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Part 29: Byuu's Journal: Entry Fifteen

5th month, 3rd day, 2 years after the fall of Kahna

Following the defeat of Sauzer's forces out in the desert, we were free to move in to the city of Dafila and continue the search for more information about the Holy Dragons.

Matelite, eager as ever to place himself in Yoyo's good graces, decided to rush back to the ship in order to try to cheer her with news of our victory. Considering what I could grasp about her relationship with Palpaleos and the fact that Matelite was oblivious, I figured that I'd let him go and stick his foot in his mouth.

I had to admit, though, the way he called Clyde and got him to come and pick him up was impressive. Quite a change from the guy who was afraid to go up on a dragon when we first came back.

Rush had his own ideas, and he was probably right, but it seemed to me that she'd feel better knowing where the next dragon was than hearing about a military victory.

It was about then that I noticed a stranger hanging about us in a very conspicuous manner. What did he mean about being popular?

If Bikkebakke's sense of humor was a dragon, it'd have to be taken out in the woods and put down.

I started a house to house search for information, and sensed something wrong in the first house I visited.

Drugs and alcohol can really do a number on a family...

And the man of the house being an old goat wasn't going to help matters.

A building in the southeast corner of town was set apart from the others by having one of the locals out front. In the jar I found a useful robe...

And a rather puzzling note. I have no idea what it could mean.

The man out front asked for a password. Remembering the skeezy stranger I said that I was popular and he let me in... is this the harem the old man was talking about?

It was not in fact a harem, much to my disappointment. Instead, I seem to have stumbled upon a movement to overthrow the local monarchy..

Which I somehow became the leader of. How did they get this far without having a leader?

They've already had enough initiative to hire assassins, so I think they've got about ninety-five percent of the whole revolution thing figured out.

Considering the old man's mention of a harem and these people saying that they had no women, it wasn't hard to figure out what was going on and why people were so upset.

Considering the fact that I could spot the assassins attempting to hide behind a pair of pots, however, they might have missed the chapter in "How to Overthrow a Monarchy" that specified hiring competent assassins.

One of them had even gone so far as to leave a weapon behind when I discovered them!

Note: The Calamitias is a poison elemental assassin weapon, about one step up from a basic Cutlass.

The two of them were thinking ahead, so I went ahead and asked them to join us. I even went so far as to order the special package...

I don't expect that they'll succeed, but their efforts should at least be entertaining.

The inhabitants of another house confirmed my assessment of the situation. The king of Dafila...

A weirdo who dresses like the king of Kahna, is snapping up all of the women for his harem.

Well, she won't be needing these then.

Somehow we've made more of a public splash here than at anywhere else we've visited. I decided to buy one to catch up on our exploits...

Only to find that they weren't worth the paper they were printed on.

For being such a terrible newsman, I didn't feel bad about helping myself to some of his other merchandise. There was also a Master Rod behind one of the pots. Dafila has been very kind to us.

I was turned away at the door of the tall building to the north. I had to wonder if this was the harem... or are there multiple harems in this town? How many women to a harem before you have to start a second one?

The people in this city have a lot of things to be unhappy about..

There was six thousand piro stowed away in this house, but even I'm not a big enough jerk to steal from people who are barely getting by.

In another first, the citizens of the town were actually grateful enough that one of them gave us ten longswords in thanks for clearing the Empire out. A merchant, perhaps?

At the north end of town near a large building, there was a woman who appeared to be upset, although she wouldn't say what about precisely.

I can only imagine that Donfan showi up as his vulnerable woman sense started tingling couldn't have helped her mood.

... although I will say that in a manner of speaking she's right on in her assessment of Donfan.

Dafila really is the town that keeps on giving.

On the other side of the building the Battlefield Salesman, of all people, was trying to get a peek inside or squeeze through a window if possible... his wife is going to be steamed about this if she finds out.

My attempts to enter the structure were rebuffed at the door, but before I could try another method of entrance I was interrupted by a man dressed like the King of Kahna. If that's the king then this is... ahh, I see.

If he spent half as much effort on running the country, he'd probably be in considerably less danger of being assassinated.

Donfan abandoned his post near the distressed woman in order to try and talk his way into the harem..

Even going so far as to try and get me stuck with paying the bribe.

Having seen everything I needed to in town I decided to head back to the Revolution headquarters. I had joked about the group getting their strategy from a book, but I was closer than I knew. After searching the room, I was more worried about which book in particular they were using.

Late in the night we left the hide out and spread out around the city...

While the rest of the Revolution was to make a cordon, I was tasked with actually laying hands on the king. I can't help but think it's funny that they give this particular job to the foreigner.

Some things I saw are really better left unexplored.

After a parade of women and... possible eunuchs? came through the King followed, having the hardest time bringing himself to leave as one might expect.

As soon as I grabbed him, the king saw the writing on the wall...

And promptly ditched the royal regalia in order to flee more effectively. You know, he kind of looked like the Battlefield Salesman. I let him go, as I don't think he'll be coming back to cause trouble.

With the entirety of the king's luxury available to us, the Revolution threw quite a party..


While the local ladies thanked some of us in the only way they knew how.

Bikkebakke, the sly old dog, wasn't nervous in the least.

Lukia later told me that while we were celebrating Yoyo suddenly gave off the distinctive light show that usually comes with her contacting a Holy Dragon.

Despite everybody's protests, she insisted on rushing to meet with Jormungand immediately.

Her vision was undeniable, and was good enough to provide some direction as to where we should go.

Evidently her reaction to Matelite and Taicho's news was about what I would have imagined...

Although I didn't expect to hear that she rose a few moments later and indicated that Palpaleos and Sauzer might have somehow survived. Next time, I'm making certain to finish those two off.

The next morning, Rush and the rest of the crew were a bit conflicted about having participated in the overthrow of a monarchy.

Matelite was his usual self, buoyed by his recent successes.

Truce tried to talk about his thoughts with Matelite, but Matelite was having none of it.

The Battlefield Salesman was back on duty, and evidently in deep trouble with his wife.

Or possibly not, considering what she was peddling.

Yoyo apologized for all the trouble she's put me through, but it's not exactly her fault how things are turning out.. you can't help things like Holy Dragons and ancient prophecies.

Our newest members were waiting at the northern end of the plateau. Is it normal for an assassin to be having conversations with an absent mother?

Even if some of us were conflicted and unsure, it was time to head out to the Desert Temple.