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Part 39: Side-Note: Post Floor 31, Nico (post by Jegan).

Lets start this update with a room that's smaller than it thinks it is.

This is the first room of this sort that I've ever seen. You can occasionally toss items on top of doors with up terrain traps, but I don't think you can with actual walls, let alone corners like this. Also, a room just as big as it thinks it is.

Single room floors are quite rare, though you can make them with Flat scrolls. This one is natural.

Post 31 Part 8- Nico Return

You don't say, all that happened at the tower? Well... I'm not going to tell your mother. I don't want to get her all worried. She's regularly very strong-witted, but not when it comes to your father. Hey, if there's anything that I can do, just let me know.
I want to help. It can be anything... I may not show it, but I really worry about you. Even more than your mother does.

Post 31 Part 9- Nico Death

Oh thank goodness. You seem to be all right... ... When the tamed monster brought you home, I saw you in a state worse than ever before. Koh, I honestly thought my heart was going to explode! But I'm glad you're okay. I'm not going to stop you from pursuing your dreams. But will you make me one promise?
Don't do something foolish that would make me cry! Please promise me that much!
Koh, as long as you're healthy, I'm satisfied. I don't care about anything else. So please.
Koh, relax.

If Krysmphoenix didn't cheat, you can bet that we would have seen TONS of this one.

Post 31 Part 10- Nico Many Returns

... ... ... Koh, I'm worried! Well, if Beldo... and I emphasize, IF... If Beldo were to defeat you, I..., I can't...! Whimper, whimper...
: Don't cry. Dad will be upset. || You're like the cry baby.

Next time, Fur. Our last update.