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Part 20: Byuu's Journal: Entry Ten

24th day, 4th month, 2 years since the fall of Kahna

After falling into bed exhausted for a deep and dreamless sleep, I woke to a nightmare.

I don't think I'll ever feel clean again.

I ransacked his room before I left. I guess you can't judge a person completely by appearances. The dragons will appreciate these as well as the 6 drawer things I found.

Outside Bikkebakke was fishing for octopi. Despite his enthusiasm, I didn't really have one. It's actually really hard to catch an octopus with a fishing pole!

Inside of Lukia's room I found some evidence that she had really tied one on last night. I'm half concerned about how much alcohol there is, and half disappointed that I wasn't invited.


I think she was having a nightmare. At least, I hope it was a nightmare.. she couldn't have been that drunk... right?

According to Sendak the Princess has had a dream that might lead us to meeting another Holy Dragon. The only problem is getting to it.

Somehow everyone else made it there before I did. I must have really slept well.

Despite the rush, I still took time to feed the dragons before taking off. Pinky's looking a bit slow, but his magic is first rate.

Inky has also been doing very well, although he's been developing a nasty venomous side.

In some ways Clyde has come the furthest of any of our dragons. I feel pretty good about the fact that he's usually leading the way into the enemy.

Meanwhile Flammie has developed an offense to match his healing powers, although in many ways those are far more useful.

I made a note to feed Sue more speedy types of food. Maybe it's all the heads confusing her, but she's incredibly slow.

And Blinky... remains Blinky.

The inside of Leviathan's Sanctum is stuffed full of odd creatures: giant colossi, squids, and beings that look like humans but.. aren't.

Due to their misfortune in being the closest enemies and within easy reach of the dragons, however, they don't get close enough for us to pick out the differences.

A small and vicious species of sea dragon made a nuisance of itself, but nothing more.

Somehow the squid crawl onto dry land to come after us. I'm fairly certain that's not natural behavior for a squid.

The colossi were a bit more dangerous, but Lukia and her group destroyed this one through repeated magical trauma.

Matelite and Jeanne's group were responsible for outright destroying two and crippling multiple others They've become a monstrous force on the battlefield.

The distance between islands was so great and the bridges so narrow that we simply made our own. It certainly saved a lot of time.

The fact that Matelite's signature armor enabled him to shrug off even their heaviest blows. I might see about investing in his shop a bit more.

Speaking of Blinky being Blinky, I'm not sure what to give him in order to improve his attention span. This kind of thing just isn't acceptable.

The mini-devil Super Secret attack is beginning to creep me out a bit. There's something about the way it looks like it's watching you...

Entering the sanctum itself, the passage narrowed to the point that a single colossus could hold us off... briefly.

Before the doors to Leviathan's chamber the legendary beast Scylla awaited us. I greeted it with flames as soon as I could, hoping to weaken the monster before we had to face it.

Matelite led the charge against the beast, which I was more than happy to let him do. There's something unnatural about that thing.

As the monster collapsed it shocked us all by voicing its astonishment in sensing the presence of Valitora within Yoyo's mind.

Even through the door Yoyo could sense Leviathan's presence.

Taicho and Matelite couldn't do anything to open the door despite their strength.

She didn't even have to touch the door to open it. I wonder if the holy dragon inside was just enjoying watching Matelite and Taicho struggle?

Even though I had a bad feeling about it, I went to have a look to make sure that it was safe for Yoyo to go in.

The next thing I knew I was flat on my ass with my hair standing on end. Evidently I wasn't welcome past the doors.

That same eerie glow flickered into life around Yoyo as she walked forward. Matelite tried to go after her, but no matter how hard he worked he couldn't make any progress.

The doors slammed shut behind her...

and when they opened Yoyo was crumpled on the floor.

As she came around she spoke of the dragons asking her to heal their anger and sadness. It's hard to comprehend the minds of beings like Leviathan or Valitora... what could Yoyo do for them?

Shockingly enough, though, Matelite actually seemed to empathize most closely with them. I suppose he's dragonlike enough...

Together we helped Yoyo out and went to plan our next move against the Empire.