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Part 13: Byuu's Journal: Entry Six

18th day, 4th month, 2 years since the fall of Kahna

The day following our latest victory over Zombern, I came onto the bridge to see a strange gaggle of people. Ectarina and Anastasia had a strange request for me... it's a very 12 year old kind of request.

I'm somehow unsurprised that Hornet a.) considers alcohol to be a food and b.) likes sweet wine over anything more substantial like a good steak.

Sendak, after I've seen him do so on several occasions, told me that he had developed the ability to summon Holy Dragons in concert with the princess. I have to wonder if that ability is only found in the Kahna bloodline... could Sendak be a relative of Yoyo somehow?

Meanwhile Matelite was staring out the window muttering to himself about his plan to become a hero finally being complete. I wonder if he knows that nobody other than himself actually thinks of him as the commander of the freedom force?

Zora confided that she's actually from Campbell and is really looking forward to coming back to her hometown. She said that she might walk around town a bit, and I thought I heard her mutter something about how "he" was doing. I'm thinking she might have a man that she left behind in Campbell.

Matelite and Zora got into a bit of an argument about not making plans prematurely, which only escalated when Matelite got upset about the chewing out that Zora gave Yoyo the other day.

An argument in which Zora completely steamrolled Matelite and threatened to hit him if he didn't shut up. That is one scary woman.

Ectarina was grateful for my fact-finding in regards to Hornet, although I think that if she really needed help to figure out that loading him up with wine would be a good strategy then she probably needs a talk from someone like Zora.

Sendak wasn't in his room, but the Ship's Log was out in the open so I snagged it.

Outside in the corridor Melodia and the Mini-Devils were dancing together. I think they're a bit worrying sometimes, but it looks like fun.

Reeve wants me to find them another lancer. I told him I'd get right on it, but really I just want more people to join us. 20 people against an Empire won't be good odds for long.

Out of all the heavy armors, I think that I like Barclay's attitude the best. In many ways he's probably the most competent of them all.

Gunso's hygiene is as bad as ever. I wonder if one of the mushrooms Bikkebakke is peddling could be used to make a salve for him? At any rate, he alluded to some difficulties in Taicho's past that are still affecting him.

Something needs to be done about Reeve and Frenze. Frenze is pretty upset, and I think those two need to work together as a team if they want to survive.

Going in to see Yoyo I took a quick look at her bar. I think she might be hitting the sauce, but I can't really blame her.

Given the bottle of wine in her room, I first thought that she was suffering from a hangover..

As a rule, however, people with hangovers generally do not begin to emit light when I take their hands.

After she recovered Yoyo shared some information about Valitora's wishes. It's a bit worrisome considering what we're about to do... what do the dragons not want us to know about?

She doesn't want anyone else to know, but if the situation is bad enough I'm not going to hold myself to that.

It seems that Matelite is developing an interest in business. I can only hope that this means he's started planning his retirement.

The last stop before battle was naturally the dragon deck, where the keeper had some information about a possible person to look for in Campbell.

Pinky has been eating very well lately, although I think he might need a more varied diet. He's beginning to turn up his nose at some of his old favorites.

Inky has definitely been warming up more working with Lukia and the rest of the mages, and is showing a lot of color. I'm feeling much better about how he's getting along with everybody.

I think Clyde could stand to eat some water elemental items to give himself a bit more versatility, but he's definitely one of our toughest dragons.

The new, sleeker appearance that Flammie has taken on is growing on me, although I think he's feeling a bit left out since he hasn't been fed as much as some of the others.

Sue has been voraciously devouring fire related items, which I think is throwing her a bit out of balance. I'll have to look into fixing that in the near future.

All in all, though, I was confident our dragons would do well in the upcoming assault.