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Part 31: Byuu's Journal: Entry Sixteen

5th month, 5th day, 2 years since the fall of Kahna

Yoyo's condition continues to advance. Around her bed everyone can hear the faint echoes of the voices of the Holy Dragons.

Evidently the whole enterprise of opening this mysterious "door to the new era" all hinges on Bahamut... meaning that we're going to have to go back to Kahna sooner or later.

Curiously, Jormungand appears to be by far the most compassionate of the dragons and to care the most about Yoyo.

After the voices died away Rush, Truce, and Bikkebakke hauled me away and sent the Mini-Devils back in with a message.

I'm inclined to think that they should have sent the Mini-Devil that humans can actually understand...

Although perhaps that would have been equally bad.

I think the events at Dafila have given him some kind of complex.

The Mini-Devils came back and promptly hauled their interpreter away. Are they imitating us?

Rush had an agenda that he wanted to fulfill, and at Truce's request I went along with it.

I swear, a kid gets laid once and he's convinced that the world's going to end.

About that time Matelite showed up to round us up, but I certainly wasn't going anywhere near the door.

While Matelite made what sounded like a heartfelt plea through the door, we just didn't feel like we could trust him.

Rush almost caved, but came to his senses at the moment.

I was rapidly getting tired of this, but Rush only had one more thing that he wanted to do.

I'll admit, I was frankly impressed that the dragons did what he asked and got in a line. I suppose they might have enjoyed the novelty or wanted to please him.

With that, Rush was ready to go back in..

And promptly just as ready to run back out, dragging me with him when Matelite burst through the door.

Which, in retrospect, probably turned out to be a fairly bad decision. The sky opened up... and not in the sense that's associated with rain storms.

Matelite hauled us both back in, despite how angry he must have been. I'll always respect him for that.

Yoyo has become... eerie. I don't know if she knew what she was saying.

A number of balls of light came out of the rift in the sky, with one of them settling on the DamnShip...

Vomiting out an immense concentration of unusual creatures.

Even Sendak hadn't seen anything like them before.

All things considered, we couldn't do anything other than go all out from the very beginning.

The most humanoid of the enemies bore strange curved swords..

While some of the stranger creatures appeared to be some kind of centaur. Luckily these were vulnerable to sleep magic, making our assassins invaluable.

A chimera accompanied these strange enemies, suggesting that their origin might be otherworldly... naturally, dispatching the beast fell to Matelite's group.

Perhaps most disturbingly of all, all of the enemies we dealt with would charge forward and explode if they felt that victory was impossible.

Jormungand proved to be a powerful asset in dealing with these new threats. Although his area of effect wasn't as great as some of the others, it was devastatingly powerful.

The enemy's leader appeared to be some kind of powerful lancer, with the power to summon reinforcements out of thin air.

He also utilized some kind of strange vacuum attack...

Although it wasn't enough to save him from Matelite's wrath. Returning the Holy Dragons... what are they talking about?

With the defeat of their leader the monsters retreated, and the sky closed up behind them.

Although we could see that the trouble was far from over.