the first and second place racer, but the order doesn't matter. Yes, it even calculates odds for Mamoru, so you can rig the race. The lower number listed in the odds, the better your chances of winning, but the less your pay out. Considering the difficulty of the minigame, I never bet on myself and tend to go with the best chance for the rest. However, it kinda sucks because you can only get ten tickets. At best, with these odds I could make $29,000 from $1000. Or I could make $60,000 from $300 at the Casino with much better chances.

Since you can't really win, you might as well spend your race getting in the way of the fourth racer. This will slow them down a little bit. It probably won't mean the difference between victory and failure, but it's more fun than trying to beat these guys in a fair race.

With that done, I'm ready to enter the tower. I've got my team with me, and Samus is anxious to fight. With this team, I'm sure we go go far!

Floor 1

The first floor is always really boring. The only thing of note is a Fire Crystal.

Floor 2

Still taking more than 1 damage from Ghosh's attacks. Still need a stronger shield.

Floor 3

These guys are significantly less scary when they only deal one damage and you can dish so much more back.

Floors 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8

No screenshots for these floors, I forgot them for most of them and the rest only have minor stuff. The only thing worth noting is I found my Wind crystal back home on the fifth floor.

Floor 9

These guys will always get on my nerves, even if I could deal 99 damage and receive only 1 back. As long as that LoDown can hit, I will always hate this guys.

Floor 10

Here's peek at my Inventory. This is what I usually carry with me through the tower. Lots of weapons and shields I'm never going to switch to. This is the moment where I made a realization: I have no reason to be carrying these items. I have a Gold Sword back home, and the steel equipment is just putting holes in my inventory. Those three can go. From now on, I start collecting the useless herbs I generally ignore. Seuss has the longest Tower potential out of the three and I need to start exploiting that. Besides, the herbs are a nice 3 MP restore anyway.

Floor 11

Boring and unnoteworthy other than reflecting a Rise back on a Griffon which stole my EXP.

Floor 12

Red Sand is always appreciated.

Floor 13

I gotta say, before now I have seriously underestimated the power of the Water Crystal. When I first picked up this game, I never understood it. Nothing happened if I used it on myself (without familiars around) and I couldn't feed it to familiars to heal them. I don't know how long it took for me to realize that I had to have familiars out in order for it to be useful. But this thing completely restores all HP, MP and status effects. The only downside is that it doesn't do this to Mamoru, whom honestly probably needs it more often than your familiars. They can fall, Mamoru can't.

On the other hand, as a child I used to think that the Fire Crystal was the best because of it's amazing power. Now I'm seeing that it's not the case because it's effect tends to diminish on Water-Genus monsters and you don't get EXP back. That said, when you are surrounded by two Krakens and all you have is a Money wand so you don't get murdered by reflected damage, it serves it's purpose well.

I always try but it seems like I still can't quite take this floor down by myself quite yet. I always need a little familiar boost, even if it's for just one moment out of the bag for a healing spell.

Floor 14

Somewhere along the line I found a Pillar orb, and I shoved a white sand in it. I think by this point I had like six different orbs on me. Your inventory really opens up when you decide to stop carrying useless swords, shields and only one spare wand.

Floor 15

Strong and stronger, let's see how long this holds up.

Floor 16

I switch out my spare Money wand for a spare Life wand. Really, I only need a wand for dealing with Krakens, and Thunder Wave and Show Shoot, and those don't return HP with the Life Wand. But on the off chance that I forget what weapon I have equipped, I'd rather get a few HP back when I make a melee attack with a weak weapon. This is the only note-worthy thing from the Barongs. Despite how useful they are, they can a drop a lot of junk sometimes.

Floor 17

Even better. I don't waste much time on these floors because Pickets are abound and all my items are rather useful. Ironically, I found a lot of really good loot here. Another Blue Sand (Mirror Shield +17) and a Hazak seed for Samus.
Also, the reason this picture is semi-upside down is because I hit a reversal trap.

Floor 18

See what I mean? I don't want to lose any of this stuff to Pickets. I'm really not sure what level I found the Scarlet egg on, I didn't see a screenshot for it, so I'm assuming I just picked it up. On the other page is the three monsters, three pieces of equipment, and 2 Blinder orbs, a Pillar orb and a Fire orb. I'm set to take down anything.

...except rust traps. I also found a Shomuro seed and gave it to Samus, since she's going to be in melee range the most.

Floor 19

Finally got that Light seed for Samus, so now she's Fire-elemental like she should be.

Floor 20

Oh great. I get two Red Sands this trip, and I trigger two Rust traps. Lovely. Also I brought Calvin out full time. I was using mostly Seuss before.

Floor 21

Calvin seems to have a habit of getting away from me. Despite this, I seem to manage to survive long enough to live without Calvin.

Floor 22

Oh come on, at least let me loot the entire floor first!

Floor 23

Or you could just do the same thing again, that's cool too.

Floor 24

Wow. What an interesting way to start off the new floor. I can't let that Viper near the egg, it will eat it.

Unfortunately I wasn't paying enough attention to Calvin's HP and he fell. Fortunately I have a Restore scroll and he can come right back. The egg is a violet egg. I bring out Samus instead though, and watch her one-shot Blocks. I'm terrified now. Please don't let her get confused or brainwashed. I know Blocks have a type disadvantage against Samus now, but they still have wicked defense.

Floor 25

Unfortunately, 20 items is still not very much, so I fed Seuss a Medicinal Herb to increase his max HP while making room for other stuff. In this case, a Blaze orb.

Floor 26

I make a weird choice here. I could keep going and hope to run into a Barong, or I could just keep going since the Barong is probably going to give me crap anyway and I actually have a lot of good items this time. But from here on out, I make my moves with the utmost care. I want to go past floor 29 this time, and possibly reach the top.

Floor 27

I decide to stop looking for loot as well, I'm charging straight up. I come to really appreciate Calvin's ability to so easily paralyze enemies, enemies won't get a single hit, and then Samus strikes them dead. Careful ordering allows me to set things up perfectly.

Floor 28

In addition, Thunder Wave lets me murder enemies from all the way across the room. I really like Calvin's build, it's coming together perfectly, and it's totally not reliant on any particular monster or trait.

Floor 29

As if to celebrate my return, I get a third egg. Awesome. I heavily considered using a Wind Crystal here, but I was at perfect health and had to keep going.

Floor 30

Monster Book posted:

No. 15 Tyrant. Habitat: Desert.
A violent monster also known as a "Desert Ruffian." It is extremely greedy, and is quick to jump to any food given to it. Male TYRANT fight over females. Once this monster starts rampaging, even the most famous tamer cannot stop it.
Meet the Tyrant. I don't remember what these guys do, and honestly I'm not willing to sit around to find out. Every single Tyrant I met was paralyzed and promptly murdered. It's also amusing how many descriptions figure in a reference to Guy in there.

Monster Book posted:

No. 14 Killer. Habitat: Tropics.
This monster has a giant axe-like hump on each arm. The humps used to be nails in ancient times, but are thought to have evolved to their present shape to cope with their fighting nature and environment. It can smash rocks with its awesome destructive power.
Also meet the Killer They are actually green, this is just a bad screenshot of them. They appear in the next few screenshots too. These guys I vaguely remember being extremely powerful, despite not having an attack-boosting trait. You want a deadly ATK based monster? Fuse an Arachne to one of these, it will murder everything.

Case in point. I make a bad step and this guys just knocks away half of my HP. Just like that. BAM. Gone. This terrified me. Fortunately I can just use Calvin to paralyze this guy, then he can't get anymore hits on me. ...I...The three eggs...I was going to reach the top...and...
: I think you broke the kid.
: Serves him right. He's still not ready to reach the top. One little mistake will kill you.
: At least you let him reach floor 30.
: He himself admits that he doesn't know what lies next. One must always remember to fear the unknown.
: So what is it about this kid that makes you want to kill him so badly?
: Only those who are prepared to roll a one are truly prepared to roll the dice.


: 14 Pulunpas, 6 Noises, 16 Trolls (Hammer), 19 Flames, 27 Cyclones, 19 Baloons, 34 Manevas, 14 Manoeva Clones, 21 Blumes, 11 U-Boats, 13 Clowns, 30 Dreamin, 19 Trolls (Bow), 23 Volcanoes, 21 Griffons, 11 Krakens, 23 Nyuels, 16 Trolls (Sword), 16 Garudas, 11 Manoevas (v2), 2 Barongs, 10 Pickets, 6 Arachne, 7 Weadogs, 6 Unicorns, 2 Vipers, 3 Blocks, 1 Snowman, 1 Mandara, 1 Naplass, 1 Killer. 408 KILLS TOTAL
Killed by a Killer.

: 1 Volcano, 2 Griffons, 1 Kraken, 1 Nyuel, 1 Troll (Sword). 6 KILLS TOTAL.
Blizzard Sword assists: No Kill-Assists this trip.
Snow Shoot assists: 2 Trolls (Sword), 1 Barong. 3 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL

: 1 Manoeva (v2), 2 Pickets, 1 Arachne, 1 Weadog, 3 Viper, 4 Blocks, 6 Zus, 1 Stealth, 2 Snowmen, 1 Mandara, 1 Naplass, 1 Tyrant, 1 Killer. 25 KILLS TOTAL.
Heat Wave assists: No kill-assists.
Flame Sword assists: 1 Zu. 1 KILL-ASSIST TOTAL

: 1 Manoeva Clone, 2 Manoevas (v2), 1 Picket, 2 Weadogs, 1 Unicorn, 7 Vipers, 3 Blocks, 1 Snowman 1 Mandara. 19 KILLS TOTAL
Thunder Blade assists: No Kill-Assists this trip.
Thunder Wave assists: 2 Pickets, 6 Snowmen, 2 Mandaras, 4 Manoevas (v3) 14 KILL-ASSISTS TOTAL
Defeated by a Block (and promptly revived).


: I'm sleepy. || No, I'm not sleepy.
I'm angry.
: I'll be waiting in the living room.

Gone. Everything is gone. That holy sword. The mirror shield. The three eggs, including the one from the 29th floor.
All gone. At least the monsters are still there...I actually checked out of fear this time. This was going to be the moment. I was pumped up to go all the way to the top and then...bam.

I still got a few swords that can carry me for a while. I'm sure a decent shield will show up eventually. It's going to take some time to build back up...
You know, when I first started this LP, I wanted to show off this amazing game. It slowly turned into me wanting to beat the game and finally show people the ending. That's all gone now. I have one goal now. To defeat the Random Number God at its own game.
But dammit, I hate starting from scratch.