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Part 41: Continued

Then, a little further on to reach the Spectator Beholder who guarded the chest.

Ah --- but I see you hesitate. No doubt you have hard of my kind before, or even met some. You call us Beholders... yes, I think that is the term you use. I am but a Spectator Beholder, however, and not quite like others you may have met. I am set in this place to guard one thing and one thing only. I will not attack you... unless you try to touch what I guard. Touch anything else you'd like! Provided you weren't driven insane by the imps back there.
What is it, exactly, that you guard?
Just the one chest behind me. You are welcome to open the others with the imps, or do whatever else... I'm not here to do anything about them in the slightest. I think the Sahuagin looted the other chests long ago. They might have put some stuff of theirs around here, though, thinking I would scare off thieves. ... oh, that reminds me. I promised that mad little Sahuagin that I would make an effort to scare off intruders... So... boo! And that's about as much effort as I'm willing to put into that. (sigh) It's been a pretty lonely experience so far, you know.
Do you know what's in that chest you're guarding?
Not a clue. I wouldn't recommend touching it, though. I haven't had any real excitement in a long long time, but I've no compulsion towards killing, you know.
Just how did you end up here, anyway?
Mmm. I was summoned by a mad little drow who took over this part of the Sahuagin city a long time ago. This chest was extremely important to him, apparently. The Sahuagin were attacking, and he didn't want them to get the chest after he died... so 'POOF!' in I came, attached to a 99 year contract. Only 40 years to go. The drow wasn't much more entertaining than the Sahuagin, really. He smelled better, though. I don't think I'll ever be able to stomach fish again... yech. To top it off, I got stuck with the drow's imps, too, which are bound here but keep teleporting away from the Sahuagin. I wish they would just go away. I mean, I can only play 'I spy' and 'peek-a-boo' so many times without getting tired of it, but not THEM, oh no. Rotten impish bastards.
Er... just how can you smell without a nose?
What, you think I can't smell just because I got the one-big-eye thing going? How much do you know about magic, anyway? You're almost as bad as those imps.
Is there no way I can release you from your task?
Awww, that's sweet. Short of death, there isn't any way to shorten the 40 years I have left... and I'm not eager to greet the Beyond just yet.
Eager or not, prepare to die!
Some action! Finally! Rules are rules, though. If you're not going to touch the chest, you have to take the first shot at me... so make it a good one!

He died pretty fast... Shame, since I liked the chap. Ah well.

At least we got Sekolah's Tooth.

Throughout the city, you encounter groups of loyalist Sahuagin and rebel Sahuagin, like this one. They're both hostile, so you should just kill them.

[Saerileth turns her cobalt gaze full on Aerie.] What dost thou mean? Thy tale was terrible.
I have been mocked for weakness in the past.
Thou art strong, Aerie, for bitterness hast not claimed thy soul. Thou art *good*.
It is sweet of you to say so, Saerileth, but not many will share your opinion.
More admire thee than thou knowest.

...Way to break continuity, assholes.

There's also this ugly fellow. He's kind of a bastard because he explodes into a cloudkill when he dies, so you have to wait around to save and such if you don't happen to have Zone of Sweet Air prepared.

Alternate reality time! (Also known as "I reloaded after this.")

Wait, who did that hit... Aaahahahaha what the fuck.

(I reloaded because while this would make it funnier for a while, it totally breaks with my planned ending for everything in which I will fix the continuity sort of.)

Now get back to your own universe, jerks!

Why do you ask, Saerileth?
For that thou wast stolen from thy home. Hast thou no wish to see it again?
I-I would like to see it, but I c-can't. It can only be reached by flying.
Thou hast that power, surely. Thou art a skilled magician.
It wouldn't be the same.
I am sorry, Aerie. I understand thee not. Why should it not be as it was?
Just believe me, Saerileth. I can n-never go back.

Behold, the Cloak of Cheese Mirroring! Look upon it, and BE HUMBLED!

At this point, I decided to go back to visit the King and take care of some business - namely, that I was sick of serving fish because I HATE FISH.
Oh, king guy.

As for random chaos that occurred while making that video, these two are pretty good.

Asim repeatedly got knocked off of the platform and forced me to reload.

Also, this is what happens when the Sex Change effect gets rolled on something that doesn't have a paperdoll for the other gender. Here, a Sahuagin turned into... A magical sword, apparently.

I like how you always pretend people are birds.
Pretend? My dear and mourning dove, 'tis not pretending! We are all frail as birds and mad as hounds, each one of us... Aye, each one of us but you, somehow... You fly above us all, no anger, no rage to tie you down. Aye... you're right, Aerie. You are no hound, nor shall I ever name you one, you have my pledge.
You promise?
Aye, I promise, dove.

Treasure Report!
Rod of Lordly Might (kinda not useful), Impaler (neat, but none of us used spears, soooo...), the blade of The Wave (neat, but we, ah, took a while to get back to Cromwell), some magical rope (PLOT ESSENTIAL!) and some Sahuagin notes (not useful at all.)

This is Lloth's domain, and the Spider Queen rules supreme here.
The realm of that damnable mother of spiders? Evenhanded Tyr, may the light of thine eyes shine upon us in this dark place!


Back to our story!

Come on, Aerie, you said you'd be willing to take this route if we came.
I know I said that, but... but it's so different to actually be here... I... can feel the weight of the ground above, pressing down. I'm meant to fly... and I feel as if I'm drowning!
It's okay, Aerie. We'll find a way through this, somehow.
Let's go, then, and do what we must. I'll... control myself. Just don't abandon me here, Asim, I beg you. I'd go mad!
Don't be worried, Aerie. I'm here to protect my witch. Boo, too, though I think he would leap to protect anyone in distress. It's his heroic nature, you know.
Th-thank you, Minsc. I... feel much better, now. It's just the thought... of being here. Let's just get moving and I'll stop thinking about it so much...

Chapter 5 Intro - well, this certainly is... Ominous.
Underdark Flythrough.

I'm really sorry this took me so long to put together. I've just been so LAZY...