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Part 7: Chapter VII - You full hate, elfling?

Chapter VII - You full hate, elfling?

with the flamedance ring back to its rightful owner we head back to Beregost.

I want to be a dick to Garrick here but I don't want to risk Sandrah's wroth.

Neera is one of the few Enhanced Edition characters that Sandrah interacts with heavily...

...I kicked her out of the party right after this, sending her packing to the Friendly Arm Inn. We'll get to her later.

While going to the smithy to sell some stuff we run into yet another familiar face.

Still maintaining his sunny disposition, I see.

On second thought, let's let Breagar cool down a bit before talking to him.

Shortly after this I killed some spiders for Landrin back at the Friendly Arm Inn which warranted yet another visit to the damn place. (Did I mention I suck at this game?) After entering the inn yet again...

They're really hitting it off, aren't they?

That's funny. I don't remember this being in the original game. Making a mental note to visit Landrin later on we decide to head for the Beregost temple.

I'm liking Jen'lig more and more.

The journey to the temple turned out to be somewhat unnecessary. We did run into two mod NPCs however.

Both seem like good eggs. Gavin will definitely be joining our party somewhere along the line, Sirene I'm still not sure about.

In the backroom of the Jovial Juggler we stumble on a weird sight.


On our first visit we also ran into Morwen and I completely forget to add it to my last post, she doesn't have content with Serah so eh.

Time to make some actual progress again, Bassilus awaits!

She could've held off on giving it to us 'til the next game...



I love Bassilus :allears:

Drake is growing on me as well, got to admit.

The resulting fight is trivialised by the skeletons not turning hostile quick enough.

Sandrah may talk the talk but we all know what would happen if Cyric joined our party.

It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to Drake here. Party slots are precious things and Drake hasn't interacted with Sandrah besides the initial conversation.

...What I'm trying to get at here is that Drake is too good for this LP. What a shame.

While heading north to High Hedge we run into a talking chicken.

Garrick is very popular on Reddit.

Sandrah knows Melicamp? This warrants further investigation. To High Hedge!

The placement of the various areas is different, likely to be more accurate to their actual locations. A nice touch.

Permidion Stark is quite the name.

Once inside High Hedge we take care of the flesh golems before talking to Thalantyr, the cantankerous conjurer.

God, I *love* how a character's personality traits melt like snow whenever Sandrah's around.

We show Thalantyr the chicken and he quickly sets to work to restore him to his original form.

Let's be honest, did anyone not see this coming?

Talking to Melicamp again yields...interesting results.

Yeah, we'll definitely run into him again.

Skipping over Kivan entirely because I'm a fucking idiot we run into another mod quest in Beregost.

Let's see what ails this po-


Well said, Garrick.

Tulbor, huh? I'm pretty sure I saw him hanging out at one of the inns.

I really like Ascalon's questpack but they were in dire need of an editor.

Finally, thanks. (Choosing the cheaper option is extremely hazardous to Eltholth's health)

Anyway, after giving him the potion...


Think this conversation is almost over? Think again.

Christ, I thought it would never end. The companion interjections are leagues ahead of Sandrah's, at least.

Anyway, time to correct my mistake and pick up Kivan post-haste.

Kivan's content in BG1NPC is quite something, let me tell you. I wonder how Sandrah will fit into the whole thing, though.

In vanilla BG1 Kivan clashes with a lot of NPCs because they talk too much. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Determined not to be outstaged Jen'lig also has stuff to say shortly afterwards.

Next time we'll finish up in Beregost (for now) so we can start to head to Nashkel.