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Part 38: Side-Note: Post Floor 31, Selfi and Mia (post by Jegan).

Because of some stupidity on my part, I had to reach floor 31 a few more times than was necessary. But here's another update of Selfi, followed by 3 of Mia.

Post 31 Part 4- Selfi Many Returns

This shows up after the second time you come back from floor 31, assuming you don't die.

But this is an all together new feeling. I don't know but... it's as if my heart is trembling. Mr. Koh!
Give it your best shot!

Post 31 Part 5- Mia Return

Um... ah... Mr. Koh, something seems different. You seem... well... gloomy. You're not the same as usual. What's the matter?

Uh, yeah... What? R-right, I won't tell your mother. Yes, yes I understand. Of course, you don't want to worry her. I kinda, well. I get so nervous just being here with you!

At the door she just says Best of luck to you. with no portrait, or name.

Post 31 Part 6- Mia Death

Wheeeeeeew! Pant, pant... I think I had forgotten to breath for some time. I've been so so so worried. When the tamed monster brought you home, your face was swollen and body battered so badly. I almost threw you out with the garbage. Sob, sob, boo hoo. Now that I'm relieved, I can't keep back the tears. Boo hoo. Sob, sob. No, please don't do anything as drastic again, please.

Post 31 Part 7- Mia Many Returns

Umm... ... I don't know what I should say. I'm so nervous I could drop dead. But Mr. Koh, I don't want you dropping dead!
Take care of yourself.

Next time, Nico. Probably tomorrow