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Original Thread: Vive La Resistance! Let's Play Bahamut Lagoon!



Hello again everyone, it's time for another Let's Play. This time we're going to be playing a Square title that never quite made it over to American shores:

What's This Now?

Bahamut Lagoon is a Super Famicom turn-based, tactical RPG from the earliest days of such games with a few unique twists that really add to the gameplay. The first of these is the impact of terrain: magic spells have a real and tangible affect on the terrain you're fighting on which can swing the battle in your favor or, if you miscalculate, doom your forces. A simple example from the prologue (yet to come) would be using ice magic to freeze a river so that your forces can cross. The second factor concerns dragons. Each of your 4 person units is accompanied by an AI controlled dragon that can respond to simple commands and that acts as the power plant for your magical abilities. Throughout the game you feed your dragons items in order to make them more powerful.

Bahamut Lagoon is a fun game with a surprisingly interesting storyline and a number of memorable characters. Incidentally, it was the first project that Kazushige Nojima worked on for Square. If you're not familiar with the name, Nojima was the scenario writer for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, X-2, XIII, Kingdom Hearts I and II, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl Adventure Mode.

Intro Video

I'm going to be playing this game using the DeJap translation, which as those of who are familiar with their translations may know, might impact the story a bit. I might chime in a bit on that every now and then if I can find other sources or a translation log.

The Story So Far

On the sky world of Orelus humanity lives on scattered islands known as lagoons. The powerful Granbelos Empire has been waging war among the clouds. As the game opens the only obstacle to Granbelos domination of the world is the continued existence of the Kingdom of Kahna. In addition to a powerful force of dragon-mounted troops, it is rumored that the royal family of Kahna possesses a secret power that could turn the tide of the war.

Okay, so where to we come in?

Before I can begin showcasing the storyline of the game and the battles I'd like some input from you all. In contrast to most other RPGS of this time period, there are only two human characters that can be named by the player. The first is the viewpoint character/protagonist:

A typical mute protagonist, our main character's stock name is Byuu. As a Cross Knight he has powerful elemental techniques that can hit a large area and that scale well. His stats are fairly balanced, but he can use some of the most powerful weapons and armor in the game.

Byuu's Official Character Art

The second character we can name is one of the centerpieces of the story:

Yoyo, as she's called if no other name comes up, is a variant on the standard summoner class. She's got a selection of moderately useful white and red magic, and will later develop the ability to call powerful beings to her service.

Yoyo's Official Character Art

In addition, there's four dragons that need names below:

Originally attached to Byuu, this dragon's default name is Salmando. While his stats are initially directed toward fire attacks, he has the potential to gain power in other elements as well.

You might guess from the coloration that this dragon comes pre-associated with ice elemental magic. The default name for this dragon is IceDrake.

Our third dragon specializes in Life magic, and comes with the default name of Molten. It's a bit smaller and more slender looking than the others, but still has some useful abilities. As a result of specializing in Life, however, it tends to focus on physical attacks.

Finally we have Thunderh, who comes to us with good strength and some ability with Thunder. This dragon is a bit of a bruiser in close combat, but can reach out and touch somebody with magic when necessary.

All names have an 8 character limit, capitals and lower case are available.

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