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Azure Dreams

by Krysmphoenix

Part 34: One last look at the town.

Post-LP Note: On me taking a long time between these updates. I finally say screw it.

Zebrin posted:

Sigh. I guess it is dead. It's a pity, almost to the top too. at least you got all the girls though. Mamoru can rest easy on THAT mark at least. The whole... avenging his dead father Ingo Montoya bullshit can go hang for all he cares. After all, isn't he richer then god? and the owner of a casino, bowling alley, Racing track, and a theater? Dude has it made.

Alpha Kenny Juan posted:

I'm leaning more towards a new semester of classes started and things need to settle down before the tower can be climbed and updates made.

Until then, this is the ending.

Mamoru-Rich. Owns the entire city and all of the women in it. Repopulates the city single handedly and renames it Mamorusayaba. Still not man enough to get to the top of the tower. Because he can't get to the top of the tower...

???-MagiNukes the new city from above.

RNG and Mamoru's Dad-Share beers while Mamoru's dad wonders where he went wrong.

Krysmphoenix posted:

Fuck...what the hell have I done these past 20 days or so? Distracted by one thing or another. Things are picking up for me, personal drama has just sapped me of a lot of energy over the past few weeks. I could very easily just let this LP die right now.

But I did make a promise that at the very least I would show off the ending with a gameshark. Yeah, I'm not beating the RNG, but there is just enough left that I could probably finish with one or two updates. Classes fully start this wednesday and I'm going to be getting a job shortly after that that, so my free time is going to be seriously shot.

Thank you guys who have stuck around this long, after seeing this LP almost die at least ten times already. You guys really have made this fun, and even though I"m ending the LP this way, I'm not regretting this.

I've got one last shot at this. Let's finish Azure Dreams.

Kgummy posted:

You'd beat the RNG if you didn't do stupid things, like absolutely refuse to use your good weapon, and instead attempt to show off your Holy Sword prowess. Also, if you use a gameshark, the RNG will probably end up cursing you in everything else you do. You will end up only rolling ones, unless that's what you need, and in which case, both dice crumple into dust after you roll them. You mock the RNG, and it destroys you.

Krysmphoenix posted:

I'll agree that I probably could have beaten the game already if I wasn't such an idiot. Actually part of the reason I didn't update is because my mind was just going "What's the point? It's going to be another entrance into the tower, I won't make it very far and the RNG probably won't give me any red or blue sand. "

RNG is smarter than that. For most dice rolls, you either Fail, Pass, or sometimes Critically Pass. Very few times can you Critically Fail. However, if I know that all my dice rolls will fail, then clearly I should just steer my life away from dice in general so I can't fail. Instead the RNG will allow me to pass just often enough that I still use dice.

That way when I really need a good roll, say when I'm playing a Paladin and I'm jousting a goblin that's riding a dire wolf, I get a natural one and miss and hit myself. Oh, and the goblin gets a critical hit and sends me flying backwards, knocking me off my war horse. Then my horse gets controlled by the DM (because I'm not riding it) and ends up getting the highest kill count of goblins that fight.
This may or may not be a true story from when I played Dungeons and Dragons.

Kgummy posted:

If you're having that much trouble, then use save states. Not to save scum, but for when you do entirely too stupid things. At least until you get back on your feet. For instance, if you attempt to attack a level 30 monster, while you're level one, without any equipment on or any monsters out.

You can pretend that Guy knocked out the RNG, and the failure runs are the RNG's dreams. Because dammit, there's a point where you starting all over again just isn't funny or entertaining anymore.

Alpha Kenny Juan posted:

Guy puts a weight in the RNG so it always rolls a 1.
Loaded d20.

Well, it didn't work. I ended the last update to help give myself the motivation I would need to fight the RNG and beat this game properly. And now almost three weeks later...haven't really done much.

But I made a promise to this thread, back when people were talking about how they played this game before but never beat it. I promised that if for any reason I had to let this LP die, I would at the very least put in a gameshark and show off the end of the game for all the people that have not seen it. Fortunately I've also almost completely finished the town, so in the end, I'm still showing off everything this game has. The only thing I'm not doing is being a man and fighting the RNG like I should. Maybe I'm going to cursed for all eternity for this, maybe not. Either way, when I make a promise, I try to keep it.

Here are the last two monsters getting named. The Dreamin is being named Kirby and the U-Boat is being named Blue October the III.

But really quickly, let's go around town and talk to each of the girls one last time.
: I do already || What kind of feeling?
: Ha, ha, ha. Boy I guess it won't be for a while.
It really strikes me that although Mamoru has won the hearts of these young women, from the way the talk, it seems like Mamoru doesn't completely notice. Nico mentions this the most. The last choice for Mamoru's dialog wouldn't have changed Nico's response one bit.

Selfi doesn't stop using Mr. Mamoru, and doesn't know the meaning of redundancy. Pretty much if you ever talk to her again, she only uses one line and that's it.

: Recently, I never come to the library to read books... Do you know why I'm coming here?
Mia still hasn't stopped being a stalker. Interestingly, I was getting this dialog back before she was technically our girlfriend.

Vivian still takes the center of the stage.
Vivian, let's go out and have some fun.
Yeah, let's go! Let's go!
: Sorry, I already made arrangements for today.
With that cute guy again, right. Excuse me, Mr. Mamoru, would you mind letting me through please?
Wow, Mamoru's right in front of them and they are talking like he isn't there. Or he really is as oblivious as Nico claims.
: You made it! I'm so glad! Did you see me on stage?
: You did great. || I didn't see you.
: If I knew you were coming ahead of time, Mamoru, I could have danced better. That's too bad.
Normally this would be the end of the conversation, but....
: Hey. Let's go to the pool.
: Good idea. || Sorry, I'm busy.
: Great! I'm just in the mood to go to the pool. It would be great fun with you, Mamoru. Well, what are we waiting for, let's go!

The rest of the town doesn't seem to notice that Mamoru is dating seven girls at once. Wreath seems to notice, from her lines when you first get the big house, but for the most part no one cares. Fortunately, that includes the other girls who enjoy dogpiling on Mamoru as he tries to leave.
Anyway, this is still a scene so the game takes control and Mamoru and Vivian enter the changing rooms.

: A pool is really needed in the city of Monsbaiya. Otherwise everyone would become mummies. Can you swim, Mamoru?
: Nothing's impossible for me. || I like the wading pool.
Except exacting revenge on the RNG...
: Let me see! Let me see you swim!

By swim, they mean press X a whole bunch of times. You see those splashes? There was a pause in the dialog after each one.
: Wow, that's great! To tell you the truth, I can't swim. Mamoru. You keep swimming until you get bored. I'll just be watching you from here.
What. Alright, I have several problems with this. One, this pool is not that deep. Mamoru can walk in stand still have his head stick out just fine. Two, I'm pretty sure Vivian is a little taller than Mamoru, but it's hard to tell because they both have ridiculous anime hair. At the very least, they are the same height, because all the adults in town are the same height. Three, even Cherrl can swim, and she probably lived most of her life resting on a bed or going to a hospital. Well, I don't know if she was actually swimming, but standing in the water like everyone else.
Four is that in order to move on you have to do another long boring splash sequence.

: Are you finished? Shall we go now?
: Let's go now. || I want to swim a little more.
Because if you really liked those splash sequences, now you can do it again! As many times as you want! No, I'm not doing that again.
: Let's go.
They go and change back into their normal clothes.
: Today was so much fun.
: Even you didn't swim? || You were sleeping.
: I was satisfied just watching you swim, Mamoru. See you, Mamoru. Thanks for being with me today.

And speaking of Cherrl...yup, still giggling. She doesn't really say anything anymore. Other than Selfi moment of self-realization, Cherrl is really the only other one who flat out says that they love Mamoru. Everyone else, even Mia, just teases him constantly.

: To pay for the last meal. || No particular reason.
: It'll be $150.
I felt bad leaving this hanging, so I decide to stop by and pay.
: As long as you pay, you're a customer to us. Please have a seat, right over there. Mamoru... You seem much tougher and stronger compared to before you went into the tower. Although from the outside, you haven't changed much... Eat lots today now.

: One order of Spiral fried rice, coming up. Just a moment. Here you are. I've added wieners to your order. Look, they're cut in the shape of an octopus.
I decide to get the Spiral Rice, which I've decided is probably my favorite of all the descriptions so far. Also I wanted to see if Patty adds anything more than wieners to your dish; to my knowledge she doesn't. Anyway here is the description for Spiral Fried Rice one more time.
: The rice in Monsbaiya is famous for its uniqueness in that when the rice is fried, as heat passes through, the rice grain twists. But Koppe is something else.When he makes fried rice, he manages to get each and every last grain twisted, adding texture to the rice. It takes fried rice to a whole new level.
One of the more simple ones, but because it doesn't involve seafood like most of the other dishes, this description is especially mouth watering to me. Now whenever I eat fried rice, I actually look and try to see how much of the rice has curved due to the process of cooking it.
Even though this game has such a poor translation, the dish descriptions are superb. I don't know who the translator was for this game, but clearly they must have either been a chef or a food critic sometime in their life.
Oh, and this time I pay before running off again. The last girl to visit is Fur.

She doesn't get as excited over the octopus dumplings if you give her anymore. Like with Selfi, if you continue to talk to her, she mostly just says the same one line over and over again.
Now all that's left is to get the last two buildings up.

Big Kim! Flex!
Little Kim! Flex!

Two guys walk up, Big on the Left and Little on the right. I couldn't find good manly smilies for these guys, so I'm using Mario for...well, I don't really have a good reason. Intersetingly, The name for Big Kim is "BBr.KM" and the name for Little Kim is "LBr.KM" I know they are limited to a six-letter limit for the names, but I think BigKim and LilKim would have sufficed. Trying to shove "Big Brother Kim" into a name just doesn't work as well...
Won't you swim with us? We are truly fond of you, Mamoru.
: We'll I'm not fond of you. || I'll pass on that thought.
That apostrophe in We'll is not my typo, it's the game's.
You're so mean, sob...
Now, I'm sure you guys are asking why on earth did I show that? Well...

It's needed for the Gym. If you talk to Barry after you buy or don't buy something from him, he says this.
What? … Well. But you're so much more powerful now, Mamoru. I like to keep fit and lift weights myself. The other day I heard about a Gym. It's in some other city. It would be nice to have one here too.
The idea has been set and now we can go buy it. But first, we need to talk to Pen, the apprentice.

It's going to cost $30000, though. If you happen to meet someone with lots of money, could you mention to that person about the amusement center/ But I guess there's no one in this city that would seirously think about an amusement center.
Instead of buying it from the carpenter, you have to talk to Pen directly to have him build the building.
: Do you want me to pay for it? || You're right.
But it'll cost $30000.
: I'll hand you that money. || I don't have enough money.
I thought so. It was too good to be true.
Wait, I don't have enough money on me?

Not an issue.

Mamoru... You're such a nice guy! I know all along that some day you'd become an influential figure. Where did you want to build it?
There are two open slots left in town. One near the lower part of town and one on the top row with the bowling alley, the race track, the pool, the casino, and the church. Hey, it was the priest's idea. Naturally I put it near the rest of the entertainment.
All right. Watch closely, Pen the Carpenter's at work!

The Gym goes near the lower part of town. Both buildings require one quick run into the Tower before they can be built.

And as per usual for me being stupid in this LP, I forgot to bring a Wind Crystal with me.
I want to point out this though (and promptly deleted the screenshot that used it). The Live shield randomly reflects damage back to whatever hits you. I think it does about ¼ damage back when it does happen, but it's not too useful because the shield can still rust, and if the enemy dies from this reflected damage, you don't get the experience. It's nice when you don't have a rust-proof shield to use.

Oh, and right as I find the Crystal, Samus gets blinded by a trap. Monsters that are blind tend to normally walk in a straight line, and attack if something is blocking their way. Although I'm not really in any danger of Samus attacking me, let me remind you how powerful she is. She was dealing over 100 damage to Flames.

And don't worry, I remembered to crush Ghosh on the way.


: 4 Pulunpas, 2 Noises, 2 Trolls (Hammer). 8 Kills total.

: Never left the bag.

: 2 Trolls (Hammer), 2 Flames, 1 Cyclone. 5 KILLS TOTAL.

: Never left the bag.


: Hey! Mamoru! Get up or your brain's going to start melting! You're already pretty dull as it is, do you want to get worse?
: Who are you calling dumb!? || Okay, okay, I'll get up.
: You realize you've got a cutie like me closing shop and coming here to take you up, and still you continue to sleep.
That is one thing I find odd. Cherrl, Vivian and Patty all live busy lives and leave right after they wake up Mamoru. Fur owns her own store, and could potentially be losing business by waking up Mamoru. And yet in the morning she hangs around for a while to sweep up the floor.

Anyway, let's go look at the Gym.

The Gym is a...weird place to say the least. There are people running on barrels, and in the back there is a guy in a hamster wheel.
: No matter Barry. || You better be grateful!
That's just like you to say that. Blush... blush...
: [Shiver, shiver, brrrrrrrrrrr....]
Okay, and I thought Mia was creepy, holy shit. Okay...anyway. Moving on, talking to the guy in the hamster wheel thing.

Yeah, they say Flex way too much, I'm pretty sure it's their verbal tic. It hardly looks like a normal word now.
Big He's got a small body but well toned muscles. Flex!
Little Flex! What's the matter, big bro. (Note: Little Kim is the guy just standing on the floor. He's right there already.)
Big I found a cute kid, flex.
Little The kid you're talking about... He's Mamoru. He built this gym. But you're right. He is kinda cute, flex.
Big I'm big brother Kim.
Little And I'm little brother Kim.
Big Together, we're the Kim Brothers! Flex.
Little :mario: Mr. Mamoru. Flex.
Big :mario: Won't you join us in pumping some iron?
: Let's work out together.
It's the minigame in this place, might as well.
Little :mario: Flex, flex, flex, instructions, flex. Ready? Start. Flex.

For the minigame, they randomly toss out barbells to either the Left, Center, or Right. You move between spots by pressing left or right. The spots are defined, so to get to the opposite end you just have to press that direction twice. This minigame isn't that hard, but it's completely luck based. Usually they'll throw one at a time, but sometime's they'll throw two. Sometimes when they do that, the second one won't land in the same spot, so you have to move quickly after getting the first. Sometimes, the second one lands on the opposte side, and you don't have enough time.
The minigame ends after the first barbell hits the ground. Remember how I said they can throw two? Yeah, it's completely random when they'll do that and it's random where they will land. The best I got after a few attempts was 10, only half of the preset record of 20.

: You're not even really trying anymore.
Oh quiet you.

The amusement center actually has two rooms. This is the hit the Mole room.

It's pretty simple. There are four holes, but they are elevated. You have to jump up there (using the same controls as walking in town, so it's simple) and hit them with X. Total shows how many moles have appeared, and Rest shows how many moles still want to show up. It's not entirely accurate, because 30 moles appear total. It's really difficult to get them all, because two or three can appear at once and they don't stay up long. Also, when you're at the side, you really can't see the other side.
My best score here is another 10. However, because a monster was used in this game, we now have a new monster in our Monster Book.

Monster Book posted:

SOILCLAW No. 48, Habitat: Subterranean.
This is a subfamily of the monster, STEALTH. Since it eats garbage in the soil and converts it into energy within its body, this monster is often used in vacuum machines. Since it is gentle, it does not get angry even if it is hit in a "Hit-A-Mole" game.
That's another thing I like about this game. They show that the monsters you find have purposes all around the world, not just for minigames and slaying other monsters in towers. Although I'm not sure how I feel about using a mole for a vacuum...

The amusement center actually has two rooms. This is the Batting room. Octopuses...Octipi... … Squid thingies appear on the right side and shoot ink at Mamoru. They move rather slowly at first, but later on all three will fire at you at once and you can't dodge them. You can hit them with your sword. Breaking them gives you a point, but if you hit it just right, you can reflect the ink right back at the squids for two points.
If you get hit, Mamoru turns darker because of the ink. After getting hit enough times, the minigame ends. Sadly, I didn't keep track of my score on this one. Oh, and another monster was used, so it's another entry.

Monster Book posted:

TAKOPOD No. 31, Habitat: Tidal Pool
It is often seen in a tidal pool on a beach, or hanging along rocks in shallow waters. What differentiates it from an ordinary octopus is that its ink comes out as a ball rather than liquid, as it tightly compresses the ink inside its body.
It is edible.
Huh, that's an interesting difference between it and---wait, edible? You mean all those octopus dumplings I've been feeding Fur were these guys? That's...disturbing actually, and brings up something I see in most Mons games. There are several different monsters out there, all in different habitats, but how do they survive on the wild. Well of course, they have to hunt and eat each other. Although this seems natural, it's always odd when this gets mentioned because we're just so used to seeing these cute little critters be raised and only fight each other in family friendly ways. They attack each other, and then one either passes out or just vanishes. It's light and soft and you don't see the realistic darker side to it. That's the difference between a "Mon" and a "monster."

Anyway, now things have been cleared up in town, all that is left is the Tower. Time to storm it and finish this once and for all.

Aww...can't storm in with an aura bike. Oh well. Next time, we'll finally see the ending to this game.