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Part 32: Byuu's Journal: Entry Seventeen

5th month, 7th day, 2 years after the fall of Kahna.

Yoyo's condition remains much the same as it has been. Even the voices of the Holy Dragons sound confused as to what's going on.

Bahamut's name comes up again and again... is he somehow responsible?

Talking in her fevered dreams, Yoyo worries that this entire thing might be her responsibility. Isn't she a Dragnar already, though?

A meeting was called, with my name specifically left off the list. Somehow I ended up babysitting, but I think Melodia will be safe enough with Hornet... I decided to go check on how everybody else is doing.

Reeve seemed to be coming apart at the seams...

Although I suppose that there's probably a reason for that. I didn't have the heart to tell him and besides, it might make Reeve stronger somehow.

Barclay is having relationship difficulties, but I'm not even sure what to tell him. Has.. has he seen the armor shop lady?

Meanwhile Zora's son has taken up cleaning duties for the floor. It's funny that he says this, considering how good he actually is as a lancer. Either that or he's an incredible janitor.

Gunso is looking forward to a bath, which is a dream that I am heartily encouraging him toward.

Anastasia had some information about one of the Empire's generals but I can say with confidence that no, no he doesn't. Did he lend it out to Sauzer or something?

Alcoholism is the bedrock of being a light armor knight. For all the good they do, I'd like to get everybody else a barrel of whatever she's drinking.

I'm worried that Donfan won't survive this situation for much longer but... well, what can I do?

Matelite has been visiting the women's quarters asking questions... I'm afraid of some of the possible reasons. Diana thinks that he has some weird hobbies.

Although Ectarina is panicking a bit, at least she's doing it quietly. Being on the same ship with Hornet makes her feel better about a possible apocalypse somehow.

Mist might have more luck finding men on the ship if she'd actually leave the women's quarters. The only man here is Donfan and that's an awfully low point to set the bar at.

Frederica's not feeling any better, but she's not feeling any worse either... I guess that's all you can say sometimes.

After Barclay mentioned the armor lady earlier, statements from Bikkebakke about doing something nasty scare me a bit more than they should. I clapped him on the shoulder and told him it was all part of being an adult.

He had something new in stock, so I bought a copy... just to help his business along, of course. And possibly for the articles.

Author's Note: You might be wondering what porno mags are good for. In the first place, they're actually a fairly decent way to raise your dragon's strength and a couple other stats, but tend to decrease wisdom. That, however, is easy enough to fix with a difficult book or something like that. The other use they have is to put enemies to sleep when used as an item in battle.

The mini-devil revolution continues unabated, probably because they didn't have an experience like being set upon by weird hell-beasts to make them work together.

The armor shop lady really is a little weird. I'm thinking that I much prefer the Battlefield Salesman.

The assassins are lurking in corners. I couldn't remember what they were talking about for a moment but then I recalled hiring them to assassinate Matelite. I wonder how that's going to turn out?

Somehow I think that the second assassin, Zeroshin, isn't quite in the spirit of things. He constantly talks to his mother, which is no way for an assassin to act.

I think that they've picked a perfect job for Blinky.

With nothing else left to do I headed toward Yoyo's room. Rush and Truce were fuming outside the door, but we could hear the entire conversation.

Yoyo stuck up for us, at least...

while Matelite showed himself to be dangerously shrewd.

The legend of the Holy Dragons and questions of Destiny have been on Yoyo's mind a great deal lately.

Five seconds after I find myself thinking that Matelite might actually have something on the ball, he demonstrates an inability to remember a five or six line prophecy.

What we saw in the skies above Orelus wasn't the door to the new era as much as it was part of a failed attempt to open the door.

Taicho came to the rescue and started asking the questions that needed to be asked.

Somehow this set Matelite off, leading to him forcing everyone else out of the room.

We couldn't hear the conversation inside anymore, but Rush had a plan and headed off toward the dragon deck.

Sendak is much the worse for all the fuss and the feelings the Holy Dragons are letting spill over into his head. This has to end, and soon..

Up on the flight deck Zora was steaming over being tossed out by Matelite and I couldn't really blame her.

Lukia took things a bit more philosophically. I'm glad that she has faith in myself and Yoyo.

Even Taicho has had it up to here with Matelite by this point.

Sendak just keeps talking about praying for odd things... I don't know what he could be talking about and I just don't want to know.

Rush has started putting his plan into action, but it's confused the poor DragonKeeper.

He's a thinker, that Rush is.

Matelite had taken Yoyo up to the terrace away from prying ears and was trying to reassure her about the entire situation.

He pointed out that Bahamut wasn't even awake yet, which is a good point... although it occurs to me, how many Holy Dragons are there? Does anyone even know?

Yoyo let some privy information slip.. somehow Bahamut has earned the enmity of the other dragons for things that we have no conception of.

With the strange sense of humor that Matelite has, he somehow found this funny.

I can understand why Taicho wants to hurt him so often if this kind of thing is normal.

Things took a turn for the weird then when Matelite started honestly assessing himself. He's far more aware of his own faults than I'd have expected.

He doesn't think much of us, and stays on so that we'll have the time to get better.

Matelite ended his speech asking Yoyo to visit him when he gets old...

And give him a massage. Naturally.

What is WRONG with everybody else on this ship?!

After Matelite left I landed and shooed Rush and Pinky away. Yoyo wanted to talk more about her own thoughts than anything else...

and yet she couldn't put it into words.

As Yoyo headed for the bridge, Blinky came in with the reconnaissance report... it looks like we have a destination in mind.

Inside, Yoyo asked me to protect the church and started talking about memories.

She started talking about our promise...

But when she talked about flying to the Church of Memories, she said somebody else's name and didn't even notice it.

She's definitely changed a lot since then, more than she even realizes. I'd thought it wouldn't bother me so much after two years of being apart and living our own lives, but it's still painful.

I don't even know why I do some of the things I do.

On the bridge, Taicho's puzzlement at Matelite's latest mind game was enough to lift my spirits briefly.

Ahead of us, the green fields of Kahna wait for us to return and take back our home.