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Part 4: Chapter IV - From your words the other day I have deducted that you have known my mother still alive.

Chapter IV - From your words the other day I have deducted that you have known my mother still alive.

So, about that strange creature and the dead guy in the room...

I'm glad my companions managed to keep their head on their shoulders because I'm still reeling.

Yes, this is actually happening.

Why is she wearing modern clothes? What's with the mask? Why does she have a gun strapped to her back?

She's pretty forthcoming.


One unique item, two slightly less unique ones. Her silver sword has 2d6 +3 damage as well as a -3 to THAC0 rolls.

It is at this point that we turn to the Unofficial Sandrah Guide by PaulaMigrate who is her own person and not one of Roxanne's alts who's been outed and banned on the Beamdog forums:


Jen’lig is a thief, which is unique for her race. Due to her race abilities she is also a very useful
melee fighter in her own rights with her silver sword. Her abilities are counteracted that she is
very hard to control by the player. She is in fact a githyanki plane walker who has learned to
detect traps and open locks but there is no way for her to have learned a Primary plane's thief
behaviour in combat. Yes, she swallows potions like mad if you give them to her, especially in her
fighting mood (githyanki fight Berserker style and never use ranged weapons - they want to look
their dying enemy straight in the eye.).

You will hear Jen'lig comment on this herself (...use psychic bonds to give orders in battle...) you
cannot, so she makes her own decisions. While you learned your battle skills by killing some rats
in a warehouse, she has fought mind-flayers, drow, beholders and worse. She has commanded a
githyanki ship on the Astral Plane; she is not your thrall on the battlefield.

Jen'lig is installed as part of the Sandrah package, but she is a separate NPC. You need Sandrah in
the party to recruit her [redacted] (although Jen'lig will sooner or later leave you for being an
incompetent leader if you kick Sandrah out).
You do not need Jen'lig to complete Sandrah's
quests, her own quest [redacted] is completed there and independent of Sandrah's quests.
In summary, you can play Sandrah without Jen'lig but not vice versa

If you kick her out you cannot recruit her back - she will reappear at the Sarevok showdown but
not re-join you (in her eyes you have disqualified as *commander* - true githyanki logic.)
Jen'lig does not care at all about PC's reputation, why should a githyanki care about concepts of
the prime? She evaluates the PC according to the mayor battles (s)he wins and the progress (s)he
makes in the quest.

Deleted possible spoilers. Anyway, that means we're stuck with 4 companions at the very least if we want to keep her around. Under no circumstances will I ever let either Imoen or Sandrah to leave the party.


Vichan gives as good as he gets.

Those were two convo's that Sandrah initiated back to back, by the way.

Jen'lig doesn't seem to have any PIDs, but you know who does?

Never let it be said this mod doesn't have its moments. :allears:

Right after this Jen'lig feels the need to chime in.

I'm still extremely confused why Roxanne felt the need to add this particular character. Will it make sense as time goes on? Only one way to find out.

First we sleep, though. When we wake up.

How cute.

In the corner is a dwarf who offers to forge things for me, I don't have anything he can work with so we'll have to come back to this later.

Talking to Dorn the blackguard didn't offer any unique dialogue, so I guess we're done here.

The new characters in the FAI courtyard turned out to be merchants, only one of which sells interesting (and OP) gear. It's all WAY above our paygrade for now.

God, that's so interesting. Tell me more!

God, that's even more interesting. How did you and Khalid meet, though?

What a sweet moment. :)

Before we take another step though...

...God damn you, Roxanne. Khalid deserves better. :(

...Let's just check out the temple and get Joia's flame ring before I get a migraine.


She sells the claw of Kazgaroth, by the way.

...And with that bit of character assassination I've had my fill for the day. We'll explore the FAI outskirts and beyond next time.