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Part 46: Byuu's Journal: Entry Twenty-Four

5th month, 23rd day, 1st year of Kahna's Revival

As we left station around Granbelos and began to head toward Altair, any question of holding back was taken from us.

The opening in the sky seemed bottomless, and as we entered we experienced the strange sensation of being pulled upward. One way or another, we were committed to our course..

We found ourselves afloat in a strange sky. Heading for the land we saw seemed as good a plan as any.

Taicho seemed a bit melancholy. I think the fighting is starting to tell on him... on everyone really. Now that we're here, even though we have no idea what's in front of us, the end feels like it's in sight.

Rush and Truce had a lot on their minds, considering what had happened prior to the last battle.

The Battlefield Salesman has retired, for the best possible reasons...

He passed his entire business on to Rush and Truce...

Along with some sage advice.

Or perhaps not so sage, as he was telling Truce to think less.

I think he was right about Bikkebakke as well. A little more confidence and he'd be just fine.

For someone like that, I feel like fighting.

Sendak continues to surprise with strange bits of information. What is a Dragonite, and how can they affect the revival of the Holy Dragons?

Zora had a message from Yoyo, although I have to wonder why she didn't deliver it herself. The Holy Dragons are also confused as to what the monsters are.

Matelite has noticed her distraction as well..

Zora's a bit more understanding than Matelite is... but I'm not sure I agree.

On the plus side, at lease Frenze and Reeve appear to have patched up their differences.

For more good news, Barclay and Anastasia have come to an understanding. It won't stop them from bickering, but they'll probably be happier. For some reason Barclay asked me to keep it a secret from Matelite.

Everybody seems to be planning for the future. Sadly, I doubt that his plans include taking a bath.

The idea of being a lancer in Altair was too much for Frenze to resist, although I don't think he needs to be forgiven for that.

We've also carried Orelus into Altair in the person of Zora's son. He's evidently a bit embarrassed about his name, but I think it's not as bad as all that.

Something in my face must have said that I knew what was up with Anastasia and Barclay. I congratulated her and she just blushed and giggled.

Jeanne has made her plans as well. Mahal's probably going to be a pretty lively place when all's said and done.

I think we all might have underestimated Donfan. He's somehow wrapped Joy and Nelbo around his fingers. I don't even follow how he did it.

I'm not sure what to make of Lukia's sudden turn, but at least she's thinking of everyone else.

Even Diana's growing up a bit and putting gossip away.

I might need to have a talk with Hornet. He could be holding our lives in his hands.

I'd like to think that all of us will become better people after this...

Although having more options than Donfan, I'm not sure I can be a truly good person.

What's interesting to me is that nobody seems to be interested in going to Kahna.

Although I suppose that being Mist, I can't expect her to be any different.

In the shops, the Mini-Devils are getting stranger and stranger with each day that goes by. Something might have to be done about them.

Even the merchants are making their plans for the aftermath. I like the idea of being the subject of a book...

Although people who give engagement dentures would probably write a very strange books.

In a surprise move, both of the assassins have decided to quit their professions once we return. Hopefully this won't blunt their edge in battle.

Outside we flew through a strange sky. It was unusually warm, and the dragons seemed to be enjoying their new surroundings more than the rest of us were.

Palpaleos and Yoyo were staring out the window when I stopped in to check on them. Palpaleos had something for me...

Although it was nothing we hadn't seen already.

There wasn't very much else of interest to talk about, so I headed back to the bridge to wait until we arrived at the mysterious lagoon.

Before we could land, though, something else had to be attended to. We weren't alone in the skies above Altair.