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by Vichan

Part 101: Chapter XCVIII - Your poor bard will starve now, my morning dove. How can these lips touch any food now that removes the sweet taste you gave to them.

Chapter XCVIII - Your poor bard will starve now, my morning dove. How can these lips touch any food now that removes the sweet taste you gave to them.

We start today with something that's been a long time coming.

Good riddance. We've seen all her Sandrah content so there's no reason to keep her around.

This leaves us with an empty party slot, who should we f-


...Something tells me we're not going to make any headway with quests today.

I figured I'd add Yoshimo so I could confirm whether he interacts with Sandrah or not. The guide says no but it's lied to me before.

That leaves one slot.

Could it be...?

Yep. Xan's back, baby! Now we'll see about freeing Viconia.

Not getting off to a good start...

I didn't realise weapon restriction had an actual in-game reason. Can Viconia literally not pick up a katana for fear of being struck down?

The Balthis estate, notable for having no role in vanilla BG2 whatsoever. It was supposed to be connected to a cut Haer'Dalis quest.

Aha, we're getting closer to the truth..

Before continuing on we have to take a little detour to the graveyard catacombs. (We'll explore the graveyard soon, not to worry)

In vanilla BG2 she just attacks you but we can get on her good side thanks to BG2: Unfinished Business.


On our way to the sewers we run into this guy again, we previously met him in Waterdeep.

He doesn't have anything interesting to sell but we can sell key items to him, I managed to sell Balduran's logbook for 15000gp!

The sword is useless to us, we might as well bring it to Pai'Na.

She also gives us a spider figurine but I already got one from the dragon in the Stormhorn Mountains. Thanks, Sandrah Saga!

I don't know why I never gave the Xan mod the time of day before, he seems alright.

Anyway, back to freeing Viconia.

She's having a really bad time, we've got to get her out quick.

All that's left is to track down the real culprits, time to go back to the graveyard catacombs!

Said spider web structure is where Pai'Na is.

What a terrible portrait for a drow.

Die a hamstery death! :black101:

Contrary to what it says here this armor doesn't dissolve in daylight, score!

We also find the Drow katana that'll prove Viconia's innocence!


Not now, Chloe. We're off to set Viconia free!

And just like that everything's back to normal. :)

Yoshimo had nothing to say as expected so he'll be put on ice until it's time to go to Spellhold.

Why would've thought that Chloe spoke drow?

I really enjoyed these stories the first time I romanced her.


And with that we've gone through most of Viconia's Sandrah content, we might invite her back later so I've dumped her in the Balthis estate.

Xan also leaves us here, he's been too silent.

Jaheira and Anomen make a return. Since we're at the Copper Coronet we might as well take a nap.

Let's be honest, we all knew this was coming. :jerkbag:

The morning after brings us another hint from Haer'Dalis, I can't wait to see how this pans out.

Jaheira's night was a bit less pleasant. :smith:

Ah, Anomen's quest that can only be resolved by romancing him, we meet again. Let's just go to the government district so we can get this over with.

Since I'm modded up to the gills we get sidetracked, of course.

We don't have the time for this now but I'm afraid to say it for fear of breaking the quest.

We'll pick her up as soon as we're done with Anomen.

We're choosing the good option here, of course.

Christ, Cor is such an ass. Anomen's got nothing on him.

Yes, Sandrah. It is very wise for you to suggest something that Anomen already suggested. How could we ever have any hope of finishing this game without our trusted counsellor? :suicide:

Well, that's that then. :shrug:

Sandrah shuts Anomen down for making a valid point.

I think it might be best for him to keep away from us for now, Isra can take his place.

She has a unique item, sweet!


Christ, 90% of these dialogues are just people complimenting Sandrah on how amazing she is. I don't think I've ever seen a worse Mary Sue.

A lot of these vanilla dialogues are new to me. Did I just forget about them?

She was probably supposed to say this after leaving the Jysstev and stumbling on the corpses of Rana's attackers.

That being said, let's track those sons of bitches down right now.


No love lost between these two.

*sigh* Back to the Government District.

Who would've guessed that this didn't work out?

...Do people just hang out outside in order to offer alternate solutions? That's quite a racket considering how unhelpful the Cowled Wizards are.

Don't worry, we won't be long.

Told you.

And just like that we're being asked to leave. Sheesh.

Welcome to the group, Isra! Be prepared to get kicked out constantly, there's a lot of other people we haven't even gotten to yet.

Next time we'll see if we can't get ourselves a stronghold.