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Part 52: Byuu's Journal: Epilogue

1st month, 11th day, 2nd year of Kahna's Revival

After the last of Alexander's four heads had fallen, Yoyo began to put her plan into action. It wasn't something she felt like she could do alone..

Although evidently it wasn't so urgent that she didn't have time to make a speech about how important our friendship was to her.

While I was very touched, there's a time and a place for everything.

And I'm inclined to think that this is neither.

Yoyo needed all of our strength to force Alexander into her mind and hold him there. Trapped within a mortal mind... what happens to a dragon if the Dragnar dies? Will this method defeat him forever, or just postpone the problem for another generation?

Evidently the reaction was visible from the bridge.

Whether or not we've disposed of Alexander forever, Yoyo needs help now.

The Dragonites were on hand to provide it.

One by one the Dragonites came forward and received the Holy Dragons from Yoyo's mind.

Until a new generation of Dragonites can be brought forth, there's no possibility of Alexander being brought back.

After holding seven angry dragons inside of her mind one dragon, no matter how powerful, isn't a problem.

I think that we're going to have to turn away from expecting the Holy Dragons to solve our problems.

Bahamut certainly doesn't seem to have the answers for us...

Although his advice sounded very good.

Strangely enough, he had some further words for me..

I never thought I'd end up receiving advice on my love life from a Holy Dragon who's quite literally older than human civilization.

Despite being so very different from humanity, he doesn't give bad advice.

Matelite came back to get me...

I think that perhaps after all this we can be friends now.

Together we decided what face we should put on to face everyone else...

I think we all knew that it was the end of something special.

As we returned to Orelus, the hole in the sky closed and it was time to go our separate ways.

Bikkebakke, Truce and Rush are all living together in the house where the rebellion came together. They shouldn't have any problems, I think.

It's probably a good thing that we're taking care of them, all things considered.

Everybody from Mahal pretty much went back to their old homeland.

Taicho's running hte show there, and I can't think of anybody who'd be better suited.

He's got a lot of good people to support him.

Palpaleos went back to Granbelos, since he didn't feel like he could overcome the resentment toward him in Kahna.

As the only remaining high officer from the Granbelos Army, he was the target of a lot of resentment.

In a manner of speaking, he's still in Granbelos.

Somehow, Yoyo knew when it happened.

I'm not very worried, though, as Matelite will take care of her.

Thinks have become a lot more peaceful these days, and I think they'll stay that way.

Nothing turned out as we'd have imagined it hearing the prophecies..

The real meaning of the new era will be determined by the children being born today.

As long as they strive for their dreams, they'll see them come true. And even if they don't have to work as hard as we did, I think the world will be alright.

There'll always be people who try to gain at the expense of others... someone needs to stand apart.

We've got it taken care of.