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Part 7: Byuu's Journal: Third Entry

11th day, 4th month, 2 years after the fall of Kahna

After defeating the outer ring of guards around the castle of Campbell we paused for a few moments to catch our breath. Matelite kept his eyes forward, unable to focus past the prospect of rescuing Yoyo.

Even from a distance the fortifications looked impressive, although from so far away we couldn't see the enemy troops that we knew were manning the walls.

Matelite kept barking orders, so swept up in the idea of being a hero that he couldn't think beyond charging in heroically.

Nobody likes it when Matelite tries to run things, but this time Rush seemed to take particular offense.

Lukia helped to defuse the situation and keep everybody together. In some ways she's one of the most sane people in the resistance.

Before following after Matelite, I took a few minutes to feed the dragons before the battle. I suspected that they would fight better on a full stomach, and a good deal of equipment that I suspected the dragons would enjoy had been captured from the enemy.

A merchant, ever vigilant in search of profit, had followed us onto the battlefield and was prepared to offer weapons, armor, and medicines for the upcoming battle.

Following the battle Matelite led the way into the castle, shouting Yoyo's name.

Sendak rushed in, but I'm afraid the strain of the battle and the excitement of being able to rescue Yoyo overcame him. Lukia stayed behind to keep an eye on him until the healers could arrive.

Matelite had a lot to say for someone who was pacing back and forth, having apparently lost his way in the castle.

I'm not sure exactly why Taicho is so eager to meet Yoyo. There's something a bit.. weird.. about the things he says. He was muttering about a distant, pleasant fragrance..

Rush had paused at the foot of the last set of stairs staring at something. I told him to go ahead, thinking that if there was trouble I could bail him out, but I wasn't sure what to make of his response.

Is every man rushing into this castle trying to make time with Yoyo? Is that what Sendak got so excited about downstairs?

At any rate, Rush was doomed to disappointment. When we entered the cell at the top of the tower Yoyo was nowhere in sight.

There was someone in a bed, but rather than Yoyo it was some pervert who was taking far too much joy in the fact that he was in the princess's bed. I don't know how we surprised him with all the running and shouting that was going on.

I don't think he even noticed us until I reached out to grab him.

After a few seconds of scuffling we were able to pin him in a corner. He was afraid that we were going to torture him, but I naturally told him that I had no intention of stooping that low. If someone needs to be tortured, there are people for that.

I suppose I might have been a bit upset still, but he didn't believe me at all. I think it's a sign of just how twisted his mind was.

Rush didn't improve matters by telling everybody else that I was about to torture him. I don't know what his excuse was, as he was right here when I said that I wasn't going to!

Matelite and Taicho even tried to encourage me! What is wrong with these people?

We came a few minutes too late and missed our chance. The enemy had headed north while we were busy subduing the garrison. It was enough to dash our hopes, but the situation would only get worse.

That nearly send Matelite over the edge, and the captured soldier took his opportunity to escape. Rush chased after him, but was ultimately unable to keep up.

Taicho and Matelite immediately became despondent and stared off in to space.

I don't even know how Bikkebakke managed to get the dragons into the castle, but I was glad that he did. I fed them a mixture of flame vests, burning axes, and a few odds and ends of armor that our forces had outgrown.

Inky is growing into a beautiful dragon, but his heart is still as icy as you'd expect. I'm going to have to find something to feed him so that he can become a bit more personable. Regardless, he's still a great match for our mages.

(Author's note: High fire, thunder, and vitality produces a Gargoyle)

Clyde is also turning into an amazing dragon, although he still retains an unsettling ferocity in his features. He's well matched for Matelite and the heavy knights.

(Note 2: Gigyas results from good scores in poison, strength, and either fire or thunder. The form differs based on which element sparks the transformation. From the shape, this is a result of fire surpassing or matching thunder)

Sendak was muttering about me torturing somebody. I can't believe that he actually believed what Matelite, Rush, and that Granbelos soldier were screaming about. You'd think he would know me better than that.

Rush came back in and reported that the the enemy soldier had escaped, presumably to go warn his companions. I knew then that our workload had just been massively increased as a result, and that we'd be facing heavier opposition pursuing Sauzer. Rush tried to add a positive spin to the situation by bringing back the salesman we'd met earlier.

Unfortunately he had nothing of value to help us. We were facing an unknown number of enemy soldiers who knew we were coming and who were covering their emperor's retreat. I really didn't want to walk out the door.