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Part 3: Battle 1: Kahna's Flagship

Task Organization

Main Effort

Breech Team/Heavy Assault Team

Fires and Effects Team

Medical Services Team

I. Situation: Enemy forces are currently in possession of Kahna's former flagship, and are forcing the crew into service for the Granbelos empire.

A. Enemy Forces

1. Weather: Weather is not expected to play a significant factor in this operation.

2. Terrain: The upper deck of Kahna's flagship is overgrown with grass, but is otherwise an open area for maneuver. The only terrain of any importance are the structures dotting the deck which can be utilized for health recovery.

3. Disposition: The enemy is arranged in a loose formation on the deck of the flagship in small units of between 3 or 4 soldiers. Total strength is approximately platoon minus, with limited magical attack capabilities and indirect javelin fire. They are currently out in the open and are vulnerable to surprise. Enemy morale is high, and they will fight to the death when attacked.

4. Enemy Courses of Action

Most probable course of action: The enemy will most likely concentrate their attacks on the closest available target, allowing the main effort to draw attacks from the fire and maneuvers team and the medical support.

Most dangerous course of action: The most dangerous course of action the enemy can undertake is to utilize their superior numbers to restrict our movements and then utilize their long range capabilities to take advantage of forced concentration of troops.

B. Friendly Forces

Fire Support: Dragons attached to each team will provide close air support at their own discretion.

End Report

The fight starts out with Matelite bragging up our chances against the enemy. He's correct, but it's just a bit tacky.

On the plus side, the enemy appears to be completely surprised by our attack. Evidently dragons are surprisingly stealthy. Either that or they were up here having a picnic.

The leader of the enemy forces is kind enough to identify himself and give some clue about his capabilities.

That said, the objective is relatively simple. On the other hand, only killing the boss doesn't get us experience or loot.

Byuu's upgraded Flame Hit is fearsome on the enemy ice mages. They're the only thing that can hit our units when they're gathered together, so they have to go.

Pinky comes in behind Byuu and finishes the job with Hellfire from a distance. The enemy soldiers are still alive (barely) but the mages won't be troubling us.

Unfortunately Matelite can't quite reach the enemy, but Inky utilizes his new ability and rains a rather weaker Hellfire down on the enemy.

Sendak moves forward a bit as well and puts a Bingo spell on Matelite's troops. The Bingo spell provides a boost to the target party's next attack, but has a single unit area of affect. Meanwhile Clyde lays down some electrical suffering.


On the enemy's turn, this screen comes up more than once. Since Byuu's out front, the enemy comes after his group...and it does not go well for them. Given the fact that most of the enemies drop wine, I am beginning to suspect they were up here drinking.

By the time our turn comes around again, the enemy has lost half of their mage units and about 60% of their rank and file soldiers.

At about this point Matelite's group is able to finally get into combat and utterly decimates the enemy.

Zora's group comes in behind them and starts repairing Byuu and Pinky's wounds. The basic healing spell has a five square radius and gives us back several hundred HP at this point.

The wizard fire spell looks like the wrath of an angry god, although it's not terribly impressive as of yet.

After Pinky whittles them down, Sendak's group finishes off the last soldiers on the battlefield.

I can only imagine that the boss must be feeling very lonely at this point.

It never even comes down to Byuu and his friends fighting him. Pinky massively overkills the boss with Hellfire.

And with that, we have a ship!

Although the term ship might be a bit vague.

Reader Input Alert!

A cool ship needs a cool name. What shall it be, oh goons?