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Part 111: Chapter CVIII - (That should get her!! She cannot await to enlarge her knowledge...sometimes I'm afraid her beautiful head might explode from all the useless stuff it gathers...)

Chapter CVIII - (That should get her!! She cannot await to enlarge her knowledge...sometimes I'm afraid her beautiful head might explode from all the useless stuff it gathers...)

Nalia makes way for Anomen.

I've been avoiding this guy for too long.

Sounds straightforward enough, we'll go there after checking in on our strongholds.

Sending them away is the only way to keep them all alive.

We do some more counseling at the temple of Lathander.

With the keep sorted out we're done with stronghold affairs for now.

The mountains are populated with some very sensitive people.

Hmph, that's it? :smuggo:

Oh no, what have I done? :negative:

We might as well follow him.

Time to bring out the board games!

Garren's daughter makes us feel right at home. :)

Not to worry, we can de-


At least I can slaughter these guys! :black101:

Right you are, Anomen! We have a damsel that needs saving!

I can't wait to kill this smug assh-

We're interrrupted by bookhunters. It's been awhile since we encountered these guys but they seem really interested in Celeste's manuscript.

They weren't hard to begin with, now they're pushovers.

We fade to black, nothing like a battle to get the blood pumping I guess.

This event was related to healing Chloe for some reason. I don't get it either.

We deliver the acorns we got from Irenicus' dungeon.

Don't menti-

She has some parting words for Sandrah.

Angelo can breathe a sigh of relief for escaping the maw of The Beast.

More assassins are after him.

Storming Firkraag's hideout we encounter quite a lot of colorful characters. DigDag managed to get away.

Sandrah hopscotches the plot again.

We run into this guy again, this time we manage to take him down.

We run into Tazok again, how random!

We let Angelo do the honors.

He was holding this key, it might be important later.

Bah, we might as well deal with him now, how imposing can he b-


Let's not confront him just yet and just head back to free Iltha.

I could swear I heard somebody talking, must've been nothing.

With the lovely lady freed we head back to Windspear's cabin.

Batman's got nothing on the rogue's gallery we've faced up until this point.

Things still feel unfinished but for now we're done here.

Let's not end things here though, we've got plenty of other stuff to deal with and we might as well do it now.

We've seen Angelo's Sandrah content so we're going to replace him with Korgan. :black101:

Anomen is replaced by Edwin as we make our way to the catacombs.

We let Korgan show us the way.

Healing Edwin with Sandrah caused him to initiate all his available banters, presumably because his Sandrah banter wouldn't fire. He kept following Sandrah around after this and wouldn't interact with anything else so I had to reload.

I always feel bad for this guy, I guess that's what you get when you run with evil party members.


Damn, we're too late. We'd best hurry to the Temple District.

I love Korgan, even in mod dialogue. :allears:

Sandrah knows what's coming because why wouldn't she?

On the way to Pimlico's Estate we check in with Ti'Vael, we can't continue our counseling right now though.

Damn it, late again! These bastards are going to pay! :black101:

Korgan really is amazing, it's a shame a lot of people'll probably pass on him because of his alignment.

Anyway, let's head to the Sphere to see if we can do anything.

Laughs were had, tears were shed.

We're heading to the Umar Hills ne-

Again!? But we were just there!

What the h-

Ugh, another trap. At least they die quickly.

Our goals are aligned, I'll gladly seize the chance to get my revenge! :black101:

Maybe they'll warm up to each other later on? :shrug:

On our way to the upper rooms of the Crooked Crane we run into some lovebirds. I'm sure our advice will have the desired effect instead of backfiring on us. :downs:

Great now we just have to u-

Ugh, now!? I'd completely forgotten about this. We'll deal with the lamp later.

Sandrah couldn't help but kill this guy shortly before he was imprisoned, I had to reload and do it again.

Great, we've finally got the Cowled Wizards off our back!


Time to head for the Umar Hills, for real this time.

Alora has really gotten a makeover, hasn't she?

We'll deal with Region of Terror next time, before I leave you however...

Yes, returning to the ranger cabin leads to an encounter with some priests of Talos. I'm sure you can forgive me for missing it since there was no reason to return here to begin with.

Edwin's coming close to realising his true form and we're about to head to Westchar. We'll see how both of these things play out next time!