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Part 15: Byuu's Journal: Entry Seven

19th day, 4th month, 2 years since the fall of Kahna

As we filtered in to Campbell following our defeat of Zomberd, Matelite rushed forward in his typical fashion to make a speech about the liberation... but there was something wrong.

While Taicho was right about Matelite stepping on a few toes, but the bigger question is where all the people are.

Truce and Rush are starting to come along nicely. I think that they've got a real future in the Dragon Squad if they keep this kind of thinking up.

I'm surprised that something as powerful as one of the holy dragons can't do much more than spit and hiss from the corner of Yoyo's mind. Well, I suppose that's a bit of an understatement since Yoyo needs to rest for a minute.

Looting wasn't exactly going to endear us to the local population, but as I don't see any windows on the sides of the houses... there was also a life grass, Heal SP, a Uniuji, and a poison mushroom.

Inside the castle we found the explanation for why everyone had been in hiding. The people of Campbell.. hadn't wanted the Empire to leave?

Instead of being happy, they're more worried about the Empire's retaliation. How do you deal with people who don't want to be liberated?

The queen has locked herself in the basement dungeon to show that she's not a threat to Sauzer. While Taicho says we shouldn't be angry, it's hard not to be after we've sweated and bled on the behalf of people who don't even want us here in the first place.

She admits that Sauzer conquered the world, but blames us for starting wars when we resist his Empire. Does conquering somehow make it alright?

The queen kept talking, but I'm not sure if the words she said made any sense at all.

Yoyo had come in while we were talking and appealed to her on the basis of family, but the queen said she had nothing more to say to us.

The rest of us walked out, but Yoyo wanted to talk to her aunt a bit more. Sendak tried to make me feel better, but I'm not sure if I was in a place to listen.

His next suggestion was much better.

I stopped by the other cells to check on the people there. At least some of them had resisted the Empire's takeover and weren't completely spineless.

The woman in the cell next door was apparently there voluntarily. Is that just some facet of Campbell's culture that I'm failing to understand?

Before going to the bar with Sendak I had to check on the rest of my crew. While Truce and Rush are coming along fine, I worry about Bikkebakke.

All of a sudden I don't feel so bad about emptying their drawers.

At the inn the owner mentioned people in armor. I can only think of four people in our group who fit that description and aren't already accounted for.

Matelite was standing on the bar hawking Matelite brand armor and axes. The axe didn't look great, but his armor was leagues ahead of anything else I'd seen. Where did he get this stuff?

It turns out the battlefield salesman actually lives here in Campbell. I couldn't resist looking at an open letter on his desk. Who on earth could this be from?

Finally I headed to the bar. The tender mentioned the Campbell Dragon Squad, whose existence I had previously been unaware of..

Although as the bartender continued I had an inkling as to why that might be.

Sendak was talking to himself, presumably about the incident earlier when the princess had collapsed. It seems it was more serious than I'd previously thought.

They say you can tell a lot about someone by the books they read. The captain of Campbell's dragon squad would seem to be an.. interesting person...

I slapped him awake and he jumped across the room, saying that I woke him up like his mom. Evidently he recognized me and said his mom must be with us as well.. who..?! Are any of the women on board old enough to have a son like him?

A few seconds later the answer stormed through the door. The poor kid never had a chance.

He has some ambition, though, so I'll give him that.

As usual Zora cut right to the chase. The entirety of the Campbell Dragon Squad is present in this room.

The dragon wouldn't come when he called it. I have to say, though, that Zora is a bit harsh on the poor kid.

In the end, though, Zora came through for him. She can be a really hard person to get along with, but she's soft on the inside. Naturally I said I'd be glad to have them.

It seems we've got the new lancer that was requested. Now to see about some more light armor knights..

I think I shall call him.. Blinky. I can't really be too hard on Zora's son about not giving him a name, since we didn't bother to do so until just before Granbelos attacked.

With nothing else to do, I decided to head back to the ship. Yoyo came out of the castle at about the same time.

The Queen was right behind her, however, having had a change of heart...

Evidently she'd had the information we were looking for from the very beginning.

We already knew the first part of it, but she added a second portion.

As soon as I heard it, I could see why the Holy Dragons didn't want Yoyo to know the full prophecy. How could she act freely with something like that hanging over her head?

Matelite zoned in on the part about opening the door to a new era, as one might expect from him.

It occurs to me as I listen that Sendak and Matelite work as perfect foils for each other.

Sendak asks the important questions about our enemy's motivations..

While Matelite blindly jumps to his own conclusions.

It's all too much for Yoyo. Unfortunately, I can't grant her request.

The Queen had something to say on the matter as well. I hope it meant something to Yoyo. Unfortunately, our lives are one way streets. You can't go back for a do-over.

The Queen also sent two of her attendants with us, a priestess and a mage. With a new dragon tagging along, I'm certainly glad to have them with us.

As an additional parting gift, the Queen gives us our next destination. I can only imagine that Taicho will be glad to go back home.

Is everything we went through to free these people worth it? I don't have an answer as of yet...

Maybe. Just maybe.