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Part 6: Trainwreck Showcase #1 - Saerileth's alternate portraits!

Trainwreck Showcase #1 - Saerileth's alternate portraits!

Well, since Sindai brought up Saerileth's portrait, why don't I show you all the options?

Not really that different from the default one, just bare shoulders and a different colored Holy Symbol.

Holy shit she looks like she's 5 years old here...

I actually kind of like the way the armor in this is drawn, but dear god the face. What the hell is going on here?

Huh. Looks like a real person sort of.

Okay, for this one, I'm going to tell you that its name in the directory is "saesexy" and you can judge whether or not you actually want to click this link from there.

Default one that you've all seen! And by far the least alarming in my opinion.

And regarding the elfin ears in the portrait and elfin paper doll in-game, there's an explanation for that somewhere in the dialogues I'll get to eventually.