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Part 36: Byuu's Journal: Entry Nineteen

5th month, 10th day, 1st year of Kahna's Revival

By the time that I was able to reach the palace, pretty much everyone had gotten there ahead of me. Even Taicho beat me there, acting as if he had never gotten a chance to visit Kahna before the war.

Yoyo was getting ready to make her grand entrance, so naturally everyone was lined up in front of the throne to form a.. gauntlet of sorts? I'm not sure where this idea comes from.

Knowing Yoyo I figured we had some time yet, so I decided to check in on everyone. Sendak was the first person in line, and a sobering reminder that even though we've broken most of the Granbelos capacity to resist, the Holy Dragons represent a bigger problem.

As for Frenze and Reeve, the two of them still haven't kissed and made up. They're really a pair of idiots if you think about it. People don't get so upset about having their feelings hurt if they aren't friends... if they'd just realize that, they'd realize what good friends they are.

Frederica is mostly concerned with questions of love, and seems to be feeling left out. If she can get up without her medicine, maybe somebody can make her feel a bit better...

Barclay wanted to talk about Matelite for some reason...I don't see where he's going with this..

Oh. Oh my, that is kind of funny. Evidently he's a bit upset about it... I suppose I sort of understand, but I'd think having a pile of money and a non-ruined castle is better than having a pile of money and a ruined castle to spend it on. It puts him in the awkward position of wishing that Kahna castle had been destroyed.

Barclay's worried about Matelite doing something crazy, but he'd never give anybody else the satisfaction. Speaking of satisfaction, I have a feeling we're not going to be seeing much of Bikkebakke tonight...

I might have to see about getting him off this whole shroom thing...

Rush asked me how I felt about our success... I'm not sure, but I think that this isn't quite living up to what he was imagining. It might have something to do with how hard he's got a crush on Yoyo.

Speaking of, where on Orelus is she, anyway?

The dragon keeper didn't have anything helpful to say about that..

Although he did have something that sounded like it might occupy my time.

Unfortunately, I think he's been hanging out with Sendak too much. I'm just glad he didn't say that he had puppies in a dark corner of the stables. I told him to shove off and that I was an adult, but the crazy had only started...

It's evidently the dragon mating season, which seems like something you'd think they could sort out for themselves.

Although the dragon keeper had different ideas about what we should do. I'm just hoping that he doesn't want a ceremony or something.

Of course I know which ones are... I think Sue... or Inky? Which ones ARE girls?

Whatever. I'm fairly certain that Sue and Flammie are opposite genders and the result shouldn't be an abomination of some kind.

Palpaleos and Yoyo were off in a corner by themselves. Have I mentioned that sometimes I hate my job?

Despite my state he offered to include me in the escort.

Only to change his mind at the last second. I can understand a bit, considering that some of the fluids on me shouldn't be anywhere near a dress.

A few minutes later we were all lined up as Yoyo made her entrance.

Matelite was noticeably absent, probably sulking somewhere about how his plan to rebuild the castle had failed.

Yoyo went on without him, since that was the way he wanted it.

I had a feeling about her speech as it continued... renaming us to the Orelus Freedom Force was a pretty meaningful change.

The battle continues, and I'm eager for it to do so.

One by one she called our names, and one by one we agreed to follow that dream..

With myself at the head. It's nice to get some recognition, although I wish I could see Matelite's face right at this moment.

Continuing her speech, she explained what has been going on with the Granbelos Empire.

As we feared he might, Gudolf has taken control of the Granbelos Empire and needs to be stopped. Fortunately, he's taken command of a weakened shell after our victories.

Somewhere along the line, Yoyo has learned about what's important in life.

We danced in the courtyard of the castle, beneath the waning moon.

While Matelite's special surprise, a set of fireworks, lit up the sky above.

I might have been extremely drunk by this point, but at the end of the night I remember Matelite and Taicho dancing while talking about Yoyo wearing Matelite's dress. I knew there was something funny about him..

What happens at the party stays at the party, that's all I'm saying.

I woke up the next morning outside the castle with a dog of some kind licking my face and no idea how I got there.