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Baldur's Gate 2 and Throne of Bhaal

by Shugojin

Part 11: Continued

For once a death in this hell is welcomed! Please, will you release me? I have been imprisoned for ten years!
Of course. You are free to go.
Thank you so much! Long have I waited and suffered. I am forever in your debt, good friend. I must leave now for I can no longer stand the stench of this place.

I think you will find the amount adequate. 10,500 gold is no small fortune, though I think you deserve a little more. From my personal armory, a sword. Take well and good care of it. You have served me well and I am grateful. Go on your way with my blessing.
I was wondering... is there anything you can tell me about this wizard, Irenicus? Or the Cowled Wizards who hold Imoen?
Heh, you are a tricky one. Didn't Gaelan tell you that the Shadow Thieves would be perfectly willing to help you out at the correct price? I cannot confirm anything else about the deal, except to confirm that yes... we can look into the locations of both Irenicus and your friend Imoen. Prying such information from the Cowled Wizards will be difficult, hence the cost. That is all I will say. Raise your money for Gaelan. You will not be disappointed.

Renal gave us a Short Sword of Backstabbing, and we also obtained a suit of Shadow Armor, courtesy of Mae'Var's corpse.

Outside, we were approached by a strange woman who hid her face.

Would you now? And what might this be?
Well, truthfully it is not for me to say. At least, not in full measure. My mistress would have words with you, about concerns you have no doubt developed on your own. She has watched you for a time, though she is not the only one. Those that you are asked to trust spy as openly or more so, and she offers a solution to your problems of privacy... among others. She is worthy of your trust. If you feel worthy of hers, come to the Graveyard District in the near future and she will speak her offer. Make your visit after the sky has darkened; she will not be there before then.
Such an unseemly place. Why should the meeting be so inaccessible?
Questions, questions; all will be discussed in proper course. Meet where you discussed and you will have your answers. Think on it, but the door is closing soon. Do not delay too long. Farewell.

Next, Brus again!

Anyways, Gaelan Bayle wants you to come see him before you go making any rash decisions. Says he wants to sweeten the deal.
How would he know I've a decision to make? Am I being followed?
Don't look at me. I just do what I'm told. He said to tell you the offer is sweeter, so here I am. Anyway, just go see Gaelan before you go see... [ahem]... your new contact. I only get paid if I get you to see him, and it won't take long, you know.

Well, we actually just headed off to visit the Cowled Wizards, specifically the Corneil that the spell merchant mentioned.

What is your purpose here? What branch of the government are you with?
If it is any of your concern, I am saddled with the clerical upkeep of mystical regulation. Magic is restricted in this land, and rightfully so. Mages are dangerous deviants.
But I've seen plenty of mages in this city, and they don't seem to have any trouble from the Cowled Wizards!
I'm sure you are mistaken. The mages you speak of are either members of the Cowled Wizards or have proven themselves... [ahem!]... worthy of a license to use their magics here in the city.
So how does one become a member of the Cowled Wizards, then?
*snort!* One does not simply apply for membership. Once you are worthy of membership amongst the Cowled Wizards, you will know.
Well, what about this license, then? How does one get that?
Well... for one, you must make a monetary... sacrifice. After that, we allow you to use magic in the city. Should you prove to be deviant, you lose your rights.
And just how much is this "monetary sacrifice", exactly?
5,000 gp. No less. And should you prove unworthy of the right to use magic in Amn, your coin is not returned.
5,000 gp? Fine, then. Here you go.
Ahh? I see. Very well, then, my Lord. You and your companions have the right, for now, to cast magic within the city. Do not abuse the privilege or you will lose it.

Bonus picture of fun while I cheated horribly to get back through the Copper Coronet and Circus!

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