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Part 49: The Great Equipment Hunt

Chapter 36 - The Great Equipment Hunt

So, it was off to gather new and powerful equipment to defeat Bodhi! First step was a guarded compound we had seen in the Temple District. Inside...

It would appear so. An Ice Storm trap next time?
Quite. Now, as for you. This is private property, friend. You are not welcome here.
No one orders me about, 'friend'!
And no one invited you in, 'friend'! Now, do you intend to leave or do I have to be nasty?
A challenge! Let's have at it, then!
Ho, ho! How bold! Ketta, shall we?

Much boring fighting later in which Haer'Dalis dominated... Seriously, I pretty much soloed the area with him thanks to the power of Improved Haste and Offensive Spin. Offensive Spin is like a better version of Kai on a class that isn't as good as the Kensai. It does most of the same things (assures maximum damage) plus some more things (improved damage/hit, +1 attack/round).

We found the mighty Celestial Fury katana.

Stats only since it doesn't have any special story or anything. Note the Booming Thunder ability. That shit is broken. This katana is broken. Only thing that comes close to fixing that is that it's only +3 so it can't hurt some enemies, though I'm pretty sure that there's some item upgrade mod or other that changes that if you feel like making it even cheesier than it already is.

After that, off to the Umar Hills to complete the Human Skin armor. Which none of us could even use. I must be crazy or something.

It was quite a fight, but I prevailed. Here is both the blood and the armor.
I shall take these ingredients and produce the finest and darkest of armors. You will serve well within its embrace. Return in four days and you shall have it.

I rested for 4 days and there was a love talk something about stars and constellations but I'm not transcribing it because I am nice don't want to find it in Infinity Explorer. Also here is the "flowers for Saerileth" quest that, ah, you can't find the "right" option for without going through that randomass flirt menu I showed forever ago.

Nice, is it not? I draw your attention to the stitching, the stitching that you did not do. You are not my tanner contact. He is dead. I have some associates that wish to speak with you. Well, not so much speak. More like kill.

And they tried to kill us! It did not work out very well for them. Here, take a look at the Human Flesh armor.

After that, it was off to battle Firkraag!

For all rangers and hamsters everywhere, Minsc struck!

Yeaaaah, this sure was necessary. Yup. Actually I guess they were copying because I seem to remember Keldorn saying something whenever you pick up Carsomyr, too. I could be am crazy. I just checked through several things, it's not there. Though I did accidentally discover that the global variable regarding Yoshimo's betrayal seems to be entitled "ButtPluggingCumBubble". Yeah that caught me a little off guard. You find weird things going through Infinity Explorer.

Anyway, Carsomyr!

Also snagged some red dragon scales.


Archival Commentary - sooooooooooooo much hate

We took the scales to Cromwell, who made us a set of Red Dragon Scale armor.

Then, in the Bridge district, we discovered a weird door.

It magically took us here.

You have power... chained, but it is not of my giving. Do you know where you are?
Not as such, no.
Yet, you had a key, a Rogue Stone. What did you hope to accomplish by trespassing in my chamber?
My arrival here was an accident. I will leave.
No. I don't suspect that you'll be leaving here today. When you play with powers that are beyond your meager skills, you'll soon find that a price is required. In this case, you know too much and your life is forfeit. Come, my friends. It seems that the Twisted Rune shall have some amusement today.

This battle, it was hard. Oh so very, very, very hard. TAAAAAAAAAACTIIIIIIIIIIIICS

Snagged an eye from the Beholder and from some mage or another's corpse, I took this little bit of awesomeness for myself.

Staff of the Magi!

And then we found the way out. It was pretty obvious, really...

One door over, we encountered this guy.

What are you talking about?
Regardless, your quest ends here. I have not sacrificed all to have idiot adventurers awaken our Doom! Die fools!

The torso.

Headed over to the similar crypt back in the Temple sewers.

When Evil was torn asunder, three pieces were locked away. For a millenium I have guarded this place, dispensing death to those that follow Darkness. You are no different, manling. Your death was ordained when Kangaxx fell.

I will not make a pun about this costing us an arm and a leg. Also, we found another odd door in the Docks.

My reaction upon seeing this was "oh jesus CHRIST, Tactics."

After the (difficult) defeat of these guys...

At last! I return to awareness. Who is it that has awakened me?
I am Asim, an adventurer.
Then you have found your fortune at last, Asim. I am in need of your assistance. Serve me well and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest imaginings!
What are you? What has happened to you?
I am Kangaxx and I have been cursed. I am dead yet not dead. Cursed to eternal entrapment in this tomb by cruel enemies! Cursed to a fate worse than death! But the curse can be reversed! With your assistance, I may live again. I have suffered for so long... will you help me?
I will do what I can to help.
The fiends that did this to me keep me from returning by tearing apart my mortal form and keeping the pieces separated. You must find my body that I might again take mortal form.
I have already found the bones.
At last it is complete! Place the pieces in the tomb! The fools could not kill me!

But worry not, my saviour. You shall be well rewarded. You will have the privilege of a sweet painful death at my hands!

You have truly freed me and the world will be burned to ash for your sin!


Motherfucking Ring of Gaxx, bitches.

As most people know, you can pickpocket a second one of these from Kangaxx when he first shows up, if you're quick. (Or if you don't have it fixed, which I do.) Also, I DID install that Tower of Deception mod, but when I played it I kind of, uhh, forgot to have FRAPS open so no screenshots were taken. Which is fine, it took about 10 minutes and most of that was me dicking around before I figured out that you need an area effect fire spell to destroy the shard. Only noteworthy thing was the shard guardian, which was a marilith. There was also some lich that did the usual "summon pit fiend then get destroyed by the Mace of Disruption" gig who was guarding a sword that is some sort of terrible bastard child of Carsomyr and the Cursed Sword of Berserking. I also installed the Improved Small Teeth Pass part of Tactics, but we aren't going there because the game felt like crashing whenever I tried. Go figure. (God I hope this shit doesn't come up elsewhere...)

Archival Commentary - it didn't! Yay.