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Part 23: Byuu's Journal: Entry Twelve

27th day, 4th month, 2 years since the fall of Kahna

We returned to the DamnShip as the sun was setting, painting the sky in pinks and purples. It was a huge relief after the fetid confines of the creature we'd just dealt with.

As he had promised Taicho woke me in the middle of the night and took me to Yoyo's room, presumably to share the information he couldn't share with anyone else. First, though, he wanted me to wake Yoyo.

It did not go well. She'd been muttering something about not being left alone, and then shrieked when I woke her up. After recognizing me and thinking about it for a second, she was even firmer in telling me to get out.

As I was walking away she had a change of heart. I'm not sure what she meant about being able to see the sky since it seems that it would be pretty hard to miss it, but if it keeps Matelite from having my balls on a platter I'm all for whatever she has in mind.

Yoyo led the way, and as soon as she was out of sight.. yeah, I'm a sick, sick man. I think I need some kind of help. If she ever finds out about this, she'll kill me.

Upstairs on the observation deck Yoyo was in a contemplative mood as she looked out at the sky.

I didn't have answers for all the questions she had for me. I can't predict the future, and I don't think there's much use for it anyway. You just have to deal with things as they come.

I think the princess is halfway between wanting things to be back like they were and realizing that our lives have to move forward and can't go back, no matter how much we might want them to.

Back inside Yoyo wanted to go back to bed, but Taicho had his story to tell. Something had been left out of his report about being inside Granbelos Castle.

Information relating to Yoyo, which made the whole bizarre scheme to sneak into her room in the middle of the night seem a bit more sensible. I probably should have asked more questions before I agreed to do this.

After overhearing Gudolf's master plan to show true strength as a basis for government, Taicho left and explored the castle.. stumbling upon a small room with a familiar face, who also seemed to feel as though he'd seen Taicho before.

Luckily the old "I'm just a battlefield salesman" trick works even on enemy generals.

Well, maybe it worked or maybe Palpaleos just didn't care and wanted to talk to someone. It's a hard call to make.

Even the great general Palpaleos has girl trouble, it seems...

Although I think Taicho and Palpaleos' definitions of "far away" might differ slightly.

And his definition of cowardice is also a bit hard to follow. I suppose you could view it as him being unwilling to face his pain and looking forward to a time when it doesn't reach him anymore.

Evidently talking through his problems was all Palpaleos wanted, as he told Taicho to go at that point, but wanted to use him as a messenger as well.

I can't say I'm surprised to hear that it was Yoyo on his mind. The signs have kind of been pointing at it for a while..

The message was cryptic and puzzling... telling her to write him off? Or an admission of weakness?

The more I think about it, the more it seems that Palpaleos must have known. How deep is his game?

Whatever the message actually meant, his words certainly got to Yoyo.

When we stepped out into the corridor it seems that everybody and Blinky were out in the passage listening. I live a strange life.

As the crowd dispersed, I took a look on the bridge and saw Hornet and Melodia having a discussion. We're coming close to Godland, a lagoon that has managed to keep its independence from the Empire because of an advanced civilization.

Melodia seems to think that we can pick up some more mini-devils in Godland. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that.

Back in the men's dormitory I tried to get some sleep but Rush and Truce felt the need to have a conversation.

Of all the possible topics to keep me awake after an incredibly long day, they chose the people of Mahal.. which strikes me as an excellent conversation to have had in Mahal. Possibly at a pub.

Long story short, their thoughts boil down to the people of Mahal being somehow different from the people of Kahna.

Rush and Truce come to the conclusion that the difference is freedom, which I find a little bit confusing. What Kahna some kind of totalitarian state when I wasn't looking? I don't think there was ever anything keeping them from walking off if they wanted to, then or now.

Early the next morning we looked out on the lagoon of Godland, wondering what strange things we might find there.