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Part 57: Bonus Dragon Puppy

Alright, on the last update we got introduced to our newest dragon, Clue. So, let's take a look at the little guy:

As you can see, right out of the egg Clue is something of a little nightmare. He's near max on every stat, so really he's about one good feeding from becoming a holy dragon.

The way it works with this dragon, called a puppy in the game, is that his stats are equal to one less than the higher of his parents stats in each attribute. If we'd bred a dragon with 100 poison and one with 100 life, we'd have ended up with a puppy who was about one feeding away from becoming a master dragon. The exceptions, obviously, are HP and MP. Those are set based on level, and this dragon comes in to existence at level 1. This isn't necessarily a problem, however, as he can still kick the crap out of just about anything and will level up quickly.

So while we've got more than 28 people, Clue can't join us in every battle because the game isn't set up to handle more than six friendly parties. As a result this turns him into a reserve dragon that can be switched in at any time to give some relief to the others. This actually works really well for me in this playthrough, as it allows me to keep Blinky around for the non-elemental and dancing related shenanigans while having another dragon to use in more conventional attacks.

I've been talking about the holy and dark forms, so let's take a look:

Holy Form: Lexus

Special Attack: Nightmare 100

I don't know why Clue's holy dragon form is named after a car, but it's certainly fairly intimidating to look at. At this stage it doesn't matter what you crossed to get him, appearance is all the same. Nightmare 100 is very similar to some of the gravity based magic that we've seen thus far, taking 3/8ths of the enemy's current HP when it strikes.

Dark Form: Hidon

Special Attack: Grand Train

Alternatively you can also turn him to the dark side and get this monstrosity, which from the name and special attack is an obvious call back to the enemy from Final Fantasy 6. Grand Train is pure dark elemental damage, the same as any other spell. On the balance I'd say that this form is probably more useful. Neither of them as any kind of special quality to recommend it over the other.

Master form, as always, is whatever form this dragon started in with both attacks.

As you might expect, they put a bit of thought into this form and gave a lot of attention to what each form looked like. Our choice was actually a fairly good one, but there are 15 unique forms for the baby.

Some of them, such as this one when you combine Clyde and Flammie, are downright weird.

In contrast, any form involving Sue is going to have multiple heads, while any ones with Pinky are going to have a lot of red in them.

And most of the ones that involve a normal Blinky are going to be rather cyclopean...

While using Inky results in some blue being added in.

I mentioned using a normal Blinky and there's a reason for that:

Using either of the two special forms (more on the second one to come) will result in one of these two nightmarish abomination being brought out for your amusement.

And finally, let's talk about Dung. In addition to sending Byuu on an insane acid trip, it actually has a use. Dragon Dung is a bit of a wonder food in Bahamut Lagoon, giving any dragon you feed it to +1 in each element, +1 in Strength and Vitality, +100 in HP, MP, Dex, and Mind, +10 loyalty, +100 fidelity, and a -20 to intelligence. If you've got a dragon you're struggling to improve it's probably worth considering.