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Part 18: Battle 9: The Reclamation of Mahal

Task Organization

Flood Gate Task Force

Enemy Fixing Task Force

Medical Support


In order to meet our assault the enemy forces occupying Mahal have assembled near a small fortress in a strong defensive formation to block our attempt to retake the lagoon.

Enemy Forces

Terrain: The land of Mahal is hilly and strewn with lakes and streams that are controlled by an intricate series of locks, damns, and floodgates. The terrain allows only two avenues of approach, either up through the hills or across a narrow bridge. Our main obstacles are the numerous streams, which can be overcome through ice magic. Key terrain features in the area are the floodgate itself and the bridge that allows easy access to the enemy's location.

Disposition: The enemy have positioned themselves in two main concentrations, with the larger force located in a flood plain below the lake. This force is platoon sized and consists of large numbers of mages, combined arms troops, organic healing elements, and an indirect fire element as well as the enemy's command post. This force is particularly dangerous due to the inclusion of elite infantry troops as well as the Gerumpel class troopers, all of whom are capable of using magic and are resistant to at least one element. In addition, the enemy has stationed a small force complete with cannons to maintain control over the high ground. As per usual the enemy will break if their commander is defeated.

Enemy's most likely course of action: The enemy appears to believe that their location is defensible, and as a result will most likely remain in place unless our forces approach too closely.

Enemy's most dangerous course of action: For our plans the enemy's most dangerous course of action would be to charge and cross the distance to our forces, taking them out of the flood plain and possibly overwhelming our fixing force.


The KRF will conduct an attack on the Granbelos forces garrisoning Mahal immediately in order to destroy their capability to maintain control of Mahal and drive them from the lagoon.


Concept of the Operation: In order to use the terrain to the best advantage in this battle we will split into two forces. The first force will go up through the high ground and destroy all enemy forces holding that location and gain control of the floodgate. Simultaneously the remaining troops will cross the bridge and array themselves in a formation to fix the enemy position in the flood plain. While the enemy is vulnerable the first group will release the floodgate controls and unleash a flash flood on the enemy. At that point the fixing group will strike at the weakened enemy forces.

Scheme of Maneuver: Byuu and Lukia's teams will comprise the first force and will move out first. The remaining forces, including the medical support, will form a line of march with Matelite's group in the lead. Once crossing the bridge they will deploy in a line and keep the enemy within the flood plain until the flood gates can be opened.

End Order

Moving up into the highlands, Lukia's group begins the assault by attacking an enemy cannon from a distance. Sadly for the enemy their launchers are completely out of date and can be easily wiped out by a single combined dragon and human attack.

Given the longer distance that our first strike force has to cover the second group has time to arrange themselves for maximum efficiency crossing the bridge.

The small stream south of the flood control device is unexpectedly fast and needs to be bridged with ice. It's hard to see why our units couldn't simply step across it.

The enemy has erred in posting their weakest forces to guard the most critical area of the battlefield. Could they have somehow missed the importance of the flood gate?

To the south, Sue is the only dragon who tried to sit on the bridge. All of the other dragons decided to show off by hovering in mid air.

Our mages attempt to finish off the enemy and destroy the flood gate at the same time. Only half of these objectives are accomplished. The dam is apparently proof against lightning.

As our forces reach the dam the enemy comes forward in a rush to attack our troops, but for the most part remain within the flood plains. One of them tries to use a death attack on Clyde to scant success.

One of the enemy mages makes a futile attempt to use an earthquake spell on Clyde. It's a relief to know that the slowest of our dragons is usually smarter than most enemy mages.

Losing no time, Lukia activates the flood gate and releases the water down the floodway.

Most of the enemy troops are caught within the flood. Their pathetic screams probably shouldn't be as amusing as they are.

While enemies closer to the edge might have been swept off the lagoon, I'm still more than happy with the damage the flood waters due to the enemy forces.

Matelite and Taicho lose no time in leading the charge against the weakened enemy. Without much difficulty they're able to wipe out an entire group of enemy soldiers.

Immediately afterward Zora's group wreaks similar devastation on the enemy's javeliners.

Even Sue is able to get in on the act and strip the Gerumpel of its companions.

Earthquake spells are much more useful against our troops than against our dragons.

On the occasions when gerumpels close with our troops the results can be devastating.

I can only imagine that the Imperial healers are some of the most hated members within their commands. Despite the dire straights most of their friends are in, they heal themselves rather than their friends. Even the simple expedient of moving closer to their friends and healing everyone at once is beyond them.

Against troops that can slay dragons and gargoyles, ordinary humans have little chance of survival.

Clyde accounts for two more gerumpels while the sole survivor attempts a pitiful retribution.

Although Lukia and Byuu's groups are too far away to participate directly, Pinky and Inky can fly in to add their own contribution to the attacks.

Our mini-devils can also be valued allies, but sometimes their peculiar attacks make me wonder what's going on in their heads.

Having escaped damage in our latest attack, the enemy healers finally use their powers to assist their friends. It's not going to do them much good, but the effort is noble.

Many of Lestat's attacks are focused around status effects rather than outright damage, and thus are laughed off by our dragons. The rest of our troops can fix themselves up with a simple heal potion.

Undeterred our lancer/priestess group ends any question of how cowardly the enemy's cure sorcerer's are by ending the sorcerers.

The Uni Dust attack is actually fairly impressive in appearance, and ends up destroying this particular enemy group.

With only a single weakened enemy group other than Lestat on the field, Clyde moves in to subdue his guardians with poison attacks. Everybody else hangs back from engaging Lestat out of respect.

The battle belongs to Taicho, who has his own personal score to settle with Lestat.

Crippled and severely weakened the fiend escapes, but by destroying him in a single engagement Taicho can regain some measure of his self respect.

Now that Lestat has fled the field the remaining enemy troops surrender. Well... remaining enemy troop. You'd hope they would start backing out earlier at some point.