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Part 34: Byuu's Journal: Entry Eighteen

5th month, 8th day, 2 years after the fall of Kahna

When we reached the Church of Memories, Palpaleos was passed out on the ground next to his dragon. The thing is, none of the enemies in the battle fought with him, and I'm pretty sure that none of them even got close enough to do so. Was he faking it?

Yoyo rushed up to the huge faker, and Taicho and Matelite went spare over it. Once again, I can only say that my companions are absolutely insane.

Rush just stood there for a moment and then left along with everyone else except for Sendak. He mumbled something despondent to me, so I told him that we were depending on him...

I'm not even speculating on what his response meant.

That was hardly the first point in the day where I wanted somebody to end my suffering. Palpaleos wanted to have a man to man talk with me, and Yoyo was encouraging him.

As a result I had to support him while walking through the church while he rambled about his feelings and how conflicted he'd been ever since we took Yoyo out of the Empire. Wait a second... since we entered the church together.. no, no, I'm certain it doesn't work like that.

He tried to suggest that we'd have to fight it out for Yoyo's affections but, to be honest, he can have her.

It's not like I don't have half the women on the ship sighing over me. I kind of gave up on her... oh, I don't know, a couple years ago after you guys had been keeping her captive for a few months?

You know, we never really had anything that great going on in the past. I flew you places on my dragon and you told me that maybe someday you'd possibly think about doing something with me.

While Yoyo has certainly done a lot of growing up in some important ways, it's really sad that this is the part she focuses in on. I kind of wish she'd just go and write horrible poetry in her diary about it.

Especially when it degenerates to the level of talking about how we can't perceive ourselves. What else is there for us to perceive?

Is she operating under some mistaken impression that she has somehow tamed Palpaleos and is knocking the rough edges off of him?

I'll tell you what I could see. I could see myself turning around and walking out to my dragon and actually getting something done about this whole rebellion against a world-spanning empire.

When I reached the front gate of the castle Taicho and Matelite were deep in discussion..

Evidently about me. I'm not even bothering to explain things to them. Maybe they'll feel bad and actually listen to a few things I say now.

The two of them were also arguing about the relative merits of Palpaleos. All I know is that he'll be handy in a fight, even if he's not quite as good as some of us are.

Taicho finally broke down and told somebody else about his thoughts about his wife..

I'm glad to hear that he feels good about his role in avenging her.

Although I am beginning to suspect that he has some deeper issues that we might need to worry about once it's all said and done.

However, I think the Battlefield Salesman might have headed up that entire line of problems with some pragmatism.

We've got bigger problems than Taicho's stresses to deal with.

With Sauzer out of commission, the next logical person to have taken control is Gudolf... who has the idea that he has something to prove to the rest of the Granbelos empire.

Right on cue, Matelite tried to patch things up with me in order to show some kind of solidarity. I took the olive branch since it'll probably make my life easier.

Especially since Palpaleos had decided to follow along and give some perfectly obvious tactical advice. No, Palpaleos, I was planning on trying to defeat all the surviving Granbelos generals and their troops at once rather than knocking them out one at a time while they were still scattered. Ass.

On the lighter side, the Holy Dragons have taken to taunting Sendak. They really are more like humans than they'd like to admit. Speaking of which, it was time to feed our dragons..


something strange...

is happening...


our dragons...
Note: Three guesses as to what the next bonus update will be explaining.

Palpaleos was eager to go... I suppose in the long run another Cross Knight won't hurt matters, although the sooner he learns what his role is the better off we'll be.