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Part 109: Chapter CVI - Fair and interesting maidens are not only to be found in my home. With the open eyes of a druid beauty can be found anywhere.

Chapter CVI - Fair and interesting maidens are not only to be found in my home. With the open eyes of a druid beauty can be found anywhere.

Last time I left you we were being celebrated as the heroes of Trademeet.

The town's noble families immediately try to tear us apart but we're not going to get drawn into their schemes. Not yet.


Not now, I have a date to catch!

We're spared the details for once, thank God.

What am I doing to this poor woman? :negative:

Much better. :)

I really expected Sandrah to be front and center, I'd almost feel disappointed.

Rejiek!? We still have a bone to pick with that guy! :argh:

Looks like we're not the only ones who are after him.

Excellent, all we have to do is finish hi-

Sandrah seems to think something is amiss.

Betrayal! They fall so quickly that they might just as well have been ordinary skeletons.


Good thing we have a cleric on hand.

Now that that's over and done with we can head to the Harper Compound in Athkatla.

Turns out Cernd is also a deadbeat dad.

Cernd's personal quest is the best thing about him, I wouldn't want to miss this for the world. :allears:

Harper Compound first, th-

I have no idea why the messenger uses Nalia's portrait, this'll also have to wait until after we take care of Jaheira's business.

In a game full of hateable people Galvarey is near the top of my list.

No matter what you answer he finds a way to twist it.

With Jaheira on our side there's no way we can lose! :black101:

See what I mean?

Sandrah comforts Jaheira in her time of need.

Upstairs we can find Montaron's body in one of the chests, I wanted to show you guys earlier but for some reason I couldn't go back to the building until now.

The Beast hungers, its victim is almost ready.

You certainly will, Cernd. :grin:

First we attend the funeral.

Lots of people to talk to here.

What a douche.

The apple does fall far from the tree, it seems. At least his dad has some social graces.

Nalia's right, let's blow this Popsicle stand.

This one is from a banter mod, I quite like how well they've captured Cernd's personality.

Yes, 'support', that's why we're doing his quest. Sure.

Nalia's romance continues.

Bernard is a good egg. :)


Anyway, Cernd's quest awaits!

His former home is in Waukeen's Promenade.

Catis owns. That last line has to be one of the hardest burns in the series. :allears:

We get in on the action as well.

Fennecia doesn't even want to talk to us if Cernd is in the building.

We manage to get the information we need out of her.

The golem gets struck down as it tries to fetch his master.

As much as I enjoy people dunking on Cernd we should really help him out here.

A lich is spectating, you can actually attack him as well but we're not going to bother.

Great, another baby.

Cernd immediately heads for the Druid Grove, let's follow him.

I know I'm sounding like a broken record here but Jaheira's romance is way better than I remembered.

Anyway, to the Grove!

...I think I'm in love. :allears: :swoon:

Next time we'll be returning to Waterdeep, hopefully in time to witness the birth of our child!