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Back to the Future

by Klowns

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Original Thread: Your Mom's A Lush In Every Reality - Let's Play Back To The Future



Back To The Future: The Game is a point-and-click adventure game based on the Back to the Future movies. Telltale Games was nice enough to actually write a whole new story for our time-traveling duo to embark on which starts off after the movies ended. Telltale Games also did an excellent job with the writing, inventing a whole slew of new characters and a ton of dialog options. The game takes place over the course of five episodes, a formula they later went on to use for The Walking Dead game.

The game controls and HUD are wonderfully simple with no quick time events or platforming needed, most sections of the game involve guiding Marty around and interacting with people and objects in the world either directly or with items in your inventory. There's a bit of puzzle solving to be done but there's also a handy hint system just a click away so you don't have to think too are playing as Marty who has spent years sucking on car exhaust while hitching rides around town on his skateboard.

How the LP will run

Episode 1 - It's About Time
Part 1 Garage Sale:YouTubeHosted
Part 2 Hooligans:YouTubeHosted
Part 3 Man in the Street:YouTubeHosted
Part 4 The Clerk:YouTubeHosted
Part 5 Touch of Spice:YouTubeHosted
Part 6 The Rescue:YouTubeHosted

Episode 2 - Get Tannen
Part 1 Medium Sized Hero:YouTubeHosted
Part 2 El Kid:YouTubeHosted
Part 3 Dogs in Space!:YouTubeHosted
Part 3a K_shizzle Special:YouTubeHosted
Part 3b I'm Tired:YouTubeHosted
Part 4 Picture Pages:YouTubeHosted
Part 4a The Itch:YouTubeHosted
Part 5 The Kid with the Golden Gun:YouTubeHosted
Part 5a Spooky Special:YouTubeHosted

Episode 3 - Citizen Brown
Part 1 Science Conquers All:YouTubeHosted
Part 2 Golf Carts:YouTubeHosted
Part 3 Back Alley Guitar Hero:YouTubeHosted
Part 4 Digital Watches:YouTubeHosted

Episode 4 - Double Visions
Part 1 The Pill:YouTubeHosted
Part 2 Expo:YouTubeHosted
Part 3 The Moose Muse:YouTubeHosted
Part 4 Control Group:YouTubeHosted
Part 5 Quick Time Clock Tower:YouTubeHosted

Episode 5 - OutaTime
Part 1 Fruitbearing Helicopters:YouTubeHosted
Part 2 The Ears:YouTubeHosted
Part 3 Edna and the Prickly Pear:YouTubeHosted
Part 4 Cheap Dishrag:YouTubeHosted

Marty McFly: our hero who wears four layers and wields a mighty ax.

Emmett "Doc" Brown: inventor of the time machine and master of paradoxes, currently MIA.

George McFly: currently living the good life as a result of punching Biff back in 1955.

Biff Tannen: has been polishing the McFly's cars for the last thirty years as a result of Marty's first trip into the past.

Edna Strickland: (1985) spends her days with her cat screaming out her window at the local hooligans (everybody)

Edna Strickland: (1931) wanders the streets with a pad of paper and a pencil getting all the local gossip for her newspaper column.

Irving "Kid" Tannen: local gangster who ran the speakeasy Doc has been charged with burning down.

Arthur McFly: Marty's grandfather and bookie for Kid Tannen.

Emmett Brown: (1931) a young law clerk who dreams of being a scientist but is afraid of his father The Judge.

Danny Parker: Our future girlfriend's grandfather who we've driven to drink thanks to seeing us warp in and out of time.

Trixie Trotter: singer at El Kid who we've got to convince to turn on Kid, Arthur seems to like her.
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