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Part 40: Side-Note: Post Floor 31, Fur (post by Jegan).

Acid Rain Balls are a lot more common than single room floors, so it's quite likely you'll have one. Even without one, unless there are enemies with magic or crossbows, which can be just as dangerous to each other, you won't be in for much trouble.

I mentioned this previously, but never got around to uploading it. Trolls from monster dens come standard with Hammers. They're still floor 10 trolls in all other regards (probably, I didn't have a monster with LoDown or equivilant Ball with me at the time).

And proof that the RNG favours me above all others.

I think that Kid was from a (likely Barong) Roche though, so more/less lucky depending on your point of view.

This update had no picture changes at all, but a number of oddly appropriate blinks. So I put them in.

Post 31 Part 11- Fur Return

Oh my goodness, and this all happened at the tower? Okay. You don't want me to tell your mother. I can appreciate your intentions not to worry your mother. Right, Koh. You're always like that. You try to do everything yourself, and keep everything to yourself.
But that's what I like about you so much.
I don't know how much I'd be able to, but I want to soothe your pain.
Okay, Koh?
: You ate something rotten? || You really care about me.
Man, you've got no idea how a woman feels! It's not easy for a woman to let out her true feelings!

And at the door

Go get 'em, Koh!

Post 31 Part 12- Fur Death

You're awake... Thank goodness.
You'd better thank that tamed monster. He dragged you all the way back here. If not for him, you'd be wrecked in that tower by now. That would mean good-bye with you without even the chance to look after your wounds! As stupid as you are, Koh, I would never forgive you for letting something stupid like that happen to you.
I'm not kidding...
Koh, you've got to take better care of yourself.

Post 31 Part 13- Fur Many Returns

Come on, why should I have to worry about this guy... You realize how difficult it's going to be for me to wait for you downstairs? ... ...
Koh, you mind if I stuck closer to you for a little while?


Break a leg!

This is the last of the Post 31 updates, as Cherrl, Vivian and Patty don't show up after floor 31. I can understand Cherrl and Vivian, as they're not around when the game starts. Neither is Mia, though presumably she still lives in Monsbaiya. It doesn't seem like there's a reason for Patty though.