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Part 41: Side-Note: Post Floor 31, Wreath and Final Bonus Update (post by Jegan).

Krysmphoenix posted:

My last trip got me four eggs, and my Roche Fruit was used to create the ultimate RNG Pulunpa. So in effect, we're equal there. And I guess we should just shut up about eggs that are supposed to be rare.

I probably should have taken a picture from the Inventory screen, since I'm pretty sure I had 7.

Post 31 Part 14- Wreath Many Returns

I forgot this one at the start, got it, then erased it thinking I had already done it. Luckily I had a save close to it, so all it took was a floor 1 Wind Gem to get this.

Aren't you working yourself too hard recently? You can take it easier, you know. Tell me if you plan to go somewhere.

Krysmphoenix posted:

It actually worked this time. Is this your last bonus update?

I think I'll be finished with this.

Final Bonus Update- Japan