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Part 49: Byuu's Journal: Entry Twenty-Five

5th month, 26th day, 1st year of Kahna's Revival

After the excitement of the battle had faded, the dragons were still stirred up more than you'd have expected...

Everyone else was tense and short of words. Altair.. isn't a place for humans, I think.

Half-heard voices fill the air.

You don't want to answer those kinds of voices out loud, but it doesn't seem right to ignore them either.

As does Yoyo. The rest of us are still fuzzy about what a Dragonite is, even.

The stalemate broke when the source of the voices appeared before us..

The figure appeared and disappeared around us, but seemed to sense the presence of the Holy Dragons.

Yoyo explained our reason for coming, but that wasn't enough.

I wondered at the time if he expected us to pull the Holy Dragons out of our coat pockets.

Centuries after the two worlds were sealed, the term Dragnar is known here. I think we might have found the origin of that word.

It identified itself as a Dragonite, prompting Sendak to trot out some more obscure information. You'd think he might have mentioned this at some point before now.

The truth is stranger than any of us had guessed. We'd thought that the Holy Dragons were somehow suffering being held in somebody's minds, but in fact that's their natural condition.

If we can just find a half dozen or so Dragonites, then Yoyo can be free of the Holy Dragons.

Matelite cut right ot the point, but there's always some kind of complication.

Using immature Dragonites could result in a replay of the Holy Dragons War from ages ago, which we desperately wanted to avoid.

It's possible that this Dragonite witnessed that war. The powers of Dragnars seem to have been more common in the past..

With predictable results.

It's more clear than ever that Bahamut was the only Holy Dragon to act on humanity's behalf.

And yet, there's no explanation about how the gate to Altair was closed.

It's a bit disconcerting to see Matelite being so consistently on point. We definitely don't have time to wait for creatures that live for centuries to mature.

I wish they'd cut the name dropping a bit. You can actually offer an explanation along with a reference without sounding like an ass.

Little things like who the ruler of a place we've invaded is might be worth mentioning is all I'm saying.

Especially when he's evidently the bastard responsible for most of the problems we've been trying to solve for the past few months.

And who might now be their solution, ironically enough.

For creatures we revered as Holy, the Holy Dragons seem to be as flawed as we are. For all these centuries they've despised Bahamut, never suspecting that he wasn't the reason they were trapped in Orelus.

The Holy Dragons wanted us to fight on their behalf. I suppose it's nice of them to at least ask this time.

It takes a lot of nerve for them to ask something like that, but Matelite was right.. for once our priorities and theirs were aligned.

Palpaleos offered to help prepare the dragons for the next fight, but I put him in his place.

Speaking of which, the Dragonite was waiting to talk to me privately when I came to visit them...

We've actually been traveling with seven modified Dragonites this entire time. I suppose that if we'd known that we could have used them to reincarnate the Holy Dragons, but I'm not sure if ours had too much personality for that.

The one thing I do know is that I wouldn't trade them for anything. It's time to head to Alexander's temple and finish this.