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BIT.TRIP RUNNER is the fourth installment of the BIT.TRIP rhythm games by Gaijin games, released in 2010 for Wiiware and for other platforms the next year. It's an autoscrolling platformer where you enter inputs to the beat of the game and it gained something of a reputation for being a pretty difficult game. I can't resist that crap.


This is pretty much an exercise in trying to remain quiet. I'll explain the game mechanics as they come along and discuss some of the elements and things the game throws your way, but seeing how it's a music game, I'm not going to talk too much. If you still find it too intrusive and want to immerse yourself in the music, I suggest you go watch a subtitled LP of the BIT.TRIP series by Ambisagrus.

Furthermore, unlike the aforementioned LP, this is a 100% run. I'll be playing on Perfect difficulty, which forces you to get every collectible.


Just enjoy! Also feel free to discuss anything BIT.TRIP related and don't worry about spoilers.

If you like the music, here's the soundtrack!


PART 1 (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
PART 2 (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)

PART 1 (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
PART 2 (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)

PART 1 (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
PART 1.5 (Intermission)(Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
PART 2 (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
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