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by Vichan

Part 10: Chapter X - I'm Imoen, the counsellor Of Love.

Chapter X - I'm Imoen, the counsellor Of Love.

BG's dream sequences are great, aren't they?

Imoen's words are comforting, but it's not enough...

Yeah, that's the stuff.

I still feel depressed, let's go to the Nashkel carnival!

Don't think for a second I'll be nice to you just because Sandrah is, you creep.

Like a kid in a candy store.

Bah, Sandrah's right. This is no time for merriment, someone is in need of rescue!

He's definitely not going to regret that decision.

Garrick's little sidequest, courtesy of BG1NPC. We have to make room for Branwen, though...

Sorry, Kivan. This is for your own good. We'll get back to him in due time.

This was exactly what I expected would happen and yet I'm still enraged.

(Jaheira does almost the exact same thing with BG1NPC installed)

Before we're able to free Branwen we get approached by another NPC. I don't think she has content with Sandrah and one obnoxious bard is more than enough.

One cleric is never enough, however. Welcome to the group, Branwen!

Don't try and hog the glory, Sandrah. :argh:

We equip Branwen with the warhammer we got from Basillus as well as the Ankheg armor and make our way to Ulcaster school. The carnival can wait.

Don't sell yourself short, Sandrah. You are the poster child of subtlety.

Will. You. Shut. Up.

This banter literally fired the second the last one ended. Fuck my life.

Everyone likes Sandrah more than me. :negative:

Thanks, Branwen. I needed that.

Finally we arrive to the vicinity of the school.

Oh boy, these guys look tough.

The resulting fight was easier than I thought. The zombies died almost instantly but Myr'Cutio took some time because he had a LOT of HP, he didn't manage to get a hit in though so it's all good.

That's some nice armor.

And stylish too, I've got to admit.

Nice one, Branwen. I have the feeling we're going to get along swimmingly.

It's nice to see everyone getting along. :)

I've just about had it, maybe it's time to pay that red wizard a visit.