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Part 41: Byuu's Journal: Entry Twenty-Two

5th month, 16th day, 1st year of Kahna's Revival

Even three days after we'd brought Sauzer on board, Hornet was a bit uneasy about having his old comrade on board. I suppose reminiscing about old times in a bar is a bit different than having it actually happen.

The mood on the ship is pervasive.. obvious if someone like Zora's son noticed it.

I didn't think that was the cause of Reeve's distress, however, judging by the smell. I wonder what he ate that disagreed with him so?

Barclay wanted to know if it was possible for a man and woman to dislike each other enough that it wrapped around to affection. I told him it was possible, but I'm a bit confused as to why he thought that I would have an answer for him.

Bikkebakke is even more concerned about making money, but I'm more concerned about the fact that the books I've bought from him are.. used.

Frenze confessed to being the cause of Reeve's malaise. I'm impressed as much as I am terrified at the thought of what he'll do next.

It was about that time that Gunso started to sing, prompting me to flee the room.

As soon as I entered the women's quarters/bar, Anastasia waylaid me to talk about Barclay. Really, do I need to draw the two of them a map?

I have no words for the sight I beheld immediately afterwards. I think that the tension of a couple of months of prolonged combat has finally caused them to crack.

Naturally I turned on my heel and left them to have their fun. I'll give Donfan credit for taking one for the team. Diana was waiting to share the latest gossip with me as usual. There are still voices coming from her room despite the fact that she seems to be getting used to dealing with the Holy Dragons.

In other news, life is looking more pleasant by the day... even if she told me to relax when I said it sounded like a good idea.

I also think I might have figured out why Frederica isn't getting any better. If she's switching her medication out, none of it's getting concentrated enough to do her any good.

Yet another bizarre scene awaited me in the merchant's quarters. ... could I still be under the influence of the dragon dung I sampled a few days ago?

Although I might not be the only person under the influence of something, from the way that the salespeople were making eyes at each other.

After a quick check on the dragons, it was time to see if Sauzer was up and around. As luck would have it he'd just started to explain how he'd managed to pull of contacting the Holy Dragons.

Sendak gave a brief synopsis of what had already been covered. I noticed that there was no explanation given as to how these monsters had the ability to grant such a gift to Sauzer... could they have been early visitors from beyond the sky?

While Sauzer gained the ability to read the mind of a single Holy Dragon, the information provided was far from clear. I'm inclined to think that he might have chosen the wrong Holy Dragon.

Not that much is clear regarding the Holy Dragons. We can tell they hate Bahamut, but nothing of the reasons why. Would the reason behind their feelings possibly prevent us from helping them?

No matter what, it all seems to come back to Bahamut. While it's a terrible thought, could Matelite be in the right and the other dragons dislike Bahamut because he was right?

No matter what, it seems as though humanity will be caught up behind the eight ball. The Holy Dragons war isn't ours, and the new era of the prophecy won't belong to us either.

Sauzer had said his piece and wanted to see the sky again. I can't blame him after being cooped up inside for the last few days.

The little we could hear indicated that Sauzer felt like he might not have much time left.

There's a bit of wistfulness even in someone as hardened as Sauzer... his greatest desire was to have his final resting place be an isolated lagoon somewhere in the sky.

Or it could be that he'll never change. One thing you can say about him is that Sauzer knew what he wanted.

And another is that the Emperor of Granbelos was a very complex man.

There's nothing that could illustrate that more than his last words:

Redemption? A tiny bit of softening at the end? Or could he just not stand to see Palpaleos cry?

I couldn't blame him for that. I wasn't terribly comfortable with the sight myself.

We left him alone and began to discuss what we needed to do next. The only option presenting itself was to wake Bahamut again, and Matelite was rightly concerned about the outcome.

Truce brought up something that had escaped the rest of us, but Sendak expressed it most eloquently. The last war of the Holy Dragons occurred when they had physical bodies... another war would be something entirely different.

Exactly on cue, our concerns proved justified.

As we all gathered around, Yoyo regained her feet and asked the Holy Dragons to speak and make their will plain through her voice.

Their desires were simple, but deeply confusing. I could tell by everyone's face that nobody had ever heard of a lagoon called Altair. Wherever it is, I think it might be worth it for the sake of freeing Yoyo from their power.

Yoyo could at least explain about Altair, although it's not exactly reassuring to find out that the Holy Dragons are just as confused as we are. If we can return the Holy Dragons, the hole in the sky might close.

Sendak's right that it is amazing how clearly Yoyo can communicate with the Holy Dragons. She's far surpassed his own abilities and the stolen ones that Sauzer had.

Our next destination was Bahamut's resting place in Kahna, but there was one thing that had to be finished before we could move out.

Her plan wasn't without risk, but Yoyo was willing to take the chance on Bahamut's power.

Outside on the flight deck, Palpaleos gave a solitary send-off to the once Emperor of Granbelos.

Matelite was the only person who had words for the occasion. A new era has begun, even if not the one foretold in the prophecy. I only hope Sauzer's wish for a final resting place was granted.