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Part 39: Why does everyone get to teleport but me?

Chapter 29 - Why does everyone get to teleport but me?
As we re-entered the Asylum proper, we encountered Saemon Havarian. I'd call him a traitor, except that he was apparently previously in the employ of Irenicus and Bodhi, therefore he wasn't actually a traitor, merely a deceiver. I think.

I face treachery at every turn! Tell me why I shouldn't kill you!
Such hostility, and I wager it is well-earned. It is, however, misdirected. I do not wish to be your enemy here. Irenicus pushes ever forward, though I cannot see how I will profit. The blade he gave me is hardly compensation. Better that this place were free for the looting. I offer advice to foster a trust, and you may determine the value as you wish. It is simple enough for the moment, and will save you in the long run.
Make your words count. They will determine your lifespan.
Irenicus is a power, indeed. I have seen no chips in his armor of spells. You would need an army to face him, and I suggest that there is one to be had. The inmates of this place are a resource to be tapped. Release them and their anger and frustrations will strike at Irenicus. That is my suggestion, and I leave the workings of it to you. Upstairs your army awaits. Use it, or you will perish.

Alternate reality holy shiiit!
This is a not-so-subtle "hint" at what you have to do. Here's what happens if you don't take Saemon's advice.

You were a fool to think you could attack me without help. I know you inside and out. I've taken your very spirit. I've no use for the rest of you!

Yup. You just die. Right like that. Also, this is more proof that Anomen's a fucking idiot, because if he were here he'd be urging us to go attack Irenicus head-on. However, he was transported to the Elemental Plane of Bees, where he was promptly stung to death most mercilessly, so he is not here to give shitty advice.
We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Universe.

As we explored, we found Irenicus' Journal Part One in some random niche.

Anyway, on the way to exploit free the inmates...

Everyone gets locked down tonight. Too many people getting agitated. Always happens when the boss experiments. Makes them angry, I guess.
Don't trouble yourself. Give me the keys and I'll lock myself up.
There ain't but one 'key,' and you ain't getting it. Now get to your cell before I get angry. More tests for you if I get angry!
Release them all now! I won't ask again!
You're looking to be difficult, aren't you? I can accommodate that. I don't watch over this place because I'm helpless.

My magic was totally stronger.

Quickly, Asim, these poor inmates might hurt themselves if we don't give them direction.

You will wear what face Tiax orders! Today he rules all!
Silence yourself, diminuative one! Do you not hear the howling! Around on all sides they are!
You will regret the day you crossed the will of Tiax! My conquest of all is not something to be mocked!
Is that the rule of all you survey, or beyond? W-w-what of those that walk inside, and around, and through? That stand where you stand now?
None stand where Tiax stands, lest he walk atop them... mm-hmm.
As I see you do now, and beneath others. Do you not see? See them inside and behind and beyond!
N-no... you speak too much of what can be seen... I wish to see only my pretties again... I won't look too far, I promise...
Bah! Tiax is surrounded by fools and madmen! Who is to blame for this outrage? Whom shall Tiax smite!
Why, there is only one man that stands between you and your rule. Irenicus.
Irenicus? Oh... I took his face once. His punishment was...
No... to look at him is to see too far... I cannot look to him...
He is cold through all the planes... none walk where he does, though they see him not!
I would prefer to face the dogs of fire themselves! This Irenicus is surely a tool of the Gibbering Twelve!
Hehehehehee... he did this... He did this! I will... uh... we must find him! He is the caues! He is the one that brings the tests! I will not rest until his head is mine and mine and mine alone!
Yes, yes, now would you crazies please just get downstairs!
Down to the dogs! Bad dogs!

I don't need them, but I thought it fitting that those you tortured help in your fall!
As over-eager as ever, but your boasting is wasted on me. You are no threat, not even with your army of madness. Your fate has been sealed with the curse I transferred to you. I have the souls from both you and Imoen, and they have healed Bodhi and myself. You will die in our place, or worse. Bodhi tells me that you have exhibited a... transformation. With your will slowly fading perhaps the essence of Bhaal will rise to take you. That would be a sight, I am sure.
I'll take back what is mine now! I'll take it back! You perverted this place and I'll take it back!
You tortured those here long before I arrived. I merely had more purpose to do it. Bah, I speak with madmen when I should be at my revenge!
Yes! Revenge! Revenge for precious Dynaheir! Tremble, wizard, for the mighty Boo will have your eyes! RAAAARRRRGHH!!
Bah! Your pathetic mewlings mean even less to me than Asim's! Die! All of you! I have restored my soul and will work my revenge without your interference!

That line about how Wanev also tortured the prisoners is another of my favorite lines of Irenicus. It's just so perfectly dismissive.

After really not very long at all...

Have your victory here then, but know that you are dying on the inside even now! Many will join you before I am done! My home will feel my wrath! Here! Fight amongst the mindless assassins I would sacrifice! I shall find others to serve my needs! This place is yours! I hope it is your tomb!
Dammit, why can everyone teleport except me? It's just not fair.

At this point, if we had Yoshimo in the party, he'd be attacking us. He knows that you're going to kill him and asks that you take his heart to a priest of Ilmater to have the geas removed so he can go to the proper afterlife. However, we don't so this quest is closed to us.

This occurred right after the battle. You can see the aftermath of the Abi-Dalzam's that killed all of the murderers. It rolled the "No Save" wild surge, so it did around 80-100ish damage to each one.

I've just... I've just been thinking. About all this death, all these... horrifying things Irenicus has done. He actually stole a soul and... and all these people died for nothing... And for what? Some 'vengeance' that Irenicus wants! For that he throws people aside like mere objects?! I... I cannot believe that such evil is allowed to exist! Haer'Dalis! We must scour the face of Faerun of such foulness! The very stink of it clogs my every breath! No mercy! No mercy must be shown to such evil!
Aye, my love! 'Tis grand to see you transformed into a maiden of destruction! Turned from innocent chrysalis into entropic moth! I hail your arrival!
I am not here to destroy, Haer'Dalis! I want to stop Irenicus! I wish to fight against evil that exists in this world! I will not sit idly by and be pathetic! I have paid too much attention to my own sorrows and experiences... and not enough to the evil that has surrounded me!
Speak as you will, my love, but you serve entropy, nevertheless. Your innocence has faded, as it should, and you have become a maiden who shall bring the end of others... my philosophy proven!
I don't care a whit for your philosophy, Haer'Dalis! I am so full of anger that I cannot control it... and this callous evil that I see, it will pay!
As I said, my dove... and pleased I am to see it.
Well, I am not pleased! And it is obvious that you do not really care for me, after all! We are through, you and I!
Again, a natural end that has come... no less than expected, though I'll mourn its passing.
So be it! Come, then, Asim... let us go and complete your quest. I shall fight by your side until this is over... and then I shall make my own way in the world for once.

Prowling along, we came across Irenicus' Second Journal, a Staff of Thunder and Lightning, a Horn of Silence and a key.

Aaand then more Saemon Havarian out of nowhere.

Why would you encourage me so? You were in his service!
That I was, but only for the favors of Mistress Bodhi. Powerful people cast off powerful things, and a blade of novelty to them is a fine sight to such as I. But she has no doubt fled with her 'brother' and master, leaving me to deal with the mess they have abandoned. There is no profit in this for the likes of me. Besides, I know a little of his plans through a peek or two at his journal. It's little enough, but I figure we're all in trouble if he isn't stopped.
His goal is a mystery to me. I know only that he plans to use my divinity in some way.
No doubt he feels a villain is always undone in the exposition. I cannot say I blame him. I have many a dead friend that boasted when silence would have served. From what I saw of his journal and overhearing chats with Bodhi, I know his destination to be an elven city in the Forest of Tethir... Suldanessellar. What he plans on doing there, exactly, I don't know, but he seems to expect to become more powerful than anything... than the gods even, and that can't be good. So I will offer my service to you, in the hopes that we can benefit one another. I'm sure you can understand the motives of self-preservation.
That I do. Ironically, they're what originally got me into this mess. So you propose an allegiance? I only see a benefit for you in this.
Of course I would not impose this upon you without a proper offering of peace. Let me first inform you of the ways you may escape this place. Irenicus left by a magic portal... it could be trapped, and it may even lead into the Underdark. Not a safe place to go. He sealed the doors, but I think I can get us to the surface. I suggest we go back to my ship. I know where he's *headed*... we may even cut him off.
And what will you require in return? I suppose gold or the like?
There are no secret conditions on my help. I merely seek your friendship, or at least your pardon. I require allies if I am to survive. So, will you try the portal or accompany me to the surface? Perhaps I will throw in the blade I was paid, to show you my good intent.
Very well. Lead the way out and we shall take your ship.
A sensible choice. Allow me to use my magics to penetrate Irenicus' wards, and then teleport us to the surface and sun.

Go about the town and get what supplies you need. We shall meet at the tavern and make our plans for the voyage when you are ready.