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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 100: Chapter XVII - My thighs await the fearless wanderers.

Chapter XCVII - My thighs await the fearless wanderers.

We're wrapping up the Stormhorns this chapter. Let's start by heading back to Sharkta Fai.

I'm sympathizing with Viconia more and more.

I can't wait to meet Szass Tam in person.

This is probably the last time we'll see this town, I hope it does well.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, I'd be even meaner to Aerie here but I'm afraid her leaving will break something somewhere down the line.

Good thing we ran into him when we did.

You'll notice the dialogue repeats here, but it continues:

Oh, it was Sandrah who healed Shauhana. How could I ever think otherwise? :doh:

We form a conga line and prepare to dive in.


No way to go but forward.

These exits are supposed to spawn skeletons, I did run into skeletons from time to time but I never saw one actually spawn from these things. I'll take Roxanne's word for it.


Time to explore the rest of this area, I guess.

Lots of myconids.

Also Duergar that shapeshift to giants and back again. I don't get it either.

The duergar drop these boulders when defeated, we pick up a few of them.

Sandrah puts the guardian of Sharkta Fai out of his misery. And by 'misery' I mean 'appearing in this trainwreck of a mod.'

I figured I'd get a better screenshot of the Duergar in there.

I regret not making Vichan a woman so we could see Chloe's controversial side.

We can't leave yet, but with the wardstone we can enter the place we saw before. Might as well try that.

Quite a nice, challenging area as far as Sandrah Saga areas are concerned. Not too easy, not too hard.

Szass Tam greets us with a female voice saying 'Yes?'

The corners of this area get struck by lightning, spooky.

Those rocks we picked up come in handy here.

Once you do this in the three areas where the lightning comes from Szass Tam appears again.

Szass Tam flees but he's left some friends for us to play with.

We ran into Winski Perorate numerous times before, Narghal Rasz fought with us back in chapter 57. I don't blame you for not remembering him.

We kill both of them, of course.

Leaving that area brings us back to the graveyard.

Looks like our friends have been quite busy.

Ah, Viconia's romance is starting... :allears:

Definitely my favorite of the four.


Haer'Dalis has a foot fetish?

Ah, looks like the battle is not won quite just yet. We make our way west.

Why can't we all just get along? :(

Sandrah rushes forward, her hammer striking the ice.

Vennigrat and most of his army fall into the ice and die, leaving us to mop up the remains.

Not gonna lie, I actually enjoyed this encounter.

Sandrah gets another summon...

As well as quest XP and another ability, God knows what.

On our way back we run into Mystra again.

And just like that she's gone again. I can't say I like doing a god's bidding.


Oh God so many words, what can I even say about this? Those more familiar with Forgotten Realms lore will probably point out how batshit insane this all is.

And with that the story of Shauhana and Minsc comes to an end, at least for the foreseeable future. As for ourselves, we'll be heading back to Athkatla so we can finally complete one of BG2's big sidequests. Now is as good a place as any to end this for now.

As I'm typing this the 2.6 update for BG2 just rolled out, for caution's sake I've subscribed to the 2.5 beta branch and everything seems to be in order.