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Part 58: Bonus The Unknown Dragon

In our last story update something strange happened to little Clue, resulting in him taking on a new form. If you look at it closely, it's a palate swap of Clyde's Glorious form. The trigger for this form is a special hidden stat called Transform, which can only be raised through one item: the Princess ???.

Each Princess ??? you feed a dragon will raise the transformation stat by 20 points, up to the maximum of 100. The intermediate forms are a tiny bit nightmare inducing, so I went ahead and skipped to the end. If you decide to experiment with feeding a dragon one or two of these and then want to revert it, all you have to do is feed it a Gunso's ??? and the Transformation state will instantly revert back to 0. Naturally it's pretty easy to screw yourself out of ever seeing a Behemoth this way since there are only 5 Princess ??? in the entire game.

The Unknown form's schtick is transformation. In battle they don't have any field attacks and will always charge into battle. At that point they'll transform into another dragon form and use a single attack, then turn back. It's important to note that they don't get special abilities like the infinite HP of the Phoenix form when they perform that transformation.

Transformation types are limited to the Holy and Dark forms along with the Black Dragon, and aren't restricted to Dragon types you already have. I haven't seen a Master Type pop up on this one, so I don't think that's a possibility.

Whatever form that the dragon transforms into will use their respective Holy or Dark attack 100% of the time. The level of the attack is based on the Transform stat of the dragon.

The risk with this Dragon type is that the transformation can fail, although the failure rate seems to be much lower than with the Uni Uni. In 2 long battles and a side quest I only saw two failures, which isn't a bad average.

Any humans attached to the dragon have their abilities replaced with a ? variety that's reasonably powerful and does neutral damage.

The attacks are very flashy and don't seem to suffer from being non-elemental. I haven't been able to find any answers as to whether or not the ? attacks have a possibility of failure, but I haven't observed any or noticed anything saying that they can fail. As a result, in many ways this dragon form is superior to the Uni Uni form.